Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday, March 20, 2017
Sabang, Puerto Galera by day
Puerto Galera diving (Photo courtesy of

Aside from having a variety of girlie bars, Korean restaurants, tattoo shops and spas, Sabang is a sought-after jump-off point for more than 40 diving sites in Puerto Galera. A lot of foreign and local tourists know this to be true. It's also quite accessible for being less than four hours away from Metro Manila unlike other diving sites in more far-flung provinces in the country. Three hours on the road to Batangas Port and 40 more minutes aboard a passenger boat are what it takes to reach the island that's famous for being seedy by night and dive-worthy by day.

Book At Out of The Blue

The lodging to book is the luxurious but affordable Out of The Blue which is located in Small La Laguna. The multi-tiered resort has its own restaurant, a set of swimming pools, and a premier full-service scuba diving facility partnership with Action Divers which is located next to it. All dive course manuals and materials are approved by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and can be provided in most languages, including Chinese and Japanese.

Sabang shoreline
Puerto Galera diving (Photo courtesy of
Sunbathing at the Big La Laguna Beach
A foreign tourist being helped after collapsing from too much drink

Dive With Action Divers

With Action Divers, guests can dive at dozens of sites within a 15 minute boat trip from the facility's dive shop with visibility normally in the range of 15 to 20 meters. The large tidal range allows for some serious drift dives especially during spring tides around the full and new moon. The diving adventure also offers views of a rich mixture of hard and soft corals and the abundance of macro marine life, a definite spectacle for underwater photographers.

The large tidal range allows for some serious drift dives...

Divers from Puerto Galera diving sites
Puerto Galera diving (Photo courtesy of

Sabang by night

Guests of the hotel-resort can try the Scuba Diving Introduction. There's also the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Introduction course which takes only two hours to experience and is designed for those wishing to try scuba diving before enrolling in a PADI Open Water Course. Also available is the Fun Diving package which comes with a three-night stay and the PADI Open Water Course which comes with a four-night stay. As for the PADI Advanced Open Water Course which comes with a three-night stay, it's available for PADI-certified divers only.

Guests of the hotel-resort can try the Scuba Diving Introduction.

The old Big La Laguna Beach
The view from Out of The Blue Resort

Although the shoreline of Sabang is not advisable for quick dips, a 5 to 10 minute stroll away from Small La Laguna is the old Big La Laguna Beach where tourists are known to linger and sunbathe. Here, the sand is still soft and the cove can get quite tranquil in the afternoon depending on the weather.

Be prepared for the island to transform itself past 6:00pm as it's when most bars open for the tourist night life. As the sun sets, commercial establishments start to play glaring pop music that can make a tourist forget he or she is even on a tropical island.

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Check out the official website of Action Divers.

More Photos Below:

Batangas Port
Tourists arriving in Sabang
Tourists leaving Sabang for the Batangas Port
Batangas Port
A faint view of the entrance of Out of The Blue Resort


  1. I like your new blog lay out Karl! I haven't been to Puerto Galera despite its accessibility from Metro Manila. Hopefully, I can go there this summer.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, bro. After four years, I finally had to upgrade the layout. If you're not down (pun intended) for diving in Puerto Galera, snorkeling there is as amazing.


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