Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday, November 04, 2016
Discovery Suites, B Hotel QC, Hive Hotel, Madison 101 Hotel + Tower, Y2 Residence Hotel and more
B Hotel Quezon City


With heavy traffic becoming a problem in progressive Metro Manila, more cities are becoming "served" in the sense that hotels are now being considered for layovers and staycations regardless of their location in the metro. If before a hotel always had to be 30 minutes away from the nearest airport to be considered, it isn't the case with travelers these days. It's like whichever city one is booked at, it really doesn't matter anymore. What counts now is the quality of service and its location to nearby attractions for essentials. This has rendered strength to hotels that are located in unusual grids of the Philippines' National Capital Region (NCR) like those in Quezon City and Pasig City.

For your hotel-hopping days in 2017 (or even as early as December this year), I managed to test seven Metro Manila hotels in unusual locations with off-center profiles. They're not your typical hotels and they shouldn't be. This is because hoteliers know that, to survive in Metro Manila, they need their property to stand out regardless of the location. As a wise auntie of mine once opined, only the pedestrian fades from one corner to the next.

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Here are my recommended hotels that you can consider for your next layover, staycation or special event:

The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences
Bathtub moment
Makati City view from my booked suite at The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences
The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences (Makati City)

Unusual Quality: its modern design and predilection for space
From the inscrutable lobby to its guestrooms' unconventional interior design, The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences is not for the faint of heart. The Makati City hotel is in the middle of the pulsating Ayala business district, and a 3-minute stroll away from the weekly Salcedo Saturday Community Market, but it's clearly off-center at the onset. Like the prolific Spanish-born artist Pablo Picasso, it strikes a chord in travelers who have a tremendous lust for life regardless if it's for significant overnight stays by professionals or luxurious layovers by intrepid travelers. Once booked at its well-appointed room, the guest has enough reasons to briefly step out for a whiff of the cosmopolitan lifestyle in the area which reflects in every way the name of the hotel.

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Go Hotels Manila Airport Road
The affiliate restaurant of the hotel at the ground floor
Room with a view
Go Hotels Manila Airport Road (Paranaque City)

Unusual Quality: this 11th Go Hotels branch is just 10 minutes away from the airport
Arriving tired from a trip abroad or a provincial destination, a Metro Manila layover at a decent hotel is always the best travel decision to make. With the presence of the newly-opened Go Hotels Manila Airport Road that's just 10 minutes away from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), you suddenly have a great deal that will certainly not just be a dreary stopover. The 11th Go Hotels branch prides itself on having basic guestroom features from a comfy bed, air conditioning, LED cable TV, in-room safe, to towels with bath essentials (soap and shampoo). What's more, there's strong Wi-Fi access for those who can't afford to be offline during one's stay. All in all, it's value for money.

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Discovery Suites Ortigas
The spacious bathroom of my booked room at Discovery Suites Ortigas
The indoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi of Discovery Suites Ortigas
Discovery Suites (Ortigas, Pasig City)

Unusual Quality: Ultra-spacious bathroom
Located across an upscale mall in Ortigas Center, Discovery Suites is an institution in Pasig City when it comes to a luxurious stay whether short or extended. It's a towering paragon of serviced apartments that travelers on leisure prefer over boutique hotels for its reputable distinction. Surrounded by more than 20 major corporate players in the city's financial district, it's a must-book by those who are on business as well. With 220 well-appointed suites, it's recognized by returning guests to be a premier address for long-stays.

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The infinity pool of B Hotel QC
Complimentary Buffet Breakfast at B Hotel QC
My booked room at B Hotel QC
B Hotel (Quezon City)

Unusual Quality: Forward-thinking interior design from lobby to guestroom
B Hotel stands out from the glut of classic hotels for a lot of reasons. It's designed to evoke the unique sensibilities of "Brutalism," a profound movement in architecture that became prominent from the 1950s through the '70s. As a result, its aesthetic appeal crosses the boundaries of a business and a vacation stay the same way that a relevant museum successfully makes a first good impression on any type of visitor. It's impressive at 11 storeys in a landscape that still has a lot of residential bungalows, giving guests unobstructed views of the city.

