Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday, November 04, 2016

N E W   D I S H E S

After three years of serving Mandaluyong foodies with its traditional roster of Filipino favorites, St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant takes dining in fantasy on a grand level taste-wise by introducing two new dish options -- the seafood delight called Hot & Juicy Shrimps and the share-worthy Boodle Fight. Restaurateur Nick Pelaez ascertains that it's still in keeping with traditional Pinoy cuisine as both appeal to the typical local diner who appreciates sharing over seafood and a variety of grilled dishes. What's more, they can enjoy dining with bare hands if they wished to. Utensils are still available for them to use if ever.

Dining Venue For Special Events and More

St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant has definitely attracted throngs of different types of diners who love the communal ambiance that its new dish options provide. Dining under an eclectic setup of native and travel souvenirs, patrons and first-time customers easily get lost in the peculiar charm of this casual dining restaurant. This is why it's also attracting numerous special events like birthday celebrations, reunions, and even wedding receptions. It also accepts catering services for different special functions.

Tasting The Hot and Juicy Shrimps

The restaurant's Hot and Juicy Shrimps can be ordered in regular (not spicy), spicy, mild, sweet, and medium versions. The shrimp is sourced from the Philippines' seafood capital, Roxas City, while Pelaez personally came up with its signature sauce. The sauce tastes so remarkable that it's great to even slather on one's hot cup of ordered rice.

The mild version that I had for my weekday visit days ago was served in an ideal plastic bag to keep the heat intact. Opening it made the order even more enticing to taste as a result. Instead of consuming it straight from the bag, I was served a small native plate that resembled a bilao or circular basket. Topped with an ideally cut banana leaf, the plate looked so traditionally Filipino that made dining more interesting. The bag was a half-kilo of succulent pieces of shrimp with corn on the cob tossed in.

With a "Shrimp Wednesday" happening once a week, seafood lovers have been returning every week for the 50% off promo. And why not? From Php399, the same quality of Hot and Juicy Shrimps can be had for only Php199 every Wednesday. It's basically a steal!

Boodle Fight Options

For those who love to dine in groups, the set of Boodle Fight options of the restaurant can allow them several chances of dining in different times of the year as it's available in nifty categories based on popular dining destinations, namely Mandaluyong, Bataan, Davao, Palawan, Boracay, Cebu and Batangas. And each is fantastic for sharing by two or three people.

Check out the following Boodle Fight options:

St. Nicholas Catering and Restaurant

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Address: #1 Fatima St. corner San Rafael st., Bgy., Plainview, Mandaluyong City, Philippines 1550
Phone: (02)535-7637


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