Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thursday, June 02, 2016
Deep-fried Longganisa Pizza called Eva Longgaria
Muhammad Ali...gue!




Deep-fried pizza was not a turn off at all. The description basically just put me off for a minute with nothing to opine about because I did not understand why someone would want to fry dough when one can simply bake it. After learning more about the technique, though, I found out that it was the original way the pizza-obsessive Neapolitans have been doing for generations in Naples to have a slice of -- make it thin and crispy. Pizzerias in London and New York caught up with the tradition years ago and so did Dondon, the owner of PiPA House in Marikina City.

New In Marikina City

The idea of PiPA, a portmanteau of pizza and pasta, came to the young entrepreneur after he left the Kapitolyo restaurant business scene to go on a solo venture. In Marikina City's village of San Roque, he found Dela Paz Street to be promising as an emerging dining strip where residents have long-recognized Boyong's, a neighborhood eatery, to be an institution. It's about time that a new delicious player serves the hungry locals.

Tinapa Aglio e Olio called Isla Fisher

Tinapa Pizza called Sealena Gomez

Unique Pizza In Every Way

Aptly called PiPA House, the pizzeria is everything that Dondon stands for when it comes to the featured food selections. All pizza flavors come in an 11" x 14" size which isn't square to begin with. If anything, one can assume that customers automatically are in for an extra treat, value-wise. Also, each costs no more than P99 which makes the deal even more attractive! At roughly less than 30 sq.m., the restaurant effectively utilizes the space even at the storefront where diners can hang out in the late afternoon or in the evening.

For starters, a customer needs to choose the base and then proceed to choose from a list of tweaked celebrity names to culminate the order. Streamlined to be ordered either as a conventional thin crust or a deep-fried crust, the pizza flavors are enticing as their names go. From flavors with names like PineAPL.DE.AP (Hawaiian Pizza) to Whiteney Houston (White Pizza in Creamy White Sauce), the options can make dining at this newly-opened pizza and pasta place quite memorable.

One Eva Longgaria, Please!

I certainly remembered my order of Eva Longgaria (named after the Desperate Housewives actress), a Longganisa Pizza that consisted of the restaurant's Signature PiPA Sauce (special herbs for taste enhancement), mozzarella, parmesan and longganisa. The kitchen puts fried egg almost in the middle of the whole shebang for accent unless a customer requests that it won't be necessary. A few bites off of it instantly made me a deep-fried pizza convert! It definitely tasted light and crispy, almost like a potato chip, which Dondon attributes to the type of oil that he uses. Surprisingly, its crust was almost greaseless and still chewy. For P99, this was basically a steal.

Dessert: Nutella Pizza with Choc Nut
Is that you, Eva Longgaria?
Dondon of PiPA House

I would have loved my other pizza order of Tinapa Pizza to have been served on a deep-fried crust also as a result. Unfortunately, I had it in the conventional thin crust which some actually prefer according to the owner. Call it a bad habit but I enjoy myself that way. When I like something the first time, I tend to repeat the experience. Coincidentally, the pizza flavor is called Sealena Gomez, named after a singer who can't keep her hands to herself.

Pasta Specials

What made my palate bounce back was a few forks of my order of Aligue Pasta which did not only look enticing. It also tasted smooth on the tongue. The creamy crab fat on the fettuccine is sourced from Pampanga where the restaurant owner originally hails from. Even without the tasty crab sticks, I'm sure it would have still made a lasting good impression apart from how it's playfully named -- Muhammad Aligue.

Full-house at the PiPA House in Marikina City
I also enjoyed my order of Isla Fisher, not the actress of Confessions of a Shopaholic fame, but the Tinapa Aglio e Olio. The olive oil-based pasta had just enough dried fish flavor to it that it was not too overwhelming to the taste. It's something that I can always order when I'm feeling spent, pun intended.

Sweet Pizza, Anyone?

Lastly, for dessert, I skipped on the chance to have ice cream and instead went for the restaurant's sweet pizza offering called NUTalie Portman which is basically a Nutella Pizza that has the local infusion of Choc Nut for nostalgia. And, like the actress it's named after, the dessert's cute and extra sweet. It's definitely something that kids can have fun pretending to chew like a pizza with a sweet ending.

Believe that a deep-fried pizza is delicious. I did. Let my delicious enlightenment show you the way to PiPA House in Marikina City.

PiPA House 

Address: #59 E. Dela Paz St., Brgy. San Roque, Marikina City, Philippines 1801 

More Photos Below:

With Dondon of PiPa House


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