Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday, July 08, 2016
Cookie Monster Gelato
Black Forest Gelato



Dessert lovers are bound to linger at Coolato in SM City BF Paranaque where artisan gelato is the star. From a humble cart in Italy where this type of ice cream was first peddled, the gelato has definitely come a long way in this part of the world. Here, flavors come in a cup which lets dessert aficionados crave for more than one order. Given that it's low in fat compared to the standard frozen fare, it's loaded with more sugar content which makes it impossible to settle with just one cup of flavor.

There is a glut of dessert stores in Metro Manila, but there's only a handful that I've tested to inspire my love for life. Coolato is one such destination where I was able to feel like a kid again. Here are three convincing reasons why it is so and why its flavors are irresistible whether you're a kid or a kid-at-heart:

Green Tea Matcha Gelato
Coolato's Iced Pan
Banoffee Pie Gelato

1. It's A Smooth Palate Cleanser

As I've tested for an afternoon snack right after a heavy lunch of Thai cuisine in the South of Metro Manila, Coolato's set of flavors was a fun way to seal my savory meal. As an effective palate cleanser, each flavor I tried -- six in total -- made sense to replace the taste of the spicy dishes that I indulged in an hour prior to my visit of the mall-based store.

During my visit, I even saw some customers who simply dropped by to have their gelato fix even on an empty stomach. I guess some prefer to switch desserts with the main meal! It's either that or they're on a diet.

Salted Caramel Gelato

2. The Flavors Are Intense

Given that gelato has less cold fat, its direct effect on one's tongue is not as hefty as the standard American ice cream. Each flavor is distinct per taste. It's not easily confused in layers of coating when one is indulging in more than one flavor.

During my Coolato visit, I actually sampled my ordered flavors of Cookie Monster, Black Forest, Banoffee Pie, Green Tea Matcha, Salted Caramel and Fresh Strawberry in one session and I was able to honestly tell each apart even if I ridiculously went from one cup to another.

Customers can even make their ordered cups fancier with add-ons of toppings from chocolate chips, almonds to caramel popcorn!

3. Making Gelato's Fun To Watch

The store of Coolato is decent in size. It allows for dining customers to stay in cozy seats and even lets them watch how the flavors are whipped up on a couple of quick-freezing iced pans.

Watch the following videos to believe:

Making A Black Forest Gelato

Making A Banoffee Pie Gelato

Coolato Artisan Gelato

Official Facebook fan page of Coolato Artisan Gelato

Address: SM BF Paranaque, Cinema Level, Dr. A. Santos Ave., Parañaque City, Philippines

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More Photos Below:

Salted Caramel Gelato
Fresh Strawberry Gelato
Cookie Monster Gelato


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