Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday, July 31, 2017

My travels are not always of the extreme scenery. I sometimes find myself in between a luxury resort suite and an unforgiving rock formation. When a pair of comfy slippers or a hiking shoes won't cut it, a footwear that exists for what's in between will work. My choice of sandal -- or mandal (sandal for men) -- is what will take me farther in gentle trails where my feet deserve to breathe and be protected at the same time.

Needed: Breathable Footwear

There will always be locations where a guy will need to wear a pair of breathable footwear to have a real sense of what's in the outdoors, humidity and all. Thankfully, Tribu has a nifty pair of sandals that I can call my own. I'd like to think that it called out to me from the store display in Megamall because it matches my sensibilities as a traveler.

Curved Sole and More

I love my pair of Tribu sandals for being comfortable and supportive to walk in because of its unique curved sole which reflects the overall identity of the brand -- laid-back and in tune with the environment. Whether at the beach or at the hillside dirt road, it's also made to last in rugged terrain without sacrificing style. There are a variety of designs with different straps to match your personal taste anyway.

Tested In Boracay, Talisay City and Baggao

Aside from its unique design that you won't find in more popular brands, a pair of Tribu sandals is quite durable. It just won't quit like me. In retrospect, I had a hoot strolling at the beach in Boracay for sunset and was satisfied doing a short hike of a remote hillside community in Talisay City a few weeks later. I was even able to push the footwear against the strong currents of a river in Baggao, Cagayan. The straps were incredibly tough and the outsoles were designed for capable traction underfoot to defy the unexpected outdoors.

Buy Local

Buying local is another personal advocacy of mine when it comes to my travels, so ending up with an item by the brand that originated in Davao was an easy choice for me. If anything, it's a snug fit inside my trusty Bulacan-made backpack!

If there's any brand of sandals that I will always walk in and walk with, it's Tribu. It's a must-have mandal for gentle trails.


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