Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tuesday, August 16, 2016
(L-R) Six of ten hotels and resorts: (top) Midori Clark Hotel and Casino, Discovery Shores and Vivere Azure
(bottom) Jamont Hotel, Coco Beach and Vivere Hotel
Ambassador In Paradise of Boracay

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Being pampered as an adult is likened to a baby that has no qualms about tomorrow. It's the state of bliss that's usually experienced at a swanky poolside with a kooky drink in hand. Off the brim of your tropical hat shines the sun-drenched skin of a model or a tourist who looks like one. You're surrounded in luxury. What's more, people trained to be at your beck-and-call are always lingering at the peripheral view of your eyes. You may not know what you need but they certainly do and offer it. Who you are doesn't matter in this case. Where you are is what counts. You're at a luxury hotel or resort and your pampered vacation is right on schedule regardless of the weather.

Backpackers may not see the need to book at such an establishment anytime soon, but every traveler deserves to be pampered at least once a year. It's like the cheat day of someone on a morsel diet. Or that once-a-year vacation of a faithful executive assistant who may have lounged one too many times at airports for epic meetings but never at a resort spa for some me-time. Truth be told, luxurious addresses exist and they can be yours for an overnight stay or more. It just really depends on your budget.

Here are 10 luxury hotels and resorts in the Philippines that pride themselves in distinction and reputation as tested by Turista Trails:

Midori Clark Hotel and Casino
1. Midori Clark Hotel and Casino
Location: Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga
If you're a traveler with an aversion for clutter, outdated design, and idle scenery, the high-end quality of Midori Clark Hotel and Casino is definitely going to appeal to you. Located in mainland Luzon's Clark Freeport Zone, the 111-room hotel is not just a modern facility for relaxing stays in Pampanga. Beyond its crisp interior and gargantuan space, attractive sections await every traveler who decides to book an overnight or long stay, whether for business or leisure. Its next-door space of greenery that's accentuated by age-old trees is enough to make a guest preoccupied in the odd hours of the day.
Luxury Factors: the hotel's modern architecture, topnotch buffet breakfast, and courteous attendants

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Discovery Shores
2. Discovery Shores
Location: Boracay, Aklan
A traveler’s conundrum can be as simple as retreating from a popular destination such as Boracay when he or she can run towards it with reckless abandon. Aklan’s island getaway can be rammed with tourists regardless of the season, but it is still the Philippines’ crowning jewel when it comes to the supreme beach scene. Also, there are still places of calm for respite if you know where to find them. At Station 1, the iconic Discovery Shores gleams in all its white glory. It’s where I found high-end pleasure that matched the surf and sand vibe of the island. The resort is a destination in itself for having a variety of luxurious guestrooms in its sprawling space of multi-level architecture that respects the beachfront. With a stunning pool at the center, it easily motivates beachgoers to lose their sense of time within the premises of the resort as well.
Luxury Factors: the resort's exclusive shuttle and boat transfer, topnotch buffet breakfast, courteous attendants, and well-assigned guestroom features

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Discovery Suites
3. Discovery Suites
Location: Ortigas, Pasig City
Located across an upscale mall in Ortigas Center, Discovery Suites is an institution in Pasig City when it comes to a luxurious stay whether short or extended. It's a towering paragon of serviced apartments that travelers on leisure prefer over boutique hotels for its reputable distinction. Surrounded by more than 20 major corporate players in the city's financial district, it's a must-book by those who are on business as well. With 220 well-appointed suites, it's recognized by returning guests to be a premier address for long-stays.
Luxury Factors: topnotch buffet breakfast and courteous attendants

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Vivere Azure
4. Vivere Azure
Location: Mabini, Batangas
Like the rest of the resorts South of Manila that dot the meandering hillside of Mabini’s pastoral village, Vivere Azure looks out into the sea and is accessible via the National Road from Bauan. It’s only one of a handful of resorts on the Calumpang Peninsula that offers guests a remarkable view of the nearby Maricaban Island. What’s more, it stands out in the area for having the prestige of a 5-star luxury getaway, a stunning reflection of its sister hotel in Alabang (Vivere Hotel). Its stellar reputation exudes bespoke luxury and impeccable service, two vacation gems that lure the patrician out of every suburbanite.
Luxury Factors: high-end guestrooms with romantic sea views, delicious restaurant menu, and a cliff-side infinity pool

