Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunday, August 20, 2017

There's more to Pasig City than having a food trip of Kapitolyo. You can extend that gustatory activity on your way to the city proper before you can even reach the city plaza where Pasig Cathedral is. For more than a year now, a lot of Pasiguenos have not been braving the painful traffic to the outskirts of the city for a cheat day or the weekend visit of a mall restaurant. They know better than to get stuck on the road with an empty stomach. They have finally found a satisfying refuge in the inter-connecting villages of Bagong Ilog, Caniogan, Maybunga, Sagad and Kapasigan without leaving their comfort zone. These places are proving to be a cluster of dining joints that foodies can conveniently walk to from one spot to another which is something that you can test for yourself very soon.

From street food, high-end seafood, incredibly cheap bulalo, to a decadent frappe, the choices are varied. This side of the city is where you can choose to get off your taxi cab or ditch your wheels for a food crawl. Finally, local and foreign tourists on layover in Metro Manila can have a tasty reason to get out of their hotels and eat their way to the city's neighborhoods where some heritage houses can still be seen.

To serve as your guide for this outdoor adventure of the delicious kind, check out the Pasig City Craving Spots Map below:

Barangay Bagong Ilog

1. Kalderetang Itik Ng Bagong Ilog

Location: Sgt. Pascua corner R. Valdes St., Bagong Ilog
Craving Spot For: Kalderetang Itik

Kalderetang Itik Ng Bagong Ilog
At a corner across the Bagong Ilog village hall, the humble two-storey eatery is testament to how small town charm is translated into infectious meals served without pretense and at an affordable price. With extra rice now costing more than Php20 per cup in giant fast food joints, Kalderetang Itik Ng Bagong Ilog manages to still effortlessly sell kalderetang itik at less than Php100 per order. No peddling whatsoever. Food lovers even cross city borders just to taste the aromatic dish that the Arboledas and their staff traditionally cook in a pugon. Local celebrities who have a penchant for neighborhood treats are known to travel from posh city enclaves to get to the eatery just to sample the savory itik (duck).

Read more about Kalderetang Itik Ng Bagong Ilog.

2. Aging's Food Delight

Location: M. San Buenaventura St., Bagong Ilog
Craving Spot For: Original Suman with ube and leche flan fillings

Aging's Food Delight (photo courtesy of Aging's Food Delight Facebook)
It's easy to miss Aging's Food Delight when you're not from Pasig City and you're plying the normally congested Pasig Blvd. To make it easier for you, make the Total Gas Station your landmark when getting off a jeepney or FX ride. Across it is where the store can be found next to an overpass. As for residents, they know that it's where delicious assorted suman flavors can be had as early as 6:00am. The best-seller is the original suman with ube and leche flan fillings. Patrons love it for being a two-in-one delicacy.

Barangay Caniogan

3. Chabelita's Bulaluhan At Tapsihan

Location: Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave. (across 3 Bayani, past Rizal High School), Caniogan
Craving Spot For: Bulalo

Bulalo by Chabelita's Bulaluhan At Tapsihan
Chabelita's Bulaluhan At Tapsihan
Pasig-Rotonda is where Barangay Caniogan starts after Barangay Bagong Ilog and it's where several internet shops have found it lucrative to serve young and old online gamers. Guess what happens when they go hungry and start looking for alternatives to the usual instant noodles? They head to the 24-hour Chabelita's Bulaluhan At Tapsihan! However, some residents know it to be a go-to eatery for affordable bulalo. For just Php165, a group of three people can already share a big serving of the beef dish over a few cups of rice depending on their appetite. One thing's for sure, it doesn't have the weird after-taste that some eateries' selections tend to have. That can be a sign that food preparation at this joint is usually clean.

4. Saniboard

Location: Pag-asa St. (near Arellano University), Caniogan
Craving Spot For: Lugaw with Tokwa't Baboy

Lugaw by Saniboard
Tokwa't Baboy by Saniboard
Pag-asa St. is daunting to tackle whether on foot or aboard a vehicle because it's just too narrow to be a bustling strip of commercial establishments that include a university, internet shop, and several eateries. One eatery that you need to consider here, though, is Saniboard. Beyond the seemingly ghetto neighborhood, it stands out for serving different types of people. Don't let its resto bar-like dining area fool you. It serves one of the best lugaw with tokwa't baboy in the city and the variety of diners -- rich and poor -- is proof of that. For only Php35 per order of the Pinoy-favorite congee, you can go home satisfied. And nothing beats that feeling, especially on a rainy night.

