Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday, July 04, 2016
Glass Noodle Salad
Seafood In Chili


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Not everyone can tour Thailand for a taste of its native cuisine. Should you find yourself longing for one at the oddest day of the week in Metro Manila, there's the aptly named Siam Noodle House in Paranaque City to satiate your sour, sweet, salty, bitter, and spicy cravings. The cozy, decent-sized restaurant serves native Thai cuisine that can definitely remind a traveler of the country that's known for lightly prepared dishes that are both aromatic and spicy. It can also be a good introduction to the authentic side of the country's approach to cooking for those who have not visited that part of the world. With the storied cuisine's origin from an unrelenting culture that's deliciously exotic to the Western palate, the dishes here are the next best thing to experiencing the country that's formerly called Siam.

Siam Noodle House is a world of its own in its semi-secluded spot in BF Homes because it can be accessed by tackling a short but narrow bamboo-accentuated pathway from the main road, right across Pancake House. As a result of being tucked away from the street frenzy outside, the dining area is pleasant for meals any time of the day whether lunch or dinner. It's also open for merienda, so you can just drop by in the afternoon when most casual dining restaurants are closed. Inside, diners can easily lose track of time which can be a good thing when you're indulging in delicious food.

Thai Iced Tea

The wall fixtures and displays complement Thai culture and create a pre-appetizer boost upon ordering your target dishes. You can always ask for the assistance of the friendly waiters should you find yourself in a pickle for not knowing what a specific Thai dish tastes like. I happened to have tested this when I had one attentive waiter recommend the following for my meal with a friend one weekend of June:

Fish Cakes
Fish Cakes and Glass Noodle Salad For Appetizer

Like Filipinos, Thais thrive in a tropical scenery. The love for fish is something that binds both cultures. And this is most evident in having seafood for appetizer.

After warming up to the ambient lighting inside the restaurant's dining area, I tore into my first bite of Fish Cake and had a glimpse of what it was like for Thais to begin a meal that's anticipated to culminate in spicy flavors. The restaurant's Fish Cakes were served with chili, cucumber and peanut salsa for dipping sauce. The patty was incredibly both soft and firm which made it easy for me to focus on my next order.

As a smooth contrast to the savory Fish Cake, the Glass Noodle Salad tasted light. The inclusion of peanuts, vegetables and mushrooms made the dish quite a treat to the eyes. What started as a seemingly tasteless noodle variety, worked itself as a slippery fireball in my mouth. I can imagine myself finishing a bowl of it somewhere that's cold as it's deceptively spicy!

Beef  In Red Curry Sauce
Soup Order of Shrimp Paste Surprise

If it wasn't for the Glass Noodle Salad, I wouldn't be ready for how spicy my order of the Shrimp Paste Surprise was. It's a steaming bowl of noodle soup that consistently ends in your mouth the way it starts -- fiery and flavorful. Any meal with this dish is definitely not going to be boring as it begs the one consuming it engaged from the first sip to the point of perspiration which makes it live up to its name.

Servings of Seafood In Chili and Beef In Red Curry Sauce

Before I could recover from the heavy spiciness of the Shrimp Paste Surprise, I proceeded to taste my next seafood order that's called Seafood In Chili. It's basically a sweet and spicy number but it's also versatile enough to have a slight tanginess and saltiness to it.

Bagoong Rice
Shrimp Paste Surprise
Since Thais are also known to have been influenced by Indian cuisine, my order of Beef In Red Curry Sauce was a must. It's definitely a slight departure in spiciness from the Seafood In Chili in that it's creamy and peppery in flavor.

Pad Thai
Orders of Bagoong Rice, Pad Thai, and Thai Iced Tea

Since I had a Shrimp Paste noodle soup, I also decided to have an order of the restaurant's version of shrimp paste or bagoong rice. The Thai version is definitely different from the traditional Pinoy bagoong rice that's mixed with eclectic add-ons. The components of the rice-based salad were first served separately in a plate to distinguish what goes where. After serving it on the table, my attending waiter volunteered to have it mixed in front of me which made for a ritualistic visual foreplay of the dish.

Another elaborate dish of a similar introduction came via my order of Pad Thai. The stir-fried rice noodle dish was first served unmixed. After the necessary ritual of thoroughly mixing the whole shebang, it's supposed to look sludgy and unattractive, but utterly delicious. I'm no Pad Thai expert but my companion who happened to have tasted it a few times in the past reckoned that the restaurant's version had well-seasoned noodles that were remarkably chewy.

We feasted on all of our orders with a glass of the traditional Thai Iced Tea. Made from strongly-brewed black tea, the brew went down smooth and sweet as it was prepared with sugar and condensed milk. If anything, it definitely served as a break from the spicy roster of Thai dishes that we tasted in one entire meal for lunch.

Siam Noodle House is a must-visit for those living in the South of Metro Manila where having Thai food can finally be a weekly or daily routine.

For those arriving in the corner of Sucat and South Luzon Expressway from other pockets of the metro, it's accessible from SM City BF Parañaque.

Siam Noodle House

Official Facebook fan page of Siam Noodle House

Address: Presidents Ave. corner Aguirre Ave., Parañaque City, Philippines
Phone: (02) 776-4280

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Seafood In Chili
Glass Noodle Salad
Fish Cakes
Thai Iced Tea
Pad Thai


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