Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wednesday, August 31, 2016
The beachfront swimming pool view in Bolinao, Pangasinan



A resort or hotel with a swimming pool access is a big bonus to one's vacation or staycation. Such an amenity becomes the sole reason why some travelers even book a guest room or suite when the view that it offers is unique. It's sometimes the only reason why vacationers return to a destination. This proves that no matter how elegant or modern a resort or hotel is, it will not be as memorable if it doesn't complement its surroundings. Everyone deserves something unconventional especially if the money spent was hard-earned and the leave credit approval from one's office was long overdue.

After four years of scoping mainland Luzon and a few destinations in the Visayas, I managed to test some of the most interesting hospitality brands. I, myself, experienced spending my hard-earned money for my travels. I also painstakingly scheduled my own vacation leaves at the office when I used to do the daily grind in Makati City. From someone who've considered so much for every getaway that I've enjoyed, I can honestly recommend the following resorts and hotels to be worth your investment:

Punta De Fabian 
1. Punta De Fabian
Location: Baras, Rizal
Attractive View: Expansive view of Laguna De Bay

A hilltop resort such as Punta De Fabian can be challenging to scale from its entrance, but the touristic isolation that offers a guest at the top is priceless. This is more evident at its poolside where the expanse of Laguna Lake can be mesmerizing any time of the day. The whole view from the cliff-side swimming pool becomes dramatic during sunrise.

Read more about Punta De Fabian.

Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park
2. Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park
Location: Orani, Bataan
Attractive View: Highly vegetated woodland views of the Bataan National Park

Every month, hikers are lured to trek the Pinagbutasan Trail of Orani to reach the summit of Mt. Natib. Their goal is to experience nature where it is highly vegetated. The closest luxury resort from the jump-off point of the hike is Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park. From its cliff-side swimming pool, the spectacular view of the mountainside that veils the hiking trail is almost within one's reach. It's too close yet too far because the ridge where a stream is flowing creates the enigmatic distance. A guest half-submerged at the pool can take a gander at views of nature from the luxurious space that the resort provides which is something worth one's check-in.

Read more about Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park.

G Beach Resort
3. G Beach Resort
Location: Bolinao, Pangasinan
Attractive View: Dramatic sunset-strewn surf of Patar Beach

The public beach of Patar in Bolinao attracts countless visitors every month, rain or shine, because of the quality of its sand and the stunning sunset that happens everyday. Along the same shoreline nearby is G Beach Resort which has an infinity pool that offers guests the same view. Beach-bumming at the beachfront and getting soaked at the swimming pool after is made convenient as both are a stroll away from each other.
Read more about G Beach Resort.

San Antonio Resort
4. San Antonio Resort
Location: Roxas City, Capiz
Attractive View: Placid fish pond opposite Baybay Beach

If it's fresh and delicious seafood, it must be from Roxas City. This is why San Antonio Resort has its own fish pond that's also a quaint boating area for resort guests. The placid space is also the alluring view from the property's swank infinity pool. This must be one of the most luxurious areas that I've visited in Roxas City.

Read more about San Antonio Resort.

San Rafael River Adventure
5. San Rafael River Adventure
Location: San Rafael, Bulacan
Attractive View: A quiet stretch of the clean Angat River 

Swimming pools that look out to the beach or a nondescript metropolis. There are a lot of those in the country. One that looks out to a clean river that's an hour away from Metro Manila? That's a rarity. Case in point: San Rafael River Adventure in Bulacan. Its swimming pool has a charming view of the attractive Angat River which can be a breath of fresh air in the province where resorts seem to be stuck in the practice of amusing guests with nothing but wave pools and slides.

Read more on San Rafael River Adventure.

Vivere Azure
6. Vivere Azure
Location: Mabini, Batangas
Attractive View: Splendid view of the nearby Maricaban Island

The cliff-side pool of Vivere Azure in Anilao is luxurious for being romantic any time of the day. Nighttime soaks can be as sensational as midday ones because the water's lukewarm all throughout the day. On a good night, the moonlit sky can even serve as a romantic backdrop to one's turn at the pool. During the day, one can even spot fishing boats off the coast of the Calumpang Peninsula.

Read more about Vivere Azure.

Hotel Fina
7. Hotel Fina
Location: Tabaco City, Albay
Attractive View: Breathtaking silhouette of the Mayon Volcano on a good day

Get too close to Mayon Volcano and the surrounding can be painfully breezy. It's the problem I had having a chilly soak at the infinity pool of another luxury hotel in Legazpi City one time. However, the location of the boutique hotel called Hotel Fina in Tabaco City was just right for me for viewing the volcano in my swimshorts. It's where the silhouette of Albay's natural attraction can be mesmerizing without being daunting. What's more, the roof deck area of the hotel is not only equipped with a swimming pool. It also has a Jacuzzi that shares the same sensational view.

Read more about Hotel Fina.

Samkara Restaurant and Garden Resort
8. Samkara Restaurant and Garden Resort
Location: Lucban, Quezon Province
Attractive View: Charming farming fields of the province

Resorts in the provinces don't build swimming pools next to rice fields. Make Samkara Restaurant and Garden Resort an exception. This resort in Lucban actually takes off from the rural farming views of the town to come up with a batis-inspired pool that has a charming view of the next-door rice field. The result is a truly Filipino vacation.

Read more about Samkara Restaurant and Garden Resort.

Azumi Boutique Hotel
9. Azumi Boutique Hotel
Location: Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila
Attractive View: Unobstructed view of the busy metro

In Alabang, the hospitality boom has given rise to Azumi Boutique Hotel. The sensory guest experience starts at the chic lobby upon check-in and culminates at the penthouse where the boundless sky meets the edge of a roof deck pool. Seventeen floors up, one can see the area's residential cluster at one glance and the nearby Alabang Town Center at another. Also can be visible on a clear day is the distant Laguna De Bay.

Read more about Azumi Boutique Hotel.

Microtel By Wyndham-Mall of Asia
10. Microtel By Wyndham-Mall of Asia
Location: Pasay City, Metro Manila
Attractive View: Amazing Manila Bay sunset against a pulsating amusement space

A lot of hotels in the bay city of Manila boast of sunset views from their respective swimming pools. The most spectacular way to experience it is via Microtel By Wyndham where its poolside view is conveniently at the roof deck away from the harsh elements below.

Read more about Microtel By Wyndham.

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  1. These places are looking awesome. With all the necessary things, these places are looking very attractive. We can't imagine anything better if we stay there. Most of the time, when travel to other places, I love to stay in resorts. Apart from the enjoyment at the sightseeing places, the enjoyment and comfort in these places makes the journey a memorable one. The hospitality and the service of these places are really commendable. The reason why I stay in resorts is, I am a nature lover. Here even I am inside the hotel, I can behold the natural beauty and can grasp the cool fresh air coming through my windows.
    Sea Facing Hotels in Puri

  2. Thank you for this article.
    Tamang tama, i'm looking for Instagram friendly spots near Manila.

    1. Welcome, Neil. There's always something new to see outside of and near Metro Manila.


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