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The lobby of Hive Hotel
My booked room at Hive Hotel
Hive Hotel
Hive Hotel (Quezon City)

Unusual Quality: A promising green hotel that's registered with the US Green Building Council
Unlike luxury hotels that are normally perceived to be decadent, Hive Hotel and Convention Place is luxurious for a cause. And it's one advocacy that definitely gives back to the community. This seven-storey structure in the dining and amusement district of Quezon City is eco-chic in the truest sense of the word. To begin with, its guestrooms' rustic flooring was constructed using recycled wood from old houses and the water being used to flush its guestrooms' toilets comes from harvested rainwater. It's an emerging green hotel that redefines a Metro Manila staycation or layover with environment-friendly functionalities sans the hospitality posturing. From its guestrooms' digital door hangers that save the hotel the use of plastic to its toiletry holders that are made from recycled paper, it's a space where productivity is truly enriching like a beehive from which it gets its sleek name.

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My booked room at Madison 101 Hotel + Tower
The Penthouse Suite of Madison 101 Hotel + Tower
The lobby of Madison 101 Hotel + Tower
Madison 101 Hotel + Tower (Quezon City)

Unusual Quality: Fully carpeted from hallway to guestroom at 3-star hotel value
With the presence of the 35-room Madison 101 Hotel + Tower at Quezon City's fringe, having an affordable stay at a value hotel is now possible for tourists away from toxic Makati City. It shines in its corner of Aurora Boulevard and Madison Street after which the establishment is named. San Juan City is easily accessible right across it and Mount Carmel Shrine is just a few blocks away for weddings. Not far away is the cluster of bus terminals that unload hotel-seeking travelers from provinces on a daily basis. With the dining district of Tomas Morato being just a few minutes away, it's also potentially a good base for food trips and the dizzying night life.

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Y2 Residence Hotel rooftop lounge
The lobby of Y2 Residence Hotel
My booked room at Y2 Residence Hotel
Y2 Residence Hotel (Makati City)

Unusual Quality: Impeccable interior design with hand-painted wall accents
The offbeat side of Makati City near its poblacion is referred to by some people as the area's entertainment district, but it has a more notorious reputation that makes it a bit complex. It achieves a touristic balance in the presence of numerous budget hotels at almost every block along Makati Avenue where unconventional dining hubs and artsy cafes thrive. One such lodging is Y2 Residence Hotel, a chic high-rise that also houses the newly-opened Art Circle Cafe and a Southeast Asian diner called Pink Panda.

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My booked room at Jupiter Suites Hotel
Bathroom with bathtub
Jupiter Suites Hotel grounds and complimentary breakfast
Jupiter Suites Hotel (Makati City)

Unusual Quality: Being in the middle of everything in the city
Jupiter Suites Hotel is a 25-room value lodging that can easily be your affordable base for touring Makati on a tight budget. From irresistible street food at the poblacion to a community market in Salcedo, the city has a lot to offer other than foie gras, rib eye, and wine at its chic business center. An accommodation at this hotel is a wise thing to have when travelling in Metro Manila since it's quite accessible to such attractions from various points.

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Kabayan Hotel capsule bed
The capsule bed of Kabayan Hotel
Complimentary breakfast
Kabayan Hotel (Pasay City)

Unusual Quality: Availability of capsule beds
A capsule bed stay at a hotel is not for everyone, especially not for someone who's prone to claustrophobia or one who extremely fears confined places. If you don't love spending more than a minute inside an elevator, chances are such an accommodation is not your thing. However, it was something that fit my need for an emergency layover one hectic weekday in Pasay City where I stumbled upon the presence of Kabayan Hotel. It's along EDSA anyway but because of the imposing MRT station, I always managed to ignore it.

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For Part 1 of my Metro Manila hotel compilation post, click here. For Part 2, click here.


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