Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday, November 27, 2016
Beef Sinigang

Makati City's Urban Avenue has long been known to lure tired professionals to discover the affordable restaurants and value eateries that dot its strip. It's quite accessible from the city's corporate grid, hospital (Makati Medical Center), and budget hotels (Red Planet Hotels Amorsolo) that being there on an empty stomach is never a problem at all. The latest food trip buzz among those who have visited the area is Cow Dadi, a street-style steakhouse located exactly across the famous Petra & Pilar Restaurant which is a stroll away from the corner of Chino Roces Avenue.

How It All Started

Run by Chef Lyle, Cow Dadi came about after he successfully tested a similar eatery concept in his family's residence in Marikina City. It's no longer there, of course, since it's now a full-fledged street-style restaurant in the bustling side of Makati City where doctors from the nearby hospital and steak lovers from neighboring cities flock to taste his take on steak-oriented dishes, especially his banner dish called Cow Dadi and his delicious take on bacon via the inventive Dadi's Bacon & Egg. The restaurant also serves other Filipino dishes like Beef Sinigang, Grilled Liempo, and Chicken BBQ.

Cow Dadi, prime rib steak from imported Aussie cattle
The Cow Dadi dining area
Cow Dadi
Chef Lyle with his signature steak sauce and beef specialties

More Than The Taste, It's Budget-Friendly

The restaurant is no doubt famous for its food and its patrons will attest to that fact. Most of them will tell you that aside from the steak dishes, it's the options for steak sauces that make them revisit. Its popularity is fast gaining momentum because of its consistency with its dishes and most of all for their affordable price. Imagine a large 250 gram of prime rib that's Cow Dadi only costs Php220 and it's served with plain rice and vegetables on the side. A typical steakhouse dish in other restaurants will set you back no less than Php400 or even more!

For those who can't handle the hefty piece of steak called Cow Dadi, there's the more-easy-to-tear-into Cow Baby. It's the same tasty quality but in 180 gram prime rib version. It's also served with plain rice and vegetables on the side. For Php170, it's quite budget-friendly, especially because the steak is prime rib from imported Aussie cattle like its more hefty version (Cow Dadi).

Dadi's Bacon & Egg
Origin of The Name

For my recent visit of Makati City, I got the chance to have lunch with Chef Lyle himself as he's usually at the site when he's not doing consultative work. It was during our lunch of sought-after Cow Dadi and Dadi's Bacon & Egg when I found out that the name of the restaurant actually came from his seemingly ridiculous way of feeding his pet dog, a gift from his brother. He would feed it with steak slices way back before the restaurant even opened. He would lure the mutt with pet calls like "Cow" and "Daddy" while feeding it which led him to name his dining spot venture after the activity with much affection.

"...I found out that the name of the restaurant actually came from his seemingly ridiculous way of feeding his pet dog..."

Taste Test

I had a hoot sampling the restaurant's banner dish and it tasted great even without the signature steak sauce. With the sauce on, it even tasted better.

Beef Sinigang for Php85
Affordable beef specialties at Cow Dadi
Dadi's Bacon & Egg
Prime rib steak from imported Aussie cattle

As for the Dadi's Bacon & Egg, it's Chef Lyle's take on bacon like you've never seen it before in typical local restaurants. Since he worked abroad for a length of time before doing local consultative work, he managed to receive training from world-class establishments that made him discover how some dishes were originally prepared and served with bacon being one of them. If anything, Dadi's Bacon & Egg is a must-try if you want to taste the real deal. Make sure to dip it into the resto's chimichurri.

In addition to the two dishes I sampled, I also ordered a bowl of the restaurant's Beef Sinigang which is a favorite by dining professionals on graveyard shift. It's a great complement to the steak dishes that I tore into for lunch.

The next time you're booked at a budget hotel in Makati City's Legaspi Village or you're simply wandering around in the area for something delicious, visit Cow Dadi. Your Php500 budget will go a long way even with a friend or date.

Cow Dadi

Official Facebook fan page of Cow Dadi

Address: G/F Pioneer Building No. 252 Urban Avenue Makati City, Makati, Philippines
Mobile:  0905-264-3234

Nearest Budget Hotel To Book:
Red Planet Hotels Amorsolo


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