Monday, October 30, 2017

Monday, October 30, 2017

Casual travel is about the freedom to move about. It doesn't require a rigid itinerary. It lets you be carefree with your activities and with what you wear while you experience them. It's about the ability to pair stuff on a whim. For such trips in chic hotels and other destinations in the Philippines, I'm so into Pull&Bear's stylish but affordable shoes and shorts.

Beyond the status quo of how a traveler needs to look like, Pull&Bear (P&B) is a brand that has endured the dizzying trends of fashion. From being a newbie player in 1991 to having cornered the casual getup market in top cities worldwide in 2017, it has certainly made a great impression on me. This is why for the past year, whenever I was in the mood to splurge on a new pair of sneakers or pair of denim shorts, I ignored the more popular brands in malls and lingered in P&B's DIY-style store at SM Megamall.

The P&B store in Mandaluyong City is anything but intimidating for a frequent traveler like me. It features different kinds of materials that are normally associated with DIY or construction sites. The ambiance is as chill as its pinewood, painted concrete, and renovated textures. It's definitely created for today's social media age and community of constant selfies.

Sneakers with broguing
Photo courtesy of Pull&
My old pair of P&B canvas shoes

My Pull&Bear Stuff

1. Blue Sneakers with Broguing

I always love a pair of shoes with broguing or decorative perforations. It adds an appealing detail to a simple design like the pair of blue sneakers that I'm currently using for casual travel. It's eye-catching but not too flamboyant for my contemporary taste.

My P&B sneakers are made of leather with the sole being made of vulcanized rubber. The lining is 90% cotton and 10% polyurethane which makes it both comfortable and practical in keeping water out. The wear resistance is amazing as I've tested because the overall design is rendered with waterproofness, insulation, and breathability. It also has considerable second-hand value and a potential energy source when donated for recycling. Most of all, it's easy to clean with a damp cloth.

I also loved my old pair of plimsolls or canvas shoes from P&B which I pushed to its limits in 2016. I didn't hesitate using them at the beach (just because they're also called sand shoes) and in the highlands of Benguet. I have since laid it to rest after much overuse.

Outdoors in Benguet
Indoors with my pair of Pull&Bear sneakers
Shorts and shoes by Pull&Bear
2. Bermuda Shorts

Growing up skinny, I almost stayed away from wearing shorts until I finally gained enough weight as a young professional. P&B's bermuda shorts is, perhaps, the only line that I liked wearing after being seen by my friends in one too many thrift shop quality shorts. They probably ignored my lack of fashion sense for wearing a lot of the latter because I managed to compensate that inadequacy for pairing my old pairs with sleek-looking polo and statement shirts.

My new pair of P&B bermuda shorts is definitely my favorite among my other pairs. If anything, its seams are a clear standout for being a few inches up my knees which can be easily unflattering for someone like me who isn't necessarily proportionate in built. Thankfully, it fits me just fine.

How about you? Which Pull&Bear stuff do you have in your closet?

For more info about Pull&Bear, check out its official website here.


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