Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Tagaytay can be so overrated sometimes especially if you're in the loop about the existence of a similar breathtaking Taal Lake view in another location like Batangas. Roughly a couple of hours away from Metro Manila in this southern Luzon province is Mataasnakahoy, a breezy 16-village town that covers a part of the 65,000-hectare Taal Volcano Protected Landscape. Here, a multi-themed attraction called La Virginia Hotel and Resort has lured different types of tourists for years. The 8-hectare getaway is both relaxing and exciting. It's a must-visit whether you're traveling as a family or as a large group of work colleagues on a team-building schedule.

Where there's a volcano nearby, the overall vibe can always be one of sheer excitement. I can truly attest to this as I've visited a few places in the Philippines, like Albay and Sorsogon, where all the same elements are present and the same can be said of them. It's like everything is left to chance and everybody has learned to accept surprises for life's random gift that they are. As a result, the food tastes much better and interactions are more profound. With the tranquil Taal Lake at a distance, any overnight stay here can become quite memorable.

The view of the resort from the Tree House
The Tiki Pool next to the resort castle
Waking up in the morning to this refreshing view of Batangas
The view of the resort castle from the Tree House
I stayed at La Virginia Hotel and Resort in 2015 and I've longed to revisit it since. Thankfully, this 2017, I managed to bring with me six more travelers who have chosen to set aside their weekend in November for a memorable experience of the property. With different travel sensibilities and work background, we all determined that this Batangas attraction has five unique traits that make it worth remembering:

1. Breathtaking Views of Taal Lake

Not many people know that the enigmatic Taal Lake holds remnants of four pre-Hispanic towns. Depending on the time of the day, the lake looks enthralling or it comes off as a faint wisp of a view that falls off the disc of your eye when you're anywhere up a cliff-side in Mataasnakahoy. At La Virginia Hotel and Resort, it's usually something in between. It's just there to behold and a calming guarantee that nature is yours to appreciate regardless of the weather.

Taal Lake view from the hotel
The view of the nearby Taal Lake from the archery grounds
Booked at one of the Ifugao Houses of the resort, we were able to conveniently gaze at the lake from our lodging's private terrace. And from atop the property's popular Tree House, the expanse of the whole natural attraction can be viewed with less obstruction. On a clear day, the distant Tagaytay City can even be visible.

This 2018, guests can expect to enjoy having a cuppa at its yet-to-be-opened cliff-side cafe where a view of the lake can be priceless.

2. A Variety of Lodgings To Book

Since not all guests are the same, the resort also has different types of lodgings for booking. As a matter of fact, there are more than 15 types of air-conditioned accommodations to choose from.

The Pagoda House (Php27,000) is usually preferred by a large group of guests who love to walk out of their booked lodging and go straight to a private pool. The resort's hotel rooms are also popular for being modern and near the property's restaurant and sought-after infinity pool.

The hotel
Ifugao House
Inside the Ifugao House
Row House
Cabana Rooms
If you're intrepid enough, you can book an Ifugao House (Php5,000) like we did and get the chance to be in the middle of everything in the area where you can have access to most of the resort's top facilities because it's smack dab at the center.

One of the best lodgings to try are the rustic Cabana Rooms (Php2,000) because they're right next to the resort's newest swimming pool.

3. 8 Swimming Pools To Try 

With an area and location that can rival any large resort in mainland Luzon, La Virginia Hotel and Resort is not short on swimming pools. In fact, it prides itself with a total of 8 of them in different locations scattered at the property.

Kids can enjoy afternoon soaks with adults at the Tiki Pool, Dolphin Kiddie Pool, Fruity Pool or Pesina de Flores. Or they can be accompanied at the kid-friendly Frog Kiddie Pool. Adults can appreciate the Infinity Pool and the new Cabana Pool for being expansive and intimate, respectively. As for the Pagoda Pool, it can be exclusively enjoyed by those booked at the Pagoda House.

Infinity Pool
Fruity Pool for kids
A part of the Tiki Pool for adults
The Tiki Pool: My favorite pool at the resort
My personal favorite for a fantasy dip is the Tiki Pool because it's located at the uppermost terrain of the resort where there's a splendid view of the whole property on one side and an interesting view of a castle on another. From the edge of the pool, one can also see the stretch of the nearby Taal Lake.

4. A Lot Fun Activities To Enjoy

Aside from the presence of numerous swimming pools, there's also no shortage of activities to enjoy.

The amusing activity that I personally loved to have tried way back in 2015 was the two-way zipline ride (Php300 per head; Php400 per head with photo) wherein I managed to hover like a drone over the resort's different facilities while harnessed and connected to the zipline. For my revisit though, I had my co-travelers enjoy it out for themselves while I had a hoot watching from below.

Jerny of TheJerny.com reaching the top of the wall
Roland attempting to climb the wall
Zipline Ride
A couple of guys from my group also tried wall climbing (Php100 per head) where they managed to have a wonderful view of Taal Lake from atop the wall. The activity definitely tested their endurance and gave them a sense of accomplishment knowing that they didn't give up until they reached the top.

As for my female co-travelers, they enjoyed and performed well at archery (30 minutes for Php250; 1 hour for Php450) maybe because ladies tend to have a great sense of focus although the guys also enjoyed taking turns at this activity.

Watch A Short Video of Wall Climbing at the Resort:

5. Delicious Meals At The Resort Diner

Since no getaway is complete without delicious meals, we made sure to not bring our own food (as the resort allows this) and, instead, rely on the expertise of the resort's restaurant. It's where guests also have their complimentary breakfasts, but we managed to take our dinner and lunch also at this facility to our satisfaction. Grilling our own food can be fun, but we were only booked on an overnight stay so we preferred spending more time in experiencing the resort's different attractions rather than lose track of time preparing our meals.

Delicious meals at the resort diner
With bloggers of TheJerny.com, DemsAngeles.com, and Rizanoia.com
Hearty breakfast of Lechon Kawali
To our amazement, La Virginia Diner's dishes didn't disappoint. I loved the assortment of chicken dishes available, the Bulalo (Beef Marrow Stew), and the Sinigang Sa Miso (Salmon Tamarind Miso Soup).

For those looking for a special event venue, this Batangas resort is also sought-after in this side of Mataasnakahoy for having different types of function halls and facilities. Its Hotel Function Hall (Php40,000) alone can accommodate 250 guests and is perfect for seminars and wedding receptions.

Buddha View Deck
With Jerny and Mary Jane of TheJerny.com

Should you intend to visit the resort soon, check out this direction and commute guide.

La Virginia Hotel and Resort 

Official website of La Virginia Hotel and Resort

Address: Brgy. Manggahan, Mataasnakahoy, Batangas, Philippines
Phone: (043) 774-9445 and (043) 774-9483
Email: lavirginiaresort@yahoo.com
Day Tour: 8:00am - 9:30pm
Overnight: 2:00pm - 12:00pm
Manila Sales Office:
(632) 743-2047 (Voice)
(632) 743-2021 (Voice)
(632) 732-7994 (Voice)
(632) 732-8838 (Voice)
(632) 414-9014 (Fax)


  1. Great write up and photos.
    The resort looks great but the Ifugao House (room) looks common.
    They tried to make the resort look Instagram friendly.

    1. Thanks, Neil. Indeed, this resort is so Instagram-friendly!


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