Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sitio De Amor

Laguna is strategically located near Metro Manila's vacationers and hotel-based tourists who are fresh from the airport. It's also blessed to have none of the metro's toxic traffic and pollution. This is exactly why a lot of resorts and bed and breakfasts have opened and maintained operation in selected areas of the province. The fresh breeze is cool. The weather is almost always balmy. An abundance of trees can still be found everywhere here. It's where you can easily abandon any last fragment of your sense of reticence and embrace nature without the guilt of unattended city duties. Simply take in a whiff of nature and head back to your side of the city in two hours or so.

In my four years of scoping mainland Luzon, I was able to feature four resorts in Laguna that I highly recommend you try for your next quick getaway:

Sitio De Amor
Sitio De Amor
1. Sitio De Amor

Sitio De Amor
When urban sanctuaries no longer disarm one of doldrums, a distant estate in a province next to a city is poised to lure expectations of serenity. Case in point: the sprawling estate called Sitio De Amor of San Pablo City. Located in a highly vegetated terrain of Laguna, the getaway has maintained its secluded charm thanks to a long and winding detour from the Maharlika Highway, a couple of hours away from Metro Manila.

"At daytime, horses can be seen at the property."

With Sitio De Amor nestled strategically between San Cristobal Mountain and the mystical Mt. Banahaw, the air at the multi-hectare farm is constantly fresh and nights are a romantic hustle with nature’s breeze wafting through the foliage of nurtured hardwoods, rich shrubberies, ornate vines, thriving bromeliads and a selection of rare plants. At daytime, horses can be seen at the property.

Read more about Sitio De Amor.

Dona Jovita Garden Resort
Dona Jovita Garden Resort
2. Dona Jovita Garden Resort

Dona Jovita Garden Resort
Voracious readers of near-Metro Manila getaway updates can find it useful to know that just an hour or so away from the Philippine capital is a Calamba destination that has been in operation for more than two decades. Known by patrons as Dona Jovita Garden Resort, the place is the only natural garden-oriented resort in the city of Laguna as it’s highly vegetated with a variety of age-old trees (including a massive, hundred year-old Kapok Tree) and ornamental plants.

"The ambiance can disarm any guest with the toxicity of urban life as it's nestled near Mount Makiling."

Named after the grandmother of one of the owners, the family-run business has its members tracing their roots to Jose Rizal, hence, the name of one of its highly sought-after special events venue called Patio Intramuros. The ambiance can disarm any guest with the toxicity of urban life as it's nestled near Mount Makiling. It also has ample parking space for guests that have private vehicles. Couples and solo travelers who opt to commute to the resort can take the HM Bus (with a terminal in Cubao) and bear the roughly 3-hour trip from Metro Manila.

Read more about Dona Jovita Garden Resort.

88 Hot Spring
88 Hot Spring
3. 88 Hot Spring

88 Hot Spring
88 Hot Spring is unlike any other hot spring in Calamba. It was designed and is being operated with Koreans as target clients. At the resort, there are countless signages in Korean with an inclusion of a Korean statue made of marble that greets guests at the entrance. As a result, Korean guests flock to this attraction in Laguna. When I visited it for a day tour, I realized that I was the foreign tourist that day.

"88 Hot Spring is unlike any other hot spring in Calamba."

What I loved about the place was the well-manicured garden that surrounded two hot spring Jacuzzis. There were three more hot spring pools but they were in a cluster next to the restaurant away from the beautiful garden. The Korean guests seemed to gravitate towards that less attractive area maybe because of its close proximity to food and drinks.

Take advantage of the resort's day tour.

Read more about 88 Hot Spring.

Costales Nature Farms
Costales Nature Farms
4. Costales Nature Farms

Costales Nature Farms
Costales Nature Farms is an attractive result of the combination of science, technology, and nature under the nurturing hands of its founder, the late Ronald Costales. He staunchly supported the practice of abstaining from the use of pesticides in crops so that they are not loaded with toxic chemicals for people to consume. Instead, the farm exists to foster a more holistic and natural ecosystem. With his passing, his wife Josephine or Josie is left to lead it but she's not alone in the endeavor as her grown-up kids have imbibed the same values for the environment that she and her husband were able to develop in the past decades. As chairman of the eco-farm, Josephine is positive that the legacy of Mr. Costales via CNF lives on.

"'s just a couple of hours of drive away from Alabang via the Majayjay-Lucban road."

Eager to relax in rural splendor of Laguna's Costales Nature Farms and imbibe the farming lifestyle for a day or two? If anything, it's just a couple of hours of drive away from Alabang via the Majayjay-Lucban road.

Read more about Costales Nature Farms.

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