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Tuesday, December 06, 2016


Arriving tired from a trip abroad or a provincial destination, a Metro Manila layover at a decent hotel is always the best travel decision to make. With the presence of the newly-opened Go Hotels Manila Airport Road that's just 10 minutes away from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), you suddenly have a great deal that will certainly not just be a dreary stopover. The venue, after all, is unlike other budget hotels along Quirino Avenue which look drab or, worse, reminiscent of a hospital. The 11th Go Hotels branch prides itself on the brand's image and proven track record for being an essential service hotel. This means that every guest can expect to experience basic guestroom features after check-in from a comfy bed, air conditioning, LED cable TV, in-room safe, to towels with bath essentials (soap and shampoo). What's more, there's strong Wi-Fi access for those who can't afford to be offline during one's stay. All in all, it's value for money.

With more than 130 rooms currently for booking in a well-served area, the hotel can almost guarantee an available room even on short notice. However, the hotel encourages guests to book early for less the cost which is something that a frequent traveler friend of mine loves to do in Go Hotels' other existing branches. For as low as Php388, depending on the date of booking in relation to the date of stay, he usually saves a lot and gets to spend where it matters -- on other stuff like travel souvenirs, commute fare, expensive meals, etc.

The hotel lobby
View of the city after sunset
Spacious guestroom
In my case, a two-night stay at this newly-opened hotel branch along Quirino Avenue in Barangay Tambo is a lifesaver since I was scheduled to attend a work-related exhibition at the nearby SMX Convention Center. The event venue is just 5 minutes away at the Mall of Asia Complex anyway and it's easy to get a cab in the area, rain or shine. From my booked guestroom's window, I could actually see both the complex and the distant airport. Such unobstructed views in Metro Manila are priceless nowadays.

Still uncertain if Go Hotels Manila Airport Road is worth booking for your next layover? Check out these eight simple reasons that may finally convince you to book a stay soon:

Distant view of Makati City
Guests at the hotel lobby
Go Hotels Manila Airport Road's Airport Shuttle
1. Transport Access

Since the hotel is just 10 minutes away from the airport, a transport access or airport shuttle is available for guests to arrange. This service is quite crucial for travelers in between trips because the shuttle service reduces idle time in long queues at taxi bays.

View of the nearby airport from my hotel room window
A connecting room for large group guests
2. Windsor Beds

The pocket sprung mattress that make up the hotel's comfy bed is the fundamental basis for one's relaxing layover. It enhances one's restful sleep as each of its individual pocket spring moves freely from one another as it conforms to your body shape, evenly distributing your weight. This means that it's absolutely sensational for power naps as well.

"The pocket sprung mattress that make up the hotel's comfy bed is the fundamental basis for one's relaxing layover."

3. Service Plus

As an essential service hotel, you're guaranteed the basic guestroom features and amenities. However, you can also arrange with the hotel, whether via online booking or upon check-in, other needs that you may have during your stay like a hearty meal for breakfast or a toiletry kit that's comprised of the basic bath essentials but with the addition of a hair conditioner, body lotion, bath gel, toothbrush and cotton buds.

Meeting Room for Php1,500 per four hours for guests
My hearty breakfast at the ground floor of the hotel
4. Free Wi-Fi Access

The room rate is inclusive of Wi-Fi access which means that there's no reason for any guest to be offline when there's a chance to tinker with one's smartphone, tablet or laptop. During my stay, I was able to ascertain the Wi-Fi access to be strong and reliable. It's also considered family-friendly because porn sites are blocked which deters the presence of sleazy guests at the hotel's premises. If they're usually spotted at rickety inns, Go Hotels Manila Airport Road is one venue that's safe for guests with kids.

(left) Unlike other Go Hotels branches, this one has a bidet in the toilet; (right) Super Shower

5. Super Shower

I've stayed in a couple of other Go Hotels branches in the past and its super shower was one of the main reasons why I made repeat bookings. It's always a great complement to the room's comfy bed as its shower design is also not short on luxury. As a result, a relaxing stay is always guaranteed to be seamless from the bathroom to the bedroom.

At the official opening
6. Fun Vibe

With signature neon colors splashed in selected parts of the hotel's facade and interiors, the fun vibe is palpable right at the onset. What enhances it is the warm and friendly hospitality of the hotel's staff. As a friend of mine usually rants regarding hotel stays, being acknowledged as a guest is always a good indicator of a relaxing layover. And, it's a good boost to one's long stay as a guest is assured that he or she is being looked after with care.

The hotel hallway
7. Safe and Secure

Electronic key cards are automatically issued to guests upon check-in and these are used on guestroom doors and elevators to prevent any stranger loitering in the hotel's premises. Inside the guestroom, an in-room safe is provided for one's valuables.

8. LCD Cable TV

I've stayed at a luxury hotel before with a vintage TV set that's as small as an old computer which was a major turn-off especially because the bedroom was quite spacious. With this hotel, however, the LCD TV was satisfying to use basically because it's the right size for the room's space and it's wall-mounted for lazy mornings when you just want to watch the news in bed.

All in all, my two-night stay at Go Hotels Manila Airport Road was quite relaxing thanks to seven of the eight reasons I cited. I'm yet to test its airport shuttle soon for my upcoming revisit of Davao City, but that's going to be another travel story. What made my check-out memorable was that it coincided with the hotel's official opening ceremony which is why I got to hobnob with some of the brand's people and special guests.

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Official opening of Go Hotels Manila Airport Road

Go Hotels Manila Airport Road

Book a room at Go Hotels.

Address: 608 Quirino Avenue, Brgy. Tambo, Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone: +63922-GOHOTEL (4646835) or +6323988788

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  1. When we conducted our workshop and seminar, there staff are very polite and accommodated. Food are simply but mouth watering.


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