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Vivere Hotel
5. Vivere Hotel
Location: Alabang, Muntinlupa City
As the former farming district of Alabang pumps out a new urban elite with its business and commercial centers, Vivere Hotel has managed to find its pioneering spot in the landscape of Muntinlupa City. The sought-after 5-star deluxe hotel, with its towering posture of 31 storeys, seems to dwarf its neighbors. At its roof deck restaurant, The Nest, the view is a stellar confirmation. The movers and shakers of the area opine that you have not experienced the luxurious ascent in life if you haven't stepped into the elegant lobby of the 200-room establishment and scaled its height.
Luxury Factors: high-end guestrooms, courteous attendants, and a topnotch buffet breakfast

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Jamont Hotel
6. Jamont Hotel
Location: Sipalay City, Negros Occidental
The island of Negros is known for its crumbling mansions and vast sugarcane plantations. When it comes to pristine beaches, however, tourists on layover in Bacolod (Negros Occidental) and Dumaguete (Negros Oriental) hie off to Sipalay. The lure of an expansive beachfront and hidden cove beaches for beach-bumming is what captivates them. At the heart of it all is where Jamont Hotel is. Formerly called Sipalay Suites, Jamont Hotel blossomed into an attractive beachfront resort and hotel a year after it opened in 2006. What started with a few rooms as Jamont Hostel transformed into an elegant three-story getaway at the poblacion beach of Sipalay. It now boasts of more than 50 guestrooms that appeal to the different sensibilities of visitors.
Luxury Factors: beachfront guestrooms and amenities

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Ambassador In Paradise
7. Ambassador In Paradise
Location: Boracay, Aklan
Boracay is an island in the Philippines that's known by many local and foreign tourists to be bereft of travel listlessness. The moment you feel the warm sunshine set against the fine, powdery sand of the island's White Beach, bliss kicks in. You find a spot to read a good book and life becomes devoid of your past and future. You're only concerned about the delight in beach indulgence that's devoid of tomorrow's trappings. At the triple A-accredited Ambassador In Paradise, Station 1 is left with a lasting impression that paradise can be had in many ways that only a five-star quality hotel-resort of its caliber can offer. It's just one of the top 25 luxury hotels in the Philippines in 2013 according to TripAdvisor, making it a sought-after destination within a destination.

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Coco Beach
8. Coco Beach
Location: Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro
There is still a vacation hideaway in the Philippines that refuses to catch up with the times. Aptly named Coco Beach, the Puerto Galera-based island resort is beautifully stuck in the tropical protocol of coconut worship. Everywhere I went at the resort, I saw several uses of the coconut tree and the people working there couldn't be more proud.
Luxury Factor: the exclusivity of being in an island resort

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Playa Tropical
9. Playa Tropical
Location: Currimao, Ilocos Norte
Ilocos Norte has more than sand dunes and breathtaking beaches. It also has a luxury resort in Currimao called Playa Tropical which can be a great base for touring the nearby attractions of Paoay and Bagac. The Bali-inspired villas complement the well-manicured garden that's accentuated by a lagoon. Staying there any time of the year can feel timeless as it makes any guest feel like he or she went abroad for a vacation. It doesn't matter if the beachfront of the resort is not that ideal for beach-bumming because its sea-view swimming pool is enough for sensational mid-day soaks.
Luxury Factors: its well-manicured garden and Bali-inspired villas

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Costa Pacifica
10. Costa Pacifica
Location: Baler, Aurora
Aurora is a gem to discover in the eastern part of Central Luzon. It's festive all year round when it comes to the tropical mood even during the rainy season as its capital, Baler, is famous for surfing. And the only upscale hotel-resort in town is Costa Pacifica. It stands out as both an adventure and relaxing destination for tourists who love the force of the mighty Pacific Ocean waves and the lure of the swank infinity pool.
Luxury Factors: its ocean-view guestrooms, swimming pools, and topnotch F&B facility

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  1. Amazing and stunning resorts! We are budget travelers and adventurers, but we wouldn't mind to enjoy a day or two of luxury. :)

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    And finding a fabulous hotel to stay in isn't only for vacationers, but for the business traveler as well.

    When looking to only stay a night or two, having a spa nearby or onsite might be just what you need after a long day of meetings.

    Thanks a lot for sharing such great information .

    Keep doing good work Buddy!

    God Bless U !

  3. Nice list of hotels and resorts. Especially I love to spend my quality time in a beach view resort where I can enjoy with the nature. Picturesque landscapes and finger-licking recipes are the one that I dream for. Be it any country or any hotel, as a businessman I just want the right kind of pampering. It helps me to rejuvenate and become more productive. What I believe is there should be right value for money in any hotel or resort to attract customers. Cleanness, luxury, and best room service are the essential factors for a hotel to become popular. I don't want close proximity but great hospitality.


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