Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thursday, August 04, 2016

As someone working in the corporate world four years ago, I was on a five-digit salary. I threw caution to the wind when it came to spending on gadgets and accessories, but I had a hard time appreciating what I bought because I hardly got to use them. Like any stressed out yuppie, I was a prisoner of the office table. My only view of the outdoors was the city grid from my workplace window.

Fast-forward to 2012, I quit my high-paying job and plunged into freelance work. Most of my shopping finds soon became outdated, worn out, and almost obsolete. For awhile I settled on low quality versions to save on shopping costs. This allowed me to travel more and experience a rare sense of balance that a single guy with a lot of responsibilities was not expected to achieve. I learned how to be content with what I have.

Now I'm ready to upgrade myself with new accessories, tools, and anything else I can obtain for future travels in more exotic destinations. For 2016, I have a solid wishlist of five items that I've managed to find through ShopBack, the leading online cashback site in Philippines that has more than 300 partner stores.

More than having new possessions, my wishlist is about being open to finally letting go of old stuff that have sustained me in my early years as a freelancer. I'm excited to embrace new ideas and test them in the field. I may have been to remote beaches, secluded rivers, and idyllic mountain tops in the Philippines without the false happiness of having material stuff. However, seeing more of the country's various attractions with the right tools, attire, and equipment can render the experience all the more priceless when they're shared in new ways.

What I can guarantee anyone who wants anything fresh is that it pays to take it to heart. Want it. Yearn it. And maybe with just enough persistence, you will finally experience what you're focused on. I know it to be true because I start anything I do with a simple wish.

Check out five items that I found to be available on ShopBack Philippines' extensive set of partner stores. All of them have made an impression on me that they're just one granted wish away via ShopBack's Win A Wish Blogging Contest which I joined:
Top: Tablet PC, Swimwear, and Smartwatch; Bottom: Hiking Bag and Waterproof Digital Camera

1. Tablet PC

On Lazada, I spotted the Nextbook 10.1" 2-in-1 Tablet PC which can be a great replacement to my vintage laptop. It's lightweight at less than 3 pounds and is a sleek tablet, making it an ideal tool for projects with clients regardless if I'm off-grid.

2. Hiking Bag

Still on Lazada, the Deuter Futura 28 Hiking Bag (Forest-Emerald) was a terrific find for someone like me who normally does long stays in different provinces because of its separate bottom compartment for secret stuff like spare money and a wet laundry compartment for used clothing. What's more, it looks attractive.

3. Waterproof Digital Camera

Lazada also got me thinking about wanting a Nikon Coolpix S33 13.2MP 3x Optical Zoom Digital Camera (Blue) because I don't have one and I happen to be at the beach, the waterfalls or a hotel pool almost every month. It would be neat to finally not worry about damaging my only digital camera if I had a spare for underwater shots.

4. Swimwear

What goes with a nifty waterproof camera? A new pair of swimwear, that's what! And Zalora happens to have the design that I eagerly want for my next getaway -- the F900 Everywhere Quickdry Shorts (Size: Small)!

5. Smartwatch

Lastly, friends who know me well are not likely to see me with a wristwatch because I often misplace one. However, I'm ready to be a good boy this time and have this innovative smartwatch that I found on Zalora called the Connectedevice COOKOO Connected Watch (Khaki) something for keeps. For someone like me who finds checking my smartphone once in a while a perplexing thing to do, this smartwatch works as an effective extension of such a gadget with essential notifications delivered at a glance, right on the wrist.

Now that you know my wishlist for ShopBack's Win A Wish Blogging Contest, you're probably interested to know more about ShopBack itself.

Introducing ShopBack

ShopBack Philippines is the ultimate online space where you can find an item, get a discount, have the best deal and even receive cashback in the process. Whenever you shop through the website, its partner stores (merchants) reward it with commission. What ShopBack does is it shares that commission with shoppers like you. Cash out easily to your bank, PayPal or GCash account. It's been featured on The Manila Times, Philstar,, GMA Network, Tech In Asia, Channel NewsAsia and more.

For more info on how it works, check out my previous blog post.

For a quick overview of what ShopBack is, check out this video:


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