Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tuesday, September 06, 2016



There was a time when I was drawn to the undesirable and every single time I resisted it. Being in Bani's coralline beach one summer revived that urge as nothing in the tortured expanse of this Pangasinan's shoreline seemed attractive at the onset. At a glance, everything was a nuance. Nothing desirable stood out and I did not resist taking a gander.

I was told on my way to this province that this area was once part of the ocean. What was once submerged now has everyone in the town treading on dry feet. At least something had the temerity to resist the irresistible.

Barefoot and perked up by nothing but coffee, I tackled the rock-studded beach past the border of Bolinao. My gait was awkward, but my eyes got busy. There was a lot to see.

No one was around except for a small group of girls. I could tell that they're from around the area because of their tattered clothing and bronzed skin... the kind of bronzed that's not seasonal. If no one spoke up from their group to ask to be photographed, I'd assume them to be part of the scenery.

"I could tell that they're from around the area because of their tattered clothing and bronzed skin... the kind of bronzed that's not seasonal."

Here, their playground was unusual. For lack of any choice, they had to contend with the crashing waves of the sea as substitute for the dreamy fountain at the park. Instead of butterflies and pigeons, they had the ubiquitous sea breeze that cued them to prance around. Instead of a patch of green, they had the prickly rock expanse. In their eyes, the attraction was a hoot.

The girls were there to kill time. According to them, they walked from their village to reach the coralline beach as this part of the town didn't have any resorts yet. It's desolate but not undesirable. They could have walked a little further to reach the public beach of Patar but they didn't. Clearly, they chose to linger here as I did.

A few more minutes at the beach had me meet a couple of fishing locals who caught a pugita (octopus). Suddenly, we were not alone. Every now and then, a fishing boat would pass by breaking the silence of my idle moments inside one of the beach's coralline crevices.

Looking around, I knew that no other tourist followed me from my booked resort on my way here. Certainly, a time spent barefoot on soft powdery sand is always the luxury of a beach getaway and I can't blame anyone who thinks this way. Who would want to beach bum at an undesirable swath of Bani's shoreline anyway except for me and the girls I met?

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