Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday, April 14, 2017

Originating from Mongolia, the hot pot dining tradition of beef has been expanded in range as to include seafood when it was brought to coastal China and Taiwan and shared with the world. The assortment of East Asian ingredients that includes thinly sliced meat, seafood, vegetables, egg dumplings, tofu and mushroom are traditionally thrown in a simmering broth inside a hot pot at the center of the dining table. Once cooked, the whole shebang is tasted with a dipping sauce.

Huat Pot Keeps The Tradition Alive

In the Philippines, Huat Pot is one hot pot restaurant that's keeping this tradition alive. It's best known for its fresh cuts of meats, bola-bola, and green vegetables. Lodged at the second floor of the Metropoint Building in Greenhills, San Juan City, the high-ceiling restaurant is where diners can experience the hot pot and steam pot styles of cooking.

Bola-bola and more
The high-ceiling dining area of Huat Pot
An attendant assists a diner's table

Delicious and Healthy

Its Taiwanese-style shabu-shabu has been attracting not just voracious diners for years, but also those who are health-conscious because they know the benefits of fiber that vegetables can offer the body. Customers are not only satisfied with the delicious variety of ingredients, but they are also ascertained of having lower cholesterol and regulated blood sugar, making them healthier in the long run.

...they are also ascertained of having lower cholesterol and regulated blood sugar, making them healthier in the long run.

Reserve For A Special Occasion

Conceptualized to serve a large number of diners, its dining area is spacious and designed with dining booths where groups can feel a bit more intimate. Private rooms are available for a more exclusive dining experience. The place can also be reserved for specials occasions.

Preparing the congee
The congee is ready
Beef slices
Pork slices
Steaming seafood
How Steam Pot Works

Huat Pot's steam pot style of cooking is basically using fresh ingredients straight from the dining table where a glass lid can be lifted to let off the steam from your exotic concoction. An easy-peasy guide can be found on each table where diners can commence with their step-by-step experience that will take them to the buffet stations for selecting their ingredients. Part of the fun is seeing beef and pork slices slowly transform right before your eyes.

A nifty tip is setting a flavorful base with a combo of vegetables and mushrooms. As for the broth of the congee, it's recommended that you choose from the restaurant's signature soup stocks which include the Huat Pot Special, Sate Soup, Chicken Soup, Laksa Soup and Szechuan Soup. While you're letting the congee simmer, an attendant can assist with putting a special steamer over it, along with the glass lid. Once everything is in place, the steaming process can last for a few minutes.

Fresh Seafood Choices

If you're into seafood, the restaurant has a panoply of fresh choices from squid, shrimp, salmon head, cream dory, sea cucumber and crab.

New A La Carte Menu

This 2017, Chef Jonas Ng of Huat Pot is also introducing a bevy of home-style dishes culled from his mom's recipes. Diners can order these Asian delights from the A La Carte Menu and the choices range from the following:

Stir-fry Egg with Tomatoes
Stir-fry Kangkong with Bagoong
Egg with Mayo
Braised Pork
Salted Fish Fried Rice
Braised Beef Sate Chami
For Taiwanese-style steam pot and traditional Asian cuisine, Huat Pot is an easy choice in San Juan City. It's best enjoyed with friends and families, so why not visit it soon to celebrate special moments while everyone's still around?

Photography by Aubrey Gacer

Huat Pot

Address: 2nd Floor Metropoint Center. P. Guevarra corner Wilson St., San Juan City, Philippines
Operating Hours: 11:00am - 11:00pm
Phone: (02) 650-3091
Mobile: +639154805500

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