Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


A N Y W H E R E 

As a frequent traveler of local destinations in the Philippines, I'm always on the go. Most of the time, I find myself caught between annoying hunger pangs and a ridiculous place to make it stop from happening. It can be in the middle of a long bus commute to a provincial attraction or, worse, while hiking at a remote trail somewhere in the mountains of the Sierra Madre. When it's time to eat and there's no eatery around, sometimes a cracker just won't cut it. The Pinoy in me always craves for a home-cooked meal of a favorite viand and rice.

My most recent adventure in the country took me to as far as Marinduque. Having arrived the day before on a semi-remote island called Maniwaya, I was fortunate to have had access to meals at my booked resort. The island, though, is big and deserves exploring like any other island that's why a long stroll at the beach for sunrise-viewing figured in my morning schedule. The resort's cook was still asleep and so were my travel mates. As a result, I hied off to a shoreline of the island on an empty stomach in my lonesome.

After half an hour of lingering at the beach for a whiff of the island's tropical breeze and the sensation of sand on my skin, I started to get hungry. It was time for breakfast anyway. Fortunately, I had three variants of the new 555 Tuna Rice in my trusty backpack to choose from. They didn't take that much space along with my other beach essentials because their stand-up foil packaging was designed to sink in to the tightest of space even when bundled unlike typical canned brands.

To complement the rainbow that suddenly showed up in the sky, I chose to open the 555 Tuna Afritada. Suddenly, I was in the mood to snack in the middle of nowhere! I honestly feel that the other variants of Adobo and Sisig will go well in my future riverside hike and mountain trek, respectively. No heating needed, the durable pack was easy to open which worked for a no-fuss snacking.

Here are three reasons why 555 Tuna Rice deserves to be your baon in your next adventure outdoors:

1. Rice and Ulam In One

When biscuits or fruits won't satisfy your hunger pangs in a remote destination, 555 Tuna Rice is a great substitute for a home-cooked meal that you can't possibly get in the middle of nowhere. The combo of rice and a traditional ulam is definitely a fulfilling treat. With three variants to choose from, you can snack depending on your mood. What's more, it's rich in protein!

2. Affordable Rice Meal

The rice meal is affordable at a retail price of Php 27.50 which lets any budget traveler save on food cost when en route to far-flung destinations. This is because people tend to eat more frequently on long commutes which is why stopovers are necessary.

3. Available In Leading Groceries

Worried that the 555 Tuna Rice is only available in mall groceries where the daily traffic makes it hard to access them? The good news is that you can also grab as many as you want at any Super8 and Puregold branches which can be found in numerous communities in Luzon.

With all the exciting reasons that make the 555 Tuna Rice a nifty baon anywhere I go, it's truly living up to its promise of ‘Ka-Eat saan, Sarap!’


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