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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A new Mexican cuisine-inspired food stall is making foodies crazy (in a good way) in Pasig City and at its helm is a chef who used to work for Nobu Manila. Co-owned by Chef Fara Pakdamanian, La Loca Mexican Cantina is not your ordinary taco nook. If anything, it serves a hefty taco that's as big as a person's face via its banner treat called La Loca Special. Ironically, the beast of a taco can be had in a food park environment where you can pair it with other orders of non-Mexican dishes from other stalls that serve Japanese, Italian, and Korean cuisines. At Chef Fara's food stall, though, you can go loco for Soft Taco, Quesadilla, Elote en Vaso, Burrito, Burrito Rice Platter and Nachos.

Taco Bucket For 3

As for the monstrous La Loca Special, it's fantastic for sharing by three people. It's amusingly served as a crispy tortilla bucket filled with savory layers of Mexican rice, beef corn carne, cheddar cheese, beef carnita, cajun chicken, the signature La Loca sauce, cheese sauce, cajun-buttered corn, cabbage, pico de gallo, pickled chilli and camote chips.

The whole shebang is truly Mexican for having a mélange of distinct flavors from tangy, savory to a kick of spiciness (a level that any sweet-loving Filipino can tolerate). The fried camote adds that unique snap and crunch to the savory treat. It's cheeky and crazy-delicious! What's more, the order comes with a liter of La Loca iced tea. Divide Php457 and each person on the table is only set back Php150+. What the La Loca Special can be is a dynamite of a shared treat by the foodie gang.

Check Out A Short Video of Chef Fara and His La Loca Special:


Mexican All The Way

If you're into other treats in the menu, you can go for the Soft Taco (Cajun Chicken or pulled beef with cabbage, pico de gallo, cheddar cheese, La Loca sauce, pickled chilli and tomato salsa) or the Quesadilla (Cajun Chicken or pulled beef with caramelized onion, cheddar, mozzarella cheese, La Loca sauce, pickled chilli and tomato salsa) or the Elote en Vaso (cup of cajun-buttered corn kernels topped with La Loca sauce, cheese sauce and camote chips) or the Burrito (Cajun chicken or pulled beef, flour tortilla, Mexican rice, cabbage, pico de gallo with La Loca sauce and tomato salsa) or its rice platter version -- Burrito Rice Platter or, finally, the Nachos (Corn tortilla topped with beef con carne, pico de gallo, cheese sauce, La Loca sauce and pickled green chilli that's good for four people).

I certainly hope that Chef Fara seriously considers taking La Loca Mexican Cantina to the next level as a full-fledged restaurant soon once the food park scene has waned. Or he can muster the courage to go and do so even with the food park trend still in full-blast mode because the latter seems not to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Food Stall Location

The food stall can be found at the Playfield Food Park of The Main Park in Pasig City. It has enough parking for cars and the food park itself is cleverly designed to create an appetizing mood for meals.

Visit La Loca Mexican Cantina soon and taste what's crazy-delicious and new in Pasig City!

Photography by Josua Chan

La Loca Mexican Cantina

Official Facebook fan page of La Loca Mexican Cantina

Location: Playfield Food Park at The Main Park next to East Raya Gardens, along Luis St. near the corner of Mercedes Ave., Brgy. San Miguel, Pasig City, Philippines
Food Park Schedule: 4:00pm-12:00am daily

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