Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday, May 23, 2016
Angat River Cruise



Most city dwellers in the Philippines know that rivers where they live are not attractive anymore. The few ones that are still pristine are in semi-remote locations in the country where less people reside. In Bulacan, though, Angat River is considered to be one of the few ones that are in close proximity to Metro Manila that is still pleasant to wake up to if you happen to be living next to it. Unlike other rivers in mainland Luzon, it's not repugnant in smell and people still actually bathe in it. As a result, the new riverside resort called San Rafael River Adventure has come up with a river cruise to cater to local and foreign tourists who seem to be gravitating toward the province because of the remarkable body of water.

Lunch Buffet On Board

Dubbed as the Angat River Cruise, the amusing experience is not just a rural ride afloat a massive raft to view the pleasant scenery in the area. It's actually the only existing river cruise in mainland Luzon that serves lunch buffet to booked guests. The two-hour voyage on the clean river also makes for a blissful time to relax viewing the resort's river-based activities of paddleboarding, wakeboarding, kayaking and more.

Grilled Cuisine Served Fresh

I managed to join a scheduled river cruise of a large group of guests one random weekend at the resort. On the raft, every guest had a table and seat to relax in for the exciting lunch buffet that was set up by the staff. Most of the local dishes were prepared ahead of time but the staff could still be seen grilling for the first few minutes of the voyage to ensure that the grilled delights were served hot and fresh.

Cruise Details

Although there isn't the typical live performer on board yet for any intimate entertainment, the guests themselves can actually sing their hearts out during the cruise as there's always an available videoke machine. For their convenience, they can also use the raft-installed restroom.

The water-based activities at the clean Angat River

Guests can also opt for the cruise that doesn't include the resort's lunch buffet package which means that they will have to bring their own food for the affair. Even if they're not booked at any of the resort's luxurious glass villa or glass cottage, they can book a river cruise any lunch schedule of the week. Since the resort location of San Rafael is just an hour away from Metro Manila and other key cities in the region, it's convenient to experience it even on weekdays.

It was my second time to hop in the Angat River Cruise and I still found it to be safe and kid-friendly. The rural breeze was still the same relaxing one when I first experienced it.

At a time when the industrial effects of progress have put the country's rivers in neglect and, worse, abuse, Bulacan goes back to basics. Nurture nature and it will give back with great benefits. This is probably how locals in San Rafael see the beauty of life -- in the simplicity of a rural retreat.

San Rafael River Adventure

Official website of San Rafael River Adventure

Address: Brgy. Talacsan, San Rafael, Bulacan, Philippines
Mobile: (63) 917-924-4546 and (63) 917-885-6761

The Glass Villa of San Rafael River Adventure

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Glamping next to Angat River

The reception area of San Rafael River Adventure


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