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I used to abuse myself doing the daily grind. Sleep was my lone, constant friend... until I got burned out.

I woke up jobless the next day not because I was let go by my employer nor did I resign. My boss simply insisted that I take a month-long break and update the office after if I wanted to pursue resigning or not. And so that was what I did -- go on a one month vacation. To coincide with this new short phase in my life, I created this travel blog, Turista Trails.

I no longer returned to the office a month after. Instead, my employer approved my proposed work terms of less days to work at home for the same rate. This arrangement would allow me to love myself more and share the resulting love with family, friends, and strangers I meet in my travels as God intended.

Going Freelance For Good

In 2014, I decided to jump into freelance work by building on this travel blog and my social media network. It was only a matter of time when I finally achieved my kind of work-life balance. It basically involves sleeping whenever and wherever I want to. On the side, I perform social media takeovers and assistance to various clients. I even appeared once on a news beat of State of The Nation with Jessica Soho as a travel blogger and in an episode of GMA News TV's PopTalk.

Watch my Poptalk TV Appearance:

By 2016, I accepted an ideal Editor-At-Large job for a then relatively new electrical enthusiast magazine.

Experience Is Key To Improvement

I travel to distant and nearby places, eat out or snack along the way. Sometimes, I get invited to try stuff to test stuff. For as long as it's going to enrich my life for the better, I do it. Life, after all, is filled with great possibilities.

I hope you find my life journey inspiring enough to realise the good that comes out of designing one's life according to one's blueprint. We are sometimes tossed back and forth in life not knowing why we're doing what we're doing. It does not have to be that way. You can design your life, move around it at your own pace, and discover what's worth coming home to. And once you get your momentum going, start blazing your own trail.

Collaborate with Turista Trails

To invite Turista Trails to your upcoming event, launch or exclusive offering, simply email turistatrails@gmail[dot]com.

Get Promoted On Social Media

The Turista Trails Facebook fan page is now at more than 14,500 followers.

I'm also co-admin at the I Love Filipino Food group that currently is followed by more than 800,000 people worldwide and a city-oriented fan page that has grown into a 51,000+ community of followers. To collaborate with me for social media assistance or takeovers, email your interest at turistaproject@gmail[dot]com.

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  1. Hi Karl! Just dropped by to say hello! Nice meeting you last night. :)

    1. deka-deka-deka! those 4 letters stuck with me the whole night LOL. likewise. nice meeting you, too. i'll make sure to consult with you when i pursue my Cebu and Roxas trips this December, 2012, Michi! visiting your blog soon...

    2. It was my first yogurt test last night and I would like to thank you for the opportunity. Nice meeting you as well, Karl. I hope to see you on the road.

      For more travels, taste test and reviews!

      Kenneth | MrBratpacker

    3. Thanks, Kenneth! More travels and food tasting with you soon!

  2. To Mr Karl
    I would like to ask permission to use one of your pictures of Paguriran Island for the Mercedes-Country-Lodge website. Thank you. Kindly post your reply in this blog too and I shall visit it later. Thank you. Management of Mercedes Country Lodge, Sorsogon City, Sorsogon

    1. Hi Mercedes Country Lodge. Let's correspond on email. Please send the same message to turistaproject@gmail[dot]com.

  3. You must be a key employee that your employer agreed to your terms. Great blog you have here. Continue writing and inspiring!

    1. I guess they trusted me enough to be promoted at work more than twice in less than two years. It was also hard for me to leave my employers but I've heard that they're doing good somewhere in Europe these days and that's enough good news for me.

  4. do have an Email? just have inquiries - thanks!

  5. Good Day!
    I, together with my two classmates are working on a thesis that promotes the tourism of our beloved Albay. We would like to ask if you have a collection of Pictures of Tourist Spots, Events, Foods or Products in Albay. ?
    Thank You so much!

  6. Great that you're promoting our province, especially our little town!

    All the best!


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