5. Buffalo Swing Cafe

Location: Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave., corner Liwayway St. (near the corner of Pag-asa St.), Caniogan
Craving Spot For: Flavored wings, pizza, pasta and desserts

Pizza by Buffalo Swing Cafe
Spicy Salted Egg Wings by Buffalo Swing Cafe
Just a 20 to 30-minute drive away from Kapitolyo is a community in Caniogan where Buffalo Swing Cafe can be found. It's conveniently accessible from Sandoval Bridge and near the new Ugong-Caniogan Bridge (formerly P. Conducto). The neighborhood restaurant serves all-American favorites like pizza, pasta, flavored wings and a variety of desserts. It's just past the Riverfront Residences if you're coming from the direction of Rizal High School. From Rosario or Ugong, it's easily a 10-minute drive away. Patrons consider it as their dining venue for different kinds of comfort food from the Mac 'N' Cheese to the new Gourmet Tuyo Pasta. The roster of flavored wings are also sought-after with the best-seller being the Spicy Salted Egg Wings. A close second is the Butter Parmesan Wings. On weekends (and surprisingly even weekdays), groups of diners show up for bonding over pizza whether it's the classic Pepperoni and Cheese or the inventive Ranch Buffalo.

Read more about Buffalo Swing Cafe.

Barangay Maybunga

6. El Hombre Fil-Mex Cuisine

Location: Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave., Maybunga
Craving Spot For: Chicken and Beef Burrito

Beef Burrito by El Hombre's
There's no full-fledged Mexican cuisine restaurant yet at the city proper of Pasig. And the nearest one I know that comes close to it is a food stall based in a food park which has a limited life span. However, with the opening of El Hombre in early 2016, the Fil-Mex eatery void is officially nonexistent. Residents can regularly have their fill of burritos, enchiladas and tacos any day of the week. What's more, it closes at 1:00am for those who hustle hard at work. Unfortunately for those who have cravings in the morning, it opens as late as 4:00pm.

7. Don Benito's

Location: Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave., Maybunga
Craving Spot For: Cassava Cake and Pichi-pichi

Pichi-pichi by Don Benito's
The long strip of Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue finally has a stellar merienda spot in the form of Don Benito's. It's popular for being the source of the Pinoy favorite snack called pichi-pichi. The cheese-topped gelatinous treat is basically made of cassava and sugar. This version of the delicacy easily rivals that of Amber's.

8. Gordo's Crispy Pata

Location: Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave., Maybunga
Craving Spot For: Crispy Pata

Gordo's Crispy Pata
Crispy Tenga by Gordo's
Gordo's Crispy Pata is fast becoming a household name for crispy tenga, bagnet and its banner product of crispy pata. In just a few years, it already has several branches in different parts of Metro Manila, including one along Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue near Capri Oasis and Sandoval Bridge. There's no doubt that this business can soon expand into an eatery or a full-fledged restaurant.

Barangay Sagad

9. Calle Preciousa Seafood Dampa Palutuan

Location: Dr. Sixto Antonio Ave. (next to RCBC and near Meralco-Pasig), Sagad
Craving Spot For: Grilled Salmon Belly and Buttered Garlic Shrimp

Grilled Salmon Belly by Calle Preciousa
Calle Preciousa Seafood Dampa Palutuan
Calle Preciousa Seafood Dampa Palutuan is a Filipino-oriented dining destination that's also a special events venue. Formerly called Sophia's Villa Seafood Dampa Palutuan, it has now continued its tradition of serving only the freshest products prepared using its owners' precious family recipes at the city proper which is 5 to 10 minutes away from most city landmarks like the Pasig Cathedral, the city hall, Vargas Bridge and Pasig City Museum. What the owners started in another village in the city (Oranbo), they are now maintaining in this new location that's visible to more local residents.

Barangay Kapasigan

10. 4K's Home-made Specialties and Clash of Burger

Location: Along Dr. Pilapil St., between the corners of Security Bank and BDO in Kapasigan
Craving Spot For: Home-cooked meals

4K's Home-made Specialties
4K's Home-made Specialties
Aside from being super cheap, home-cooked meals are easy to have in Kapasigan. It's basically in every eskinita. You just have to take the risk of being served food at a decent dining area and from a clean kitchen to ascertain that what you're ingesting won't see you through the hospital soon. It's the risk. With 4K's Home-made Specialties, though, that won't be much of an issue because the restaurant's owner is reputable in the catering business. This means that food here is the quality of special events. What's more, it shares the same service area with the owner's other fast food business -- Clash of Burgers (COB). An order at 4K's Home-made Specialties is served with rice and side dish. Most of the options are a little below Php100, but a must-try is the Slow-cooked Roast Beef that costs Php109.

