Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday, March 25, 2017
Value for money bed and bedding

Way back in the early '80s, North EDSA didn't look like the bustling commercial attraction that it is today. It actually looked desolate, given that Quezon City is really big and considered far from the Manila International Airport compared to Makati or Mandaluyong. There was not a single mall in the vicinity. There was only the once famous multi-storey 680 Home Appliances along EDSA and across it was one big squatter's area. The only amusing space to hang out in from Cubao was as far as Munoz where Barrio Fiesta used to be. It was definitely not where you wanted to be 23 years ago when you craved for a staycation or a food trip.

Fast-forward to 2017, the squatter's area is now replaced by TriNoma Mall and a soon-to-open luxury hotel. The top mall to go to for home appliances is now SM City North EDSA and a few seedy motels have been in operation to cash in on the influx of commuters. Coinciding with this development, an authentic budget hotel has finally opened this January to cater to travelers who are after value stays and warm, Filipino hospitality. For anybody who has stayed at a Go Hotels anywhere in the Philippines, a Go Hotels North EDSA branch opening here is certainly good news. Well, it is for me.

Each standard room has a window
The hotel entrance from EDSA
The Country Style dining area and lounge for guests
If you're doing business in the area or have no choice but to make it your point of layover in Metro Manila, Go Hotels North EDSA can make your stay a relaxing one and worth every cent. I've tested it for myself and I determined the following reasons why it is so:

Windsor bed

1. Value Stay For Its Rooms' Essential Features

I've stayed in luxury hotels with windows that open next to concrete walls, so having been booked at a standard room at Go Hotels North EDSA with a window that has an unobstructed view of the outside was worth my time and money. I'll choose the latter any day over an expensive room that make me oblivious of the different times of the day.

Waking up from my bed with sunshine penetrating through the glass window is always priceless. And gazing at a lit city grid at night before hitting the bed is a routine for me when I'm hotel-hopping. A hotel window with a view is non-negotiable for me and this budget hotel has one in each of its 18-square meter sized room.

A hotel window with a view is non-negotiable for me and this budget hotel has one in each of its 18-square meter sized room.

Also, this Go Hotels branch has bidet-equipped bathrooms which is value for money because typical budget hotels are not even expected to have one.

Pull-out table for laptops (left) and super shower (right)
As for the rest of its room features, you can expect only the basic ones that are considered essential from a pull-out table for laptops, a chair to sit on, hangers for clothes, plush Windsor bed and bedding (cotton sheets and duvet cover) to a hot and cold super shower. Plus, there's access to free Wi-Fi and a 32" LED cable TV for entertainment.

2. Convenient Location Along EDSA's Bus Passenger Drop-off

Anybody getting off a provincial bus from a long commute up north can find it comforting to know that the hotel sits right along EDSA where passengers are routinely dropped off past Munoz. That's how convenient it is to arrive at the entrance of the hotel even if you have not made any prior booking and just intends to book on a whim.

SM City North EDSA and TriNoma Mall for exciting food trips and shopping finds
SM City North EDSA
Breakfast at Country Style
3. Accessibility To Two Malls

Being a guest at the hotel also means that you're just a stroll away from two major malls in the city. This makes your meals suddenly a food trip or shopping adventure. Just a few blocks away from the hotel entrance is the overpass that crosses EDSA to reach the entrance of SM City North EDSA. From there, you can also walk to a connecting overpass that lets you enter TriNoma Mall. For sure, you'll be spoiled for choice. Also, a stroll away is the nearest MRT Station which can bring you to any point in Metro Manila quicker than any commute can.

Should you decide to not leave the premises of the hotel, there's a Country Style next to the front desk at the second level of the 167-room building for brewed coffee, bagel, sandwiches and rice meals.

4. Back Massage For Php200 Only

While booked at the hotel, I did not only enjoy a food trip of a nearby mall. I also made sure that I availed of a wellness service inside the hotel that let me have a back massage for only Php200. For the convenience of not having to go outside to look for a spa, that's basically a steal.

5. Flash Promo Booking

From time to time, Go Hotels makes a Php588-per-night flash promo in any of its branch in the Philippines. I remember a friend -- a frequent traveler -- who has enjoyed booking a long stay at another Go Hotels branch for almost a week because he availed of the promo, so take advantage of the room rate sale by monitoring the hotel's official Facebook fan page for such announcements.

As of this writing, there's a total of 125 rooms available out of 167 that are targeted to be in operation at Go Hotels North EDSA which makes booking a room on weekdays and weekends a certainty unlike in other budget hotels with less appointed rooms. With this part of Quezon City starting to become well-served, this 12th hotel of the brand is set to be value stay-reliable for years to come.

Book now.

Go Hotels North EDSA

Book a room at Go Hotels.

Address: 1107 EDSA, Veterans Village, Bago Bantay, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone: +63 (2) 939-8000

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