Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday, September 10, 2016
Vera Falls
Pasukulan Falls

Wherever you are in the Philippines, chasing after waterfalls isn't so hard to do. There's always bound to be one at a town near you. You don't have to be an expert in the outdoors. Simply get out of the city and tackle a woodland terrain to discover one. Some are even given decent pathways that lead to them by local authorities or private organizations, making the intrepid getaway a little less dangerous for kids and old folks.

When I was younger, the first waterfalls I visited was Daranak Falls that's located in the province of Rizal. It was a fun excursion with high school classmates as it was just a couple of hours away from our residence in Pasig City. In mainland Luzon alone, I've visited six other such attractions as an adult. What makes each adventure remarkable is being able to see how unique each of them is. No two waterfalls are totally the same. There's always something different that makes a waterfalls an inherent part of a scenery that once it's destroyed, everything around it also suffers. Fortunately, the country still has a lot of these natural gushers around even with city dwellers occupying the forests where they are located.

Before I hit the outdoors again this year to visit more waterfalls that I've long salivated over, check out the following ones that I've visited for the past four years and cross out those that you've already seen for yourself. For your convenience, I've categorized each based on the level of difficulty one can be reached:

Pasukulan Falls
Pinagbutasan Trail to Pasukulan Falls
Pasukulan Falls in Bataan
Exact Location: Abucay
Level of Difficulty: Challenging

The whole ordeal that is hiking to Pasukulan Falls can take a traveler a total of 12 hours on foot -- six hours of hiking to Abucay from the jump-off point in Orani and another six hours from the waterfalls to where you came from. Being a popular sidetrip among mountain climbers of Mount Natib, it's less explored by locals, even those of Bataan. It's secluded and there's a big possibility of encountering snakes along the way so make sure to get the service of a hike guide.

Begin your adventure at six in the morning to finish everything by six in the evening. Make sure to bring a flashlight for your hike back that's past sunset. You can traverse another trail through the woodlands of Abucay to reach its town proper after you've reached the waterfalls, but that's something I can't recommend simply because I didn't experience it. My recommendation is to go back where you came from -- in Orani.

Read more about Pasukulan Falls.

Balagbag Falls
Nonok Falls
Balagbag Falls and Nonok Falls in Quezon Province
Exact Location: Real
Level of Difficulty: Easy

The municipality of Real is just less than three hours away from Metro Manila where most tourists come from. If you happen to live in Laguna or Rizal, it can be a more quick getaway for you. The mountainside highway where the trails to Balagbag and Nonok Falls fork from is well paved so reaching each attraction on foot is quite easy. Both are just a few minutes away from each other from the highway anyway so visiting them in one trip is highly recommended.

Balagbag Falls is sensational for cliff-diving while Nonok Falls has a more gentle appeal for intimate soaks. The latter is a bit more secluded so much so that you can't tell the time when you're there.

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Maktang Falls
Lulumnan Falls
Maktang Falls and Lulumnan Falls in Quezon Province
Exact Location: General Nakar
Level of Difficulty: Both easy and difficult

The hike to both Maktang Falls and Lulumnan Falls from the shoreline of General Nakar is easy. Reaching these General Nakar attractions from either Aurora or Infanta is another story.

Maktang Falls is a secluded attraction that sits at the foot of Sierra Madre. Its swimming area is an intimate space unlike most waterfall sites in the Philippines. With just enough space to move around in for 8 to 10 people, the plunge pool is remarkable for letting any visitor stay as close as possible to the falls itself. In contrast, Lulumnan Falls has a more open scenery that's obstructed by less trees. Its plunge pool, though, is deeper than Maktang's.

Read more about Maktang Falls and Lulumnan Falls.

Majayjay Falls (a.k.a. Taytay Falls)

Majayjay Falls or Taytay Falls in Laguna
Exact Location: Majayjay
Level of Difficulty: Easy

Also known as Imelda Falls or Taytay Falls, Majayjay Falls is a little more than two hours away from Metro Manila. There's a set of guestrooms nearby at the jump-off point of the short hike although a lot of travelers prefer to camp out near the attraction. It's also where a huge parking space is located for visiting tourists. Along the way, you can see a variety of plants for amusement, including a fancy hanging bridge. The water that flows here is so cold that whenever tourists left a bottle of soda half-submerged, they would always retrieve it like it came out of a refrigerator.

Read more about Majayjay Falls.

Vera Falls
Scenery at Vera Falls
Vera Falls in Albay
Exact Location: Mount Malinao
Level of Difficulty: Easy

Albay is more than the famous attraction of Mayon Volcano. There's also Mount Malinao where the secluded Vera Falls can be found. The route to the site of the waterfalls is a little more than a 30-minute drive from Legazpi City and you have to tackle a well-paved but sloping terrain to reach it. It's where nature is still pristine which is a big lure to adventurous tourists visiting Albay. To keep things organized, the ones maintaining it has established a minimal entrance fee to the attraction for the preservation of the scenery and maintenance of its public restroom.

Read more about Vera Falls.

Baratubot Falls
Scenery at Baratubot Falls
Baratubot Falls in Cagayan
Exact Location: Palaui Island, Sta. Ana
Level of Difficulty: Moderate

To reach Baratubot Falls, you will need to explore the inland terrain of windswept Palaui island and not take the easy boat ride from mainland Sta. Ana to reach the island's other attractions. Dock at Punta Verde beach to commence your short hike of the Lagunzad Trail as the waterfalls is located in the middle of the whole island where the scenery is secluded and highly vegetated. Along the way, you'll see young Agtas or Aetas and massive, age-old trees.

Read more about Baratubot Falls.

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  1. Pasukulan Falls looks promising!
    I hope it can easily be reached for a weekend escapade in Luzon.


    1. If you're fond of climbing mountains, I recommend that you make it as a sidetrip to climbing Mt. Natib so that an overnight getaway in Bataan will be worth it. In my case, it took me the whole day to experience just the hike to and from the waterfalls coz I'm not that agile. If ever you can camp out near the waterfalls if you only plan of visiting it (skipping Mount Natib).


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