Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday, August 21, 2016
My Payday Buffet plate of spare ribs and more
Terraz is at the 3rd floor of Zuellig Building in Makati City

R E W A R D 


When I used to do the daily grind in Makati City, a restaurant was always the site of a post-work celebration. Money was always a casualty, but my tummy didn't mind. What mattered was the dining venue. Was it worth my hard-earned salary? Did the food taste delicious enough for me to make a revisit? I always considered a lot of factors for a restaurant to really be worth my attention because payday doesn't come everyday.

It's a good thing that Terraz Bistro & Meetings has been regularly running its much buzzed about Payday Buffet since January this year. It happens twice a month which lets food-loving professionals sit back and relax at the third level of the swank Zuellig Building either for lunch or dinner. Patrons who've been at the scene for the usual round of beer and pica-pica have also tried it. So have most of the power-wielding managers who have made the restaurant a venue for their team's mid-year evaluation meetings.

With the Payday Buffet promo, diners have a plenitude of delicious options to get around in. And it's a treat to try it more than once because the roster of dishes served are unique per schedule. For instance, this upcoming August 31 buffet has a different lineup of featured dishes from the one that was recently rolled out last August 15. With the pricing at P395++ per person for lunch and P450++ per person for dinner, it's way better than wasting precious moments in traffic just to reach the malls where other buffet restaurants are.

From Spanish to Chinese cuisine, expect the unexpected. Diners appreciate the element of surprise because it breaks the monotony of their corporate routine. If a dining guest has been slaving ungodly hours away in his office cubicle facing nothing but stacks of paper or multiple computer screens, then a buffet-style meal in the middle of Makati Avenue and Paseo de Roxas is suddenly a feast.

More than avoiding the lunch or dinner rush to crowded dining districts, an experience of this buffet promo actually rewards the diner with distinct flavors from around the world. The international fare can be considered limitless because of the many times the lineup is changed every single buffet schedule. This means a revisit is not only a chance to be surprised again but also an extension of one's recent dining experience. One ends up making it a monthly meetup with colleagues or friends who deserve such a feast.

Don't hesitate to reserve a table for an August 31, 2016 Payday Buffet experience. Or you may call the restaurant for the upcoming months' schedule. Go ahead and reward yourself with a well-earned buffet.

Terraz Bistro & Meetings

Official Facebook fan page of Terraz Bistro & Meetings

Address: 3/F Zuellig Building, Makati Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, Philippines
Phone: +632 625-4831 or +632 625-4832 

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More Photos Below:

Diners can still order a la carte on buffet schedule
The exclusive meeting room for booking


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