Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sunday, January 07, 2018

For the longest time, most tourists have been arriving in windswept Santa Ana for the lure of two destinations, namely Palaui Island and Anguib Beach. They almost always want to hop on a boat for Cape Engano or drive for the cerulean waters of Anguib -- both far-flung tourist spots -- as soon they step foot at the town proper. With the absence of an inviting tour base, this coastal town in Cagayan has always just been a quick stopover for restroom breaks or supplies. Such was the case until the opening of the new Blue Coast Beach Hotel (BCBH).

Blue Coast Beach Hotel just opened last summer and yet it has received a lot rave reviews from both local and foreign guests already. Its location is less than three hours from highly urbanized Tuguegarao City and less than two hours from the fishing town of Aparri. Its main draw is its modern facilities from its stylish seaview rooms to its stunning infinity swimming pool, both of which have spectacular views of the distant Palaui Island on a good day. The other attraction here are the mesmerizing sunsets given a balmy weather.

Whitewashed Gem of A Resort

This stylish gem of a resort takes navy blue for its accent color on its protruding beams which is seamlessly visible also on its trellis beams at the center just above the function hall. At a glance, the whole whitewashed structure stands out from the brown-colored beach where most fishing locals still dock their multi-colored pump boats in the morning after each routine catch.

Sought-After Special Events Venue

BCBH's function hall can very well be one of Santa Ana's most sought-after special events venues for 200 guests and below. And why not? Its simplicity is beguiling. It doesn't take long for an event guest to find out how stellar the spot is anyway. The moment he or she is seated at a table at the venue, the view of the sea can instantly feel charming, rain or shine.

Ideal Tour Base In Santa Ana

As for me, I had a chance to experience this relatively new beach hotel at a rainy period in December for my revisit of Santa Ana. It served as an official tour base for me in my beach-hoppin' from Anguib, Nangaramoan to Pozo Robo. While booked for two nights, I also took advantage of going on a food trip at the town proper where I had Pancit Batil Patung at a rickety roadside eatery and a hefty bowl of Chinese noodles at a nearby casino and restaurant.

Dining At Blue Coast

My other meals, though, were spent at BCBH because I wanted to test just how delicious its menu items are. True enough, the beach hotel didn't disappoint when it came to snacks of club sandwich, spaghetti, fries, cucumber lemonade and fruit shake. It also served satisfying versions of grilled chicken, chicken cordon bleu, and shrimp tempura. All these didn't come as a surprise anymore to me since the resort is affiliated with the town's long-running highway restaurant called Country Inn which I had the delight of visiting in 2016.

Sensational Guestrooms

When it comes to the real luxury of staying at Blue Coast Beach Hotel, its guestrooms are probably the main reason why you'd take your time in this side of Cagayan.

I was booked at one of the beach hotel's two Seaview Deluxe Vista Rooms (Weekend: Php4,850; weekday: Php4,250) -- the most sensational corners of the structures left and right wings. My side of the resort was where Palaui Island was most visible and it felt amazing waking up from my bed to see its remote swath of natural beauty for two consecutive mornings! The air conditioned room was cozy and complete with LCD TV, towels, bathroom essentials, bedroom slippers and access to a shower and toilet. It also has a private terrace which was where I decided to have my complimentary breakfast.

Room Rates

Below each Seaview Deluxe Vista Room is a Seaview Deluxe (Weekend: Php4,250; weekday: Php3,650) which is another sought-after guestroom at the resort for having its private balcony that faces the ocean.

Other standard rooms include the Seaview Double Ups (Weekend: Php3,150; weekday: Php2,650), Seaview Double (Weekend: Php3,150; weekday: Php2,650), Seaview Family that's good for eight guests (Weekend: Php7,150; weekday: Php6,500) and three varieties of dorm rooms for 10, 14 and 16 guests (Weekend: Php10,500, Php14,000 and Php15,000; weekday: Php9,500, Php13,500 and Php14,000).

There are plans to construct a bar and even a spa facility in the future, but its modern infinity swimming pool is what connects all the guestrooms for now.

During my stay, guests would simply lounge at the poolside for hours on end where a view of the sea seemed to effectively relax their nerves. As for me, I reveled in the constantly crashing view and sound of the waves as they lulled me to sleep in the middle of the day and at night. Nothing more defines seaview deluxe than that!

Watch A Short Video of Blue Coast Beach Hotel:

Blue Coast Beach Hotel

Official Facebook fan page of Blue Coast Beach Hotel

Address: Barangay Road, Santa Ana, Cagayan, Philippines
Mobile: 0917-843-7084


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