Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday, May 13, 2016
White sand beachfront in Sta. Ana



Escaping Metro Manila to have a week-long vacation in Cagayan wasn't easy. I had to contend with a 12-hour long bus commute from EDSA to Tuguegarao City for a necessary layover and endure three more hours of commute on the highway aboard a passenger van to the coastal town of Sta. Ana. I was already feeling fulfilled with cave visits and farm views along the way, plus the windswept view of the Babuyan Channel from Country Inn By The Sea in Sta. Ana, but it seemed that an island resort located past the San Vicente Port of the town still attracted my attention.

White Beach Island Resort

Called Jerolynda White Beach Resort and Restaurant, it's a quick boat ride away from the end of the long Dugo-San Vicente Road. Just when I thought that there was nothing more fancy to see in the area, the island resort with its white sand was like a wicked outro to a song that's on loop. I didn't expect Cagayan to be this surprising!

Crocodile Island
Where boats dock at the island resort
One side of the island where picnic tables dot the beachfront

Jerolynda White Beach Resort and Restaurant is owned by former Vice Mayor Jeremias Costales and is being run by his sister. A portmanteau of the names Jeremias, Romulo, Lina and Dadiluz, the resort is also a little of many things. It's separated from the mainland, but it's just 5 minutes away by boat from it. Surprisingly, its beach isn't as nondescript as the fishing coastline of the province although it's not as fine as the sand of Anguib Beach.

Overlooking Palaui Island and Crocodile Island

The ultimate charm of the place is its location -- just a good distance away from the town proper but not as remote as Palaui Island. Guests who have stayed at the island resort found it pleasing to be overlooking the latter as they know that it's just another short boat ride away for a more intrepid adventure past the fish port.

On one side of the island, guests can also spot an islet that appears to be visible regardless of the tide. Called Crocodile Island by locals, it's an island cliff atop a sandbar that's visible in most of times of the day. Its attractive lure is not based on the assumption that it's inhabited by the ferocious reptile after which it's named, but because the rock formation resembles one. What tourists enjoy doing there are snorkeling and catching oysters.

Great For Kayaking

Guests at Jerolynda normally take advantage of how semi-remote the place is, but they also enjoy kayaking on a good weather as the resort has a kayak rental for P300 per hour. Guests in large groups usually entertain themselves with a game of beach volleyball at the inland expanse or a crazy videoke fest at the rustic session hall.

A closer view of Crocodile Island
With resort owner former Vice Mayor Costales (left) at the San Vicente Port

No Shortage of Decent Rooms

The resort has three structures for guests rooms that have varying interiors, plus picnic tables lined up at the beachfront. It also has its own restaurant and its operator encourages prearranged meals for the tropical getaway to be devoid of unnecessary worries.

If there's anything that I've learned to appreciate in Cagayan, it's the affordable seafood! This means that any guest can delight from a boodle fight of such delights and not the typical dreary seafood-oriented meals that are available in Metro Manila.

It's been a favorite venue for beach weddings and even GMA-7 reporter Kara David has stayed at the resort for a few days in the past for a special work assignment, proving that the location is blissful for uninterrupted activities.

The next time you're visiting Sta. Ana and aching to visit Palaui Island or Anguib Beach on your second day, surprise yourself with a detour to Jerolynda White Beach Resort and Restaurant. It will be worth your long vacation in the province, especially if you've chosen to reach it by plane via the Tuguegarao Airport which is less of a hassle for anybody who's not keen on a crazy road trip.

Jerolynda White Beach Resort and Restaurant

Official Facebook fan page of Jerolynda White Beach Resort and Restaurant

Address: Mapurao, Brgy. San Vicente, Santa Ana, Cagayan, Philippines 3514
Mobile: 0915-516-1584 and 0927-322-5769

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