11. Eskinita Street Food

Location: Along A. Mabini St., next to Mercury Drug, Kapasigan
Craving Spot For: Inutak

Malou Buensuceso's specialty called inutak
Malou's other street food options
Every December, residents flock to this interior pathway or eskinita in Kapasigan next to Mercury Drug for the most affordable holiday toys. For the rest of the year, though, the same spot is where a certain Malou Buensuceso sells street food options like lumpiang sariwa, biko, palabok, ginataang mais, turon, and many more. Her best-seller is the inutak, a creamy native delicacy made of glutinous rice flour, fresh coconut milk, egg, sugar and coconut cream.

12. Panaderia Dimas-Alang

Location: A. Mabini St., Kapasigan
Craving Spot For: Brazo De Mercedes

Brazo De Mercedes by Panaderia Dimas-alang
Along the busy A. Mabini Street that leads to the public plaza and Pasig City Cathedral is where Panaderia Dimas-Alang is located. It's the century-old Filipino bakery that represents Kapasigan and the whole city more than anything else. The pandesal there may not be the softest in the country, but it's one for nostalgia because the structure that houses it has been there since 1919. Also, the enduring favorite product of choice by residents is the Brazo De Mercedes.

13. Lumang Palengke

Location: A. Mabini St. (across Fashion Circle), Kapasigan
Craving Spot For: Chicharong Bulaklak and Chicharong Bituka

Chicharon stand in Kapasigan
Across the local shopping institution of Fashion Circle in Kapasigan, the city's old market still stands in its narrow interior pathway format. And at its opening is usually where a chicharon stand can be spotted being manned by a guy who seems to be in his 40s. What it lacks in attractive signage and design, the stall makes up in product quality. Ask residents nearby and it's most likely that they've bought a chicharong bulaklak or chicharong bituka there once or twice already. Some locals have even sent their purchases abroad knowing that it's only there where craving relatives can get their chicharon fix.

14. Hallie's Kitchenette

Location: One Victoria Plaza, Kapasigan
Craving Spot For: Kare-kare, chicken inasal, liempo, lechon belly, BBQ and more

Kare-kare by Hallie's Kitchenette
The dining area of Hallie's Kitchenette
There's an influx of American fast-food at the city proper, but there's a clear shortage of Filipino-oriented restaurants. Fortunately, a new Pinoy-style dining spot has opened at the ground floor of One Victoria Plaza. Called Hallie's Kitchenette, this restaurant boasts of being home to home-style cooking of kare-kare, chicken inasal, liempo, lechon belly, BBQ and seafood varieties. It just opened late this 2017, but it has already caught the attention of those who are into lutong bahay dishes that are good for bonding with loved ones. It's air-conditioned and even has a cafe bar which serves fruit platters, desserts, and, of course, coffee.

15. Tokne's Lechon Belly

Location: One Victoria Plaza, Kapasigan
Craving Spot For: lechon belly and lechon sisig

Lechon Belly by Tokne's Lechon Belly
Lechon Sisig by Tokne's Lechon Belly
Another source of one's lechon diet is this humble food stall that's located at the food court of One Victoria Plaza in Kapasigan. The whole complex is just across Fashion Circle should you ever get lost trying to find this stall. It's banner treat is the lechon belly that's available in different sizes. Also sought-after here is the lechon sisig which easily rivals any typical sisig you've ever tasted. What sets this lechon belly stall apart from the other establishments that offer a similar menu is its affordable pricing:

• 2 kilos for Php1,760            • 1/2 kilo for Php440
• 1 kilo for Php880                • 1/4 kilo for Php220

You can visit the fan page of Tokne's Lechon Belly and even order online. You can contact 0945-413-2440 or 952-66-72.

Have fun on your upcoming food trip of Pasig City!

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  1. Please check out 4K's Clash of Burgers in Kapasigan Pasig. They serve different kinds of food there. From burgers to pasta to there rice meals. I think they have the best Roast beef, Kaldereta ng Pasig , Sisig and Kare-Kare. It's cooked home made :)


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