Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday, August 29, 2016
Samkara Restaurant and Garden Resort



Not everybody gets to say "I do" to someone special. The wedding ceremony where it takes place is usually preceded by a pre-nuptial photo and video shoot which makes the whole experience special. It deserves a scenery that complements the sensibilities of the bride and groom and not just any nondescript space. This is why romantic couples who have found forever in each other go through a tedious process that demands them to look for a desirable attraction, check them on site, and make a shortlist of options.

To make it easier for those based in mainland Luzon, here's a list of seven highly recommended resorts and hotels that can potentially reflect the dream wedding of any couple before and even after the ceremony:

Country Inn By The Sea
1. Country Inn By The Sea 
Location: Sta. Ana, Cagayan

If you're getting married up north in Cagayan, there isn't a lot of fancy places to do a pre-nuptial photo and video shoot. There may be a plenitude of nature to go around, but the character that Sta. Ana's Country Inn By The Sea possesses is truly unique at its beachfront dining decks. The swath of rustic open cottages are connected by a wooden pathway and veiled by a garden on one side and exposed to the beach on the other. Being there is simply ideal with someone you love. All it takes is a photographer or videographer to capture that moment.

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Midori Clark Hotel and Casino
2. Midori Clark Hotel and Casino
Location: Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga

Not all hotels are effective as venue for a pre-nuptial shoot. It will really take a great camera eye to capture a moment that fits in a space like a typical hotel guestroom, lobby or roof deck. Fortunately, married couples to-be in Pampanga don't have to leave the hotel-filled province for a picturesque scenery. Midori Clark Hotel and Casino has just opened at the Clark Freeport Zone and it has such a space in its sprawling property -- a hotel that has a resort-oriented space. The well-manicured garden next door is accentuated by massive age-old trees for that feel of nature. For convenience, the whole photography, video, hair and makeup team can also be booked at the hotel.

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Dona Jovita Garden Resort
3. Dona Jovita Garden Resort
Location: Calamba, Laguna

Less than two hours away from Metro Manila is Calamba where hot springs are not the only craze. Dona Jovita Garden Resort has also become a favorite for romantic photo and video shoots that also include wedding ceremony and reception bookings. The property's swimming pools and villas are just one part of the resort because the other half is dedicated to special events like weddings, debuts, reunions and more.

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Graceland Estates and Country Club
4. Graceland Estates and Country Club
Location: Tayabas City, Quezon Province

Quezon Province is not all-rice fields and coconut trees. Where Mount Banahaw is a distant enigmatic view, Tayabas City quietly welcomes guests at the Graceland Estates and Country Club from one uninterrupted pre-nuptial shoot setup to another. The 22-hectare property can allow this type of activity to flow smoothly with its usual resort and hotel operations.

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Sitio De Amor
5. Sitio De Amor
Location: San Pablo, Laguna

Less than a couple of hours away from Metro Manila is breezy San Pablo City which is famous for having its idyllic seven lakes. It also has a booming tourism thanks to its several bed and breakfasts that include the charming estate called Sitio De Amor. With its quaint villas and expansive garden, a romantic photo and video shoot for one's upcoming wedding is possible in this side of Laguna.

Read more about Sitio De Amor.

San Rafael River Adventure
6. San Rafael River Adventure
Location: San Rafael, Bulacan

Residents of Metro Manila can find comfort in knowing that Bulacan is just an hour away and it has San Rafael River Adventure which is not just sensational for quick family getaways, but it's also starting to be a favorite among photographers and videographers for being a quaint space to shoot clients without the latter being far from their workplace and residences. The property is filled with age-old mango trees that fortunately have not been felled to give way to a landscaped garden. What's more, the resort is next to the clean Angat River which sizzles in vibrant colors every morning in time for sunrise.

Read more about San Rafael River Adventure.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar
7. Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar
Location: Bagac, Bataan

The heritage resort of Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar has long been popular for attracting the young and old alike for the chance to appreciate the architecture and interior design of old Filipino houses. The same aesthetic has also been luring romantic couples for the past few years for pre-nuptial photo and video shoots that no other resort facility can provide. Since weddings are always opulent, the ornate details of the resort's facilities perfectly reflect the sensibility of the wedding planners and the couples themselves. The convenient thing about choosing this establishment is that it has a lot of loft-type hotel rooms for big groups like a team of photographers, videographers, plus hair and makeup artists to book during the activity.

Read more about Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar.

Bonus: Samkara Restaurant and Garden Resort
Location: Lucban, Quezon Province

If you're into rustic romance, rural Lucban can offer you such scenery for a possible photo and video shoot of your special day. It has the charming Samkara Restaurant and Garden Resort at its border next to Majayjay where the views are bucolic and the air is fresh. The provincial ambiance is quite palpable within the property, so it's easy to strike a pose basically anywhere there.

Read more about Samkara Restaurant and Garden Resort.

Pinto Art Museum
Bonus: Pinto Art Museum
Location: Antipolo, Rizal

Pinto Art Museum is not a resort but it's an idyllic attraction in Antipolo for romantic shoots because of its well-maintained garden and appealing gallery facades. It's an easy choice among married couples to-be in Metro Manila for being less than two hours away from Quezon City.

Read more about Pinto Art Museum.

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