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Wednesday, October 05, 2016
The romantic setup for a prenuptial shoot or customized guest experience
The countryside scenery at Samkara Restaurant and Garden Resort

Some attractions are simply borne out of love. Samkara Restaurant and Garden Resort (SRGR) is one such tourist destination in Quezon Province that's the culmination of a heartfelt story, one that features a successful hotelier in Manila who returned to her home province to make her wish come true -- to have her own resort.

A Gumaca-native, Agnes Luna had everything in 2015 from a coconut tree-veiled lot to her seasoned skills in the hospitality industry. All that was missing was someone's reliable hand to turn it into fruition. And fulfilling her dream was her husband whose creative eye for the inventive turned the ordinary into something extraordinary that everyone in Lucban and the neighboring town of Majayjay discovered in amazement.

The al fresco dining huts are connected to an outdoor lounge where guests can relax; Model: Lesly Sim
The resort's chef can exclusively cook for you at an al fresco dining setup.
It's always a feast of hometown specialties and international dishes at the restaurant.
Rural bliss is possible at Samkara Restaurant and Garden Resort.

"...the place has blossomed into a sought-after attraction for romantic rendezvous, prenuptial photography shoots, and intimate celebrations..."

They continue to be amazed more than a year later along with travelers from other places after the resort opened to the public. Beyond the pedestrian-looking entrance, every visitor walked in awe not expecting that a space could look elegant and still feel natural with creative landscaping and design. This was proven by an increase in revisits for exquisite meals and overnight stays as visitors wanted to experience the rural reset that didn't exist in this side of mainland Luzon before SRGR opened its gates.

This time around, though, the place has blossomed into a sought-after attraction for romantic rendezvous, prenuptial photography shoots, and intimate celebrations where nature is still revered.

Chicken Alabama never looked as good as this in Lucban!
Guests on overnight stay are rewarded with rural views for breakfast.
Pork Sinigang for dinner at the restaurant
Have a soothing soak at the cold water of the resort's batis-oriented pool.

Its set of newly-constructed dining huts that dot the area's countryside is becoming a favorite among patrons even on weekdays. And why not? It's set against the farming plains of Majayjay and Lucban's fringes, complementing hometown specialties of Longganisang Lucban, Hardinera, Sinantol and more. The restaurant's chef has expanded the roster of dishes to cover international cuisines which makes visiting Quezon Province not just a taste of local favorites but also that of world flavors!

"...the guest can view the chef cook where the former waits -- outdoors on a bamboo platform with views of the nearby rice field."

A new dining feature that's touted to excite tourists is the restaurant's al fresco experience which gives the traditional Filipino "paluto" or customized order a twist wherein the guest can view the chef cook where the former waits -- outdoors on a bamboo platform with views of the nearby rice field.

Water from the resort's pool comes from the natural spring of Mount Banahaw.
(clockwise) Prawn Pasta, Ginataang Kalabaw, Bicol Express and Rellenong Pata
The rural view from my booked guestroom
Aside from the delectable dishes, here are three reasons why Samkara Restaurant and Garden Resort deserves your attention:

1. It's A Getaway That Nurtures Nature

With just enough trees felled for constructing the resort's major facility (the restaurant which also serves as the front desk for staying guests), SRGR managed to sustain the countryside ambiance going by keeping coconut trees where they are -- next to the cliff-side guestrooms. The result is a rustic vista of the town from one's bedside and private veranda in the different times of the day, rain or shine. On a good day, the vista extends all the way to the expanse of the farming plains.

There's nothing like an authentic whiff of the countryside from your booked nipa hut and SRGR fulfills this with ease. Walk barefoot in your skivvies to gaze at the sliding glass door that opens to the private veranda while you peel open one piece of lanzones after another from the room's welcome fruit tray.

Large groups of traveling friends or families on reunion are finding the place to be an all-inclusive countryside experience since it has specific guestrooms that suit such number of guests and an overnight stay also has access to the resort's batis-oriented pool.

The resort at night where the pool and the Silong Bar is located
Countryside feels at the wash area for diners
Even the guestroom floor is attractive at the resort.

2. It's Where Rural Romance Is Possible

Looking to connect with a romantic partner for more than a day sans the trappings of modern life? SRGR is a perfect venue for achieving that. It still has the basic guestroom features from air-conditioning, bidet-equipped toilet and water heater in the bathroom to a flat screen TV, but they're easily overshadowed by the rural details of the space. As they are, the rooms are set up to appeal to what's natural, something that city dwellers are constantly looking for in near-Metro Manila destinations.

"The place is also starting to be a favorite among young couples..."

The place is also starting to be a favorite among young couples who are about to be wed, wedding planners and photographers on location shoots, plus longtime partners who are looking to reconnect with each other for anniversaries.

Guests and visitors can go fishing.
(clockwise) Welcome fruits for staying guests; the room view from the bed; the guestroom's bathroom
The restaurant is a favorite choice for intimate celebrations like banquets and special meals.
Views of nature is not at all lost while you're dining at the restaurant.

"'s just a stroll away from nearby villages in Majayjay which means that Laguna is right next door."

3. It's Easily Accessible From Metro Manila and The Rest of Mainland Luzon

Since SRGR is located at the border of Lucban, it's just a stroll away from nearby villages in Majayjay which means that Laguna is right next door. This gives travelers from Metro Manila and those on layover from abroad just a couple of hours if they're coming from Alabang to tackle the well-paved and scenic Majayjay-Lucban road. Being in this side of the town is not as challenging as venturing into other destinations in the country that would require a grueling commute and a boat transfer. What's more, it's just along the highway which makes it easily accessible.

Samkara Restaurant and Garden Resort is where love is celebrated and you can spot its evidence in the most unexpected places. Visit it to discover your own rural reset.

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My booked guestroom
Customized dining experience includes having your food cooked right before your eyes.

Relaxing at the private veranda of my booked guestroom

Samkara Restaurant and Garden Resort

Book a room at Samkara.

Address: Sitio Malinao, Brgy. Igang, Lucban, Quezon Province, Philippines
Mobile: 0947-922-0081

Manila Sales Office: 5309 East Asia Drive, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines 1781
Mobile: 0916-469-6276

More Photos Below:

Agnes Luna flanked by her resort's food experts; Photography by Leo Andrew San Juan
One of the rustic function halls at the property
Nocturnal activities at the resort -- lingering at the veranda and swimming at the pool
The restaurant's food experts in action at the resort
Strolling at the garden of the resort will let you encounter this sight.
Model: Lesly Sim
At night, guests can also have videoke at the resort's Silong Bar.
This can be your reset corner.

Feeling relaxed to stay the night at the resort
The private veranda of my booked guestroom with a rural view of Lucban


  1. Loveducks! hehe! Ang ganda! ang ganda ng pool. ang ganda ng rooms, ang ganda sa probinsya! tara nang gumayak at magtungo sa Samkara! :D

  2. Replies
    1. It's a resort of mid-range quality, so it's neither cheap like highway inns nor expensive like luxury hotels. I recommend you try with a large group its Ifugao accommodation so you can split the rate with other guests.

  3. The resort views are really breathtaking. It's an wonderful experience visiting these kind of resorts that are on the lap of the nature. Along with resort's modern amenities, scrumptious dishes, the beauty of the nature, lake, greenery, cool breeze, mesmerizing sunrise and sunsets makes the days fabulous. It wouldn't allow anyone to easily leave this place. Vacation with these kind of accommodation will make it a unforgettable journey.


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