Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Food parks are all the craze in Metro Manila and have been for a few years now. Even progressive cities in the provinces like Bacolod City and Angeles City have them to the delight of locals. These are consumers who honestly want an alternative to fast food and fine dining once in a while. In Pasig City, one such food park is called The Main Park which just formally opened this June, 2017. And the first stall for visitors to see past the entrance and parking area is Roke Ramen, a stall that serves authentic Japanese ramen and don buri.

Located At The Main Park

Unlike some Japanese cuisine-oriented stalls that can be found in many parts of the city, Roke Ramen is ideally where it's supposed to be -- with an assemblage of other food stall brands that serve quality but affordable treats out of their food park-designed menu.

Most of the stall owners have quickly become friends in the course of getting signed up, preparing and operating their respective brands at the food park so much so that they regularly critique each other's dishes. Ask anyone from them and they have nothing to say about Roke Ramen except that it tastes authentic the way ramen should be. According to them, there's nothing street to it in terms of quality and this is making co-owner Gwen Roque fantasize about turning it into a full-fledged restaurant soon.

Budget For Bowls

While it's still in food park mode, Roke Ramen's meticulously curated menu entries can be had for a budget bracket of Php150+ to Php250+ from its don buri (Oyakodon, Torikatsudon and Gyudon) to its ramen flavors, respectively.


The list of ramen flavors is short at three choices but they're all available to appeal to unique tastes of the Japanese dish. The Black Garlic Shoyu (Php200+) is the best-seller for having a distinct taste. The Tonkotsu is what anybody new to ramen wants to order first because it's more neutral in taste. The Spicy Miso is the most flavorful of all the three even after minutes of letting the broth cool down. All of them are consistently filling as they're served in big bowls enough to be shared by at least two diners. The secret to authentic ramen, however, is not in the hefty serving but in the broth which Roke Ramen definitely gets right so far with every bowl served.

How Roke Ramen Got Started

The stall is owned by siblings Gwen and Leovir Roque whose family used to run a medical supplies business. When that fizzled out, Gwen decided to go into catering which led her to join The Main Park with her brother via a Japanese cuisine stall venture. According to her, the brand name -- Roke -- is a perfect Japanese version of their surname and a fun approach to making ramen available to foodies like her.

She remembers being able to only taste authentic ramen in pricey restaurants and she's always sorely disappointed with street stalls that serve the same version but for a forgettable taste. As a result of that experience, Roke Ramen was born.

Head on to Barangay San Miguel in Pasig City and make your road trip more interesting with a food stopover at The Main Park for a bowl of ramen and more at Roke Ramen. You won't be disappointed.

Roke Ramen

Official Facebook fan page of Roke Ramen

Address: The Main Park, Luis St. corner Mercedes Ave., Brgy. San Miguel, Pasig City, Philippines
Mobile: 0929-645-5931
The Main Park Hours of Operation: 4:00pm-12:00am daily


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