Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday, June 12, 2017

Father’s Day is celebrated once a year to honor the fathers of our households whether with gifts and tokens or a meal fit for a king. Since we’ve become a society of revelry, the special occasion also alludes to father figures like uncles and mentors. And, do we have a lot of those in our lives! They all could have given that life-altering advice, but it’s their actions that ultimately set the perfect example that we all can emulate.

The whole month of June is the perfect time to plan for that special day. Take the time to plot a schedule so that you can secure your father’s elusive presence (assuming that he’s still working) for an intimate meal with the rest of the family.

In advance, visit the mall for potential gifts that your dad will love. It doesn’t always have to be something that he doesn’t have yet because most men are creatures of habit and collecting something is oftentimes the preferred hobby that they keep aside from being the master of the TV remote.

For convenience, you can shop online by visiting Gifts Less Ordinary (GLO) where there’s a variety of interesting products that are perfect for fathers of any age. Many items from the GLO Team’s selection can be personalised and come gift-wrapped to add that extra special touch.

To help you zero in on gift ideas that you can choose from, we’ve listed down at least four unique ones that we stumbled upon this leading one-stop marketplace:

1. Leather Bracelet with Engraved Clasp

Fathers don’t have to lose their unique personality with this leather accessory. It’s still masculine and makes a good alternative to a wrist watch. It can be his way of being sentimental about fatherhood because whenever he sees it on his wrist, he will always remember that you gave it to him on his special day.

2. Personalized Cafetiere 

An ideal gift for a dad who loves coffee is this etched cafiterie. The coffee pot is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass beaker inside a chrome-plated steel frame with a black polycarbonate handle. The best thing about this nifty item is that you can personalize it with your own words which is always an effective way of reminding him of your love in the morning, especially if you’re no longer living under one roof.

3. Personalized Luxury Leather Travel Wallet

Make your father feel that he has truly achieved great things with this travel wallet made of leather. The sentiment that he can get out of this item is that you’ve given him something to last for years because top quality leather is definitely a classic material for an accessory. More importantly, it’s useful to carry travel essentials such as passport, boarding cards, and currency.

4. Personalized Large Elegant Briefcase

For fathers who are still at it in the professional world, this elegant-looking briefcase that’s made of vegetable tanned leather will surely appeal as a valuable gift. This luxury item can hold plenty of work documents, files and even a laptop. The more it’s used, the more handsome it will look.

Don't hold back on giving your dads something extraordinary this Father's Day. For access to the full selection of products, visit Gifts Less Ordinary.


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