Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Crispy Chicken Burger by Chelsea Kitchen

SM Mega's Fashion Hall is popular in Metro Manila for housing some of the most unique restaurants in the country under one roof. The whole mall is just the world's seventh biggest of its kind anyway, so having the most remarkable dining spots here is truly necessary. With foot traffic that reaches roughly 500,000 per day, the crowd in this part of the metro is always on the lookout for what's delicious. And Chelsea Kitchen is one such restaurant that has managed to thrive regardless of the shopping season. It's the first commercial establishment to greet mall-goers at the ground floor of the mall from EDSA and the last one to entice them before they brave Mandaluyong City's challenging urban outdoors after a quick shopping errand.

Known to serve "feel-good food", Chelsea Kitchen is where diners rendezvous for reliable meals of Western flavors. Most of its patrons have even come to love it as a hangout spot for cake and coffee. Dining under mall lights with headroom that doesn't need any chandelier, the ambiance is neither al fresco nor truly indoors. It's literally a kitchen lodged at the wing of the mall where people are always in transit, making it the best place to meet someone for an important meeting over a delicious snack or more.

Dine under the mall lights at the SM Mega Fashion Hall
Squid Ink Chorizo Adobo
Miso Bulalo Ramen for merienda 
Ramen goodness for brunch or afternoon snack

The Inventive Miso Bulalo Ramen For Merienda

For a taste of its new Filipino-oriented dishes, I dropped by the restaurant one random weekday and ordered one of its inventive merienda treats -- the Japanese-infused Miso Bulalo Ramen -- which is the best way to start any meal if you've missed satiating that essential afternoon craving for food. Although it's served in one hefty bowl, the miso beef shank broth is good for sharing with two more people, especially since it's loaded with ramen noodles and bone marrow. Even after it's left for a few minutes, the dense beef broth still tasted rich and made me miss chilly Tagaytay as a result.

The restaurant's merienda roster also includes other Filipino favorites like Crispy Palabok, Arroz Caldo, Pancit Tinola and Dinugu-an.

Part fruit, part soda. These tasty coolers are refreshing!
Tasting The Filipino Menu For Dinner

Since it was early dinnertime already, I proceeded to order the local heavyweights. I tried the green mango eggplant salad-topped Pork Bagnet Binagoongan. It's served with the restaurant's homemade bagoong which worked perfectly. I loved how the sautéed shrimp paste was not subtle at all. It was a delicious contrast to the fresh taste of the ensalada and a complimenting taste to the crispy, succulent bagnet.

"I loved how the sautéed shrimp paste was not subtle at all. It was a delicious contrast to the fresh taste of the ensalada..."

I also ordered a couple more local favorites -- a seafood dish with a twist called Squid Ink Chorizo Adobo and Pampanga's beloved dish called Gising-gising. The Squid Ink Chorizo Adobo served was an attractive plate of homemade chorizo, red onion, and local tomato. It's something that I'll recommend with a cup of rice because the dish is one complex layer of savory flavor after another. As for the Gising-gising which is normally served as appetizer, it was remarkable for being creamy and spicy altogether.

The Pampanga-favorite Gising-gising
The actual kitchen of the restaurant
Crispy Chicken Burger
Squid Ink Chorizo Adobo

Introducing Its Crispy Chicken Burger

Another new treat in the menu is the Crispy Chicken Burger which I also tried. With more and more diners craving for an alternative to the typical burger experience, this version by Chelsea Kitchen is a must-taste. It may not look stellar at a glance, but its tasty secret is in the bite which, oddly enough, reminded me of Vietnamese sandwiches that I've been gorging on for the past few months. Unlike other monster burger versions, this one's gourmet through and through in that it lets you savor the crunchy and tender goodness of the chicken patty without overwhelming the palate.

"...its tasty secret is in the bite which, oddly enough, reminded me of Vietnamese sandwiches..."

Ube Pancake for the ube aficionados

Ube Pancake Finally!

As a sweet end for my meal, I had the comforting Ube Pancake, the dessert that has made Chelsea Kitchen famous among ube aficionados in the metro. I've always perceived it as a dry halo-halo because it's that sweet snack that's served as a pancake but with all the festive goodness of such a dessert that both kids and adults will find adorable. It's truly something unique to order as a culmination to a delicious dinner.

"...I had the comforting Ube Pancake, the dessert that has made Chelsea Kitchen famous among ube aficionados..."

Should you find yourself tackling one of SM Megamall's corridors one of these days, a snack stop at Chelsea Kitchen is worth your precious hour. Book that special intimate meal soon since the restaurant has a new Filipino menu out.

Chelsea Kitchen

Official website of Chelsea Kitchen

Address: Ground Floor SM Mega Fashion Hall, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Facebook Fan Page: raintreechelseakitchen
Twitter: @raintreechelseakitchen
Phone: Call (02) 958-6777

More Photos Below:

Pork Bagnet Binagoongan

A favorite rendezvous spot in SM Megamall
Miso Bulalo Ramen


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