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Monday, August 08, 2016

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Pampanga is famous worldwide for being the site of Angeles City, the known culinary capital of the Philippines. This has not only put the province in the gastronomical map of the country. It has also given birth to other dining destinations surrounding the area, including the emerging redevelopment called Clark Freeport Zone. As a result, luxury hotels have also chosen the location for operation and to lure guests for long stays. With the recent opening of the Midori Clark Hotel and Casino, Toscana Dining is starting to shine as a preferred rendezvous for lunch and dinner by discerning tourists. As for its buffet breakfast, the F&B facility's guests only have great things to say about it.

Toscana Dining is basically an extension of the hotel and casino's forward-thinking aesthetic. It holds its own grandeur next to the massive trees standing in the property where special events are also touted to be held in the next few months. For being an essential dining spot in the province, it has led me to realise why I fell in love with it during my stay at the hotel and casino.

Here are three reasons why the F&B facility makes for exquisite meals:

1. High-End Ambiance

Walking past the establishment's opulent and spacious lobby as an overnight guest at its modern Superior Room, I got the sense that I was in for a treat. The narrow wood-decked hallway that leads to the restaurant set the tone for the a-ha moment. If ambiance alone was worth the price of dining in this side of Clark, then it was worth every cent! It was easy to fall in love with the garden view outside that naturally lit up the entire dining area in the morning. At night, it sizzled with romance that made every table inside relatively feel the same.

2. Impeccable Service

More than the ambiance, service was impeccable. Servers were attentive and courteous during my stay at the hotel where I had a memorable lunch of Beef Brisket which was served with appetizing seaweed, anchovies, and kimchi. During buffet breakfast, the same hospitable quality was palpable even with a new batch of dining attendants who were always ready with a smile and a thoughtful greeting. The pleasant experience definitely made my meals memorable.

3. Wide Array of Featured Cuisines and More

For someone who has dined at a few restaurants in Angeles City in the last two years, I have determined Toscana Dining to be at par with the city's culinary reputation. Dining there basically makes it convenient to taste different cuisines under one roof. With a panoply of international cuisines featured from Western, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, to Filipino dishes, the choices can prove to be endless for just one meal.

It's also a great weekend dining getaway for families and those on dates as it has lunch and dinner buffet every weekend. For large groups, it has two private dining rooms which can accommodate eight to ten people.

To know more about my overnight stay at Midori Clark Hotel and Casino, check out my blog post.

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  1. The food looks amazingly mouthwatering...and classy. The hotel is nice although it's a bit too businesslike for our taste.


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