Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tuesday, May 02, 2017
Primo's chef

Any location in Albay where there's an enthralling view of the Mayon Volcano is enough reason for you to visit the province. However, her volcanic majesty is quite temperamental in that she makes herself visible only whenever she wants to. Or when the weather conditions are right. Old folks would even opine that she only reveals herself to those with pure heart.

This is why Ligao City has always been a bit lackluster for me compared to Legazpi City because being stranded in the latter when Mayon refuses to be seen always lets me enjoy other attractions like restaurants and parks. As for the former, I can only muse about its Kawa-kawa Hill and its sunflower farm. This was the case until I recently revisited the city that's eight hours from Metro Manila for a wedding of a relative. I discovered that a new budget hotel had just opened and its affiliate F&B called Primo's Restaurant and Catering was graced by none other than the country's Department of Agriculture secretary, Manny Piñol, when it opened. Finally, the city's residents and tourists have a decent restaurant as option to the typical fast food joints and so-so highway eateries.

Cornflakes-coated Prawns
Lumpiang Laing (Spring Rolls)
Citrus Caesar Salad
Crispy Pata

Primo's 101

Primo's Restaurant and Catering is located at the ground floor of David Hometel. The location used to be just a vacant lot along Washington Street in Barangay Guilid. Parking space is available for those on a road trip en route to Legazpi City from Manila or Quezon Province. A floor above it, at the common terrace of the establishment, both Mount Masaraga and Mount Mayon can be seen on a good day without much visual obstruction.

It's air-conditioned and seats are comfy for a relaxing meal any time of the day. What's more, the dining area is designed to showcase the open kitchen where the restaurant's chef and cooks perform their kitchen skills. At least, there's something spectacular to see inside if both Masaraga and Mayon are stuck outdoors in an invisible rut.

A floor above it, at the common terrace of the establishment, both Mount Masaraga and Mount Mayon can be seen on a good day without much visual obstruction.

Mayon Volcano
A Primo's feast for lunch
Mount Masaraga
With my cousin, Hazel, one floor above the resto at David Hometel
Evolving Menu

The menu is a conservative mix of local and international dishes, with local fare pulling more muscle in the selection. When I dined with my relatives at the restaurant, my jet-setting cousin even ordered the resto's version of Indonesia's Satay and Nasi Goreng which tasted quite interesting given that it was my first time to try them. The rest of our orders leaned more on traditional Filipino cuisine from Crispy Pata, Beef Bulalo to Stir-Fried Chop Suey.

According to the restaurant's chef who used to work for Dusit Thani Manila, he intends to add more international dishes in the menu aside from what's currently being offered.

Beef Bulalo
Stir-Fried Chop Suey
Dining with the Ritual Family
With my cousin, John, who was billeted at David Hometel for his wedding

Memorable Dishes

We also ordered a couple of odd dishes (at least to me) namely the Cornflakes-coated Prawns and Crispy Spring Rolls that were stuffed with laing instead of the traditional combo of pork and shrimp or beef with seafood (some even have tofu). In my opinion, it's just reasonable to showcase a laing-oriented dish in the menu since Bicolanos are known to have a strong affinity for coconut milk and chili peppers. The Lumpiang Laing we had was quite memorable for being what it was. More than an appetizing vegetable dish, it's locally inventive. As for the Cornflakes-coated Prawns which is known by others as Cereal Butter Prawns, it's just as appetizing. Bites off of it rendered strong flavors in the mouth and I loved the contrasting texture of the cornflakes' crispiness, the succulent shrimp, and the mild sweetness of the mayo. It's something that I won't hesitate to order for a revisit.

Lastly, one of the reasons why I consider Primo's to be on a good start is because of its take on the traditional Caesar Salad. Its Citrus Caesar Salad was quite flavorful and nothing like I've tasted in a lot of random restaurants in Metro Manila. The green lettuce was crisp and tasted fresh along with the cherry tomatoes, herb croutons, bacon bits, parmesan cheese and citrus Caesar. It's truly an appetizer that's worth ordering in the middle of nowhere.

After that sumptuous meal at Primo's Restaurant and Catering, I consider Ligao City as a destination that's finally waking up to a delicious present.

Primo's Restaurant and Catering

Official Facebook fan page of Primo's Restaurant and Catering

Address: David Hometel, Washington St., Barangay Guilid, Ligao City, Albay, Philippines
Mobile: 0917-566-0189

Check out my visit of Ligao City's sunflower farm here.


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