Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Glamping with a twist at the banks of the clean Angat River
Glamping at San Rafael River Adventure



For my revisit of the rural town of San Rafael that's almost an hour away by private car from Metro Manila, I made sure to experience the clean Angat River that flows through it in an interesting way. And what could be more interesting than pitching a tent at its banks to have an up close whiff of its river breeze?!

Actually, there's more. Called glamping, a portmanteau of the words glamorous and camping, it's a new accommodation package at San Rafael River Adventure (SRRA) where I chose to book myself for an overnight stay. As it connotes, the getaway consists of camping inside a tent but with luxurious perks of mattress and pillows, electric fan, butler-set meals and assigned electrical lighting at night to go with the usual bonfire setup next to the tent. This means that there is an available socket for charging gadgets. All these come with priceless views of the calm Angat River, a few grazing horses, and an expansive vegetable farm.

Glamping with a bonfire setup
Crispy Pata and Tilapia dinner
I woke up fresh in the morning inside this 2-dome camping tent.
Delicious meals (dinner and breakfast) for glamping

I finally got a break from the intense heatwave I was being exposed to in Metro Manila when I boarded a Baliwag Transit bus from EDSA in Cubao to have a reboot in nearby Bulacan. From the town proper of Baliuag, I chartered a tricycle ride from the old municipal site to SRRA which added 30 more minutes to my short commute.

The first time I checked in at this riverside resort in 2015, I arrived in a new car with a friend who was doing a test drive of it. Both ways to reach the place, though, are equally convenient but each can have its own advantage depending on your schedule. Since I wanted to arrive early in the evening, I endured the God-forsaken heat outside during my commute for this revisit. However, compared to reaching the place in a private car, the commute was shorter because I didn't make any snack stops along the way anymore which is also the case whenever I'm renting a van.

The river-view infinity pool of San Rafael River Adventure
Back when I first visited SRRA, it still had a lot of undeveloped property which was being used to grow vegetables. This 2016, I finally entered the same resort extension that's already designed as a camping site and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) track. Since this swath of land is still next to the river, the rural charm of knowing that there's a massive body of water nearby is appealing to any urban getaway such as this. Anywhere I was inside the 2-person dome camping tent and regardless of what I was doing, the magnetic view of Angat River always managed to fall on the disc of my vision. The rest of the refreshing view were of bamboo trees and the pastoral plains of San Rafael.

Here are three exciting reasons why this glamping experience is fulfilling in this side of mainland Luzon:

1. Awesome 
Glamping Perks

As I've mentioned, the intrepid way of staying next to Angat River inside a tent has glamorous perks that a guest normally doesn't have to worry about bringing to one's trip. The resort is going to prepare everything for the guest from tent-pitching, bedding details, light installation, access to power outlets, dining setup, cooked meals (upon request), including bonfire setup. As for bathroom access, there are a lot of restrooms located in the resort property for the glamping guest to choose from. Just the same, he or she won't have to rent an expensive room at the resort just to have access to its available amenities.

Stand Up Paddle Board

2. Resort Access To Amenities

A guest on glamping mode is no different from an SRRA guest booked at its luxurious glass houses. He or she has the same access to the river-view infinity pool, the resort garden, and other idyllic spots in the area.

During my revisit, I didn't just stay inside the tent during the day. I opted to try some of the resort's river-based activities that include riding the Jet Ski, the banana boat, kayak and paddle boat. I had fun watching other guests tackle the wakeboard and a new ride called Zoom. I also spent a few minutes riding the ATV for fun.

SRRA's Day Tour Glamping Package actually includes the free use of the kayak and paddle board while a Night Tour Glamping Package includes a bonfire setup. An Overnight Glamping Package includes both aforementioned set of extras. For more details, check out the glamping packages here.

3. Glamping With A Twist Afloat the Angat River On A Bamboo Raft

Should you find the basic glamping packages of the resort still a bit tame to your intrepid taste, you can opt for the glamping packages that come with a twist -- afloat the Angat River on a bamboo raft. It's something that romantic guests have been eyeing since I first posted a photo of it on Facebook. The whole setup is firmly tied to contraptions along the banks of the river anyway so there's nothing to worry about being set adrift in the rivers of the distant Sierra Madre.

The options include a day tour, night tour, and overnight package. What sets it apart from the rest of the rooms and camping types at the resort is that it doesn't have access to electricity, so the area will be lit at night by a standby torch while the breezy area makes for a relaxing getaway, perfect for honeymooners on the cheap or lovers who want extra privacy away from the resort grounds.

Curb your craving for the luxurious and the extremely intrepid. Try something in between for a change. Go glamping in San Rafael, Bulacan via the San Rafael River Adventure!

San Rafael River Adventure

Official website of San Rafael River Adventure

Address: Brgy. Talacsan, San Rafael, Bulacan, Philippines
Mobile: (63) 917-924-4546 and (63) 917-885-6761

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More Photos Below:

Delicious food at San Rafael River Adventure
Fun river-based activities at the clean Angat River
The rustic reception area and restroom at the resort
(top) The 2-dome camping tent is spacious; (bottom) Access to power outlets
Wakeboarding at the clean Angat River
The view of the clean Angat River from my glamping site
The glamping setup at the banks of the clean Angat River
A nifty torch for lighting setup at night
A Banana Boat ride at the clean Angat River

Kayaking at the clean Angat River
The new Zoom ride at the clean Angat River


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