Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday, April 16, 2016
Red Velvet Grid Cake
Refreshing Mango Fruit Tea



My recent visit of Marikina City proved to be exciting thanks to a guided tour of a newly-opened museum called The Book Museum Cum Ethnology Center in Marikina Heights. With the latter's Book + Food promo, I was able to dine for a good discount at its cafe partner called Bubba Lab which serves an array of refreshing tea, juice, and coffee flavors. Both establishments are at a short distance of each other anyway so learning stuff about the Philippines' history at the museum and snacking after at the cafe seem to be one seamless tour of the city, or at least a glimpse of it. I learned from the staff of the cafe that the promo also works in reverse wherein dining guests can hie off to the museum after snacks at Bubba Lab and get a discount for a guided tour. Nifty deal, right?

Book + Food Promo

With Metro Manila getting toxic by the day, residents have started to cocoon themselves on social media. Just when everyone's starting to appear like a walking Facebook status that's devoid of the ability to interact and learn something new, the brilliant idea to merge one's love for books and museum displays with the need to refresh over soothing drinks came up in this side of the region.

The Book Museum Cum Ethnology Center
Cozy interior of Bubba Lab
Supernova: a set of nachos, squid fritters, and mojos with dip options

Sip A Cup of Fruit Tea After The Tour

To my delight, I jumped on the promo and enjoyed the guided tour of the museum that took about a couple of hours over the wonderful collection of Rex Group of Companies Chairman and President, Atty. Dominador Buhain. It was only reasonable to leave the establishment still in deep-thought mode over his extensive display of Northern and Southern Philippine travel artifacts, including a vast collection of rare books.

A fitting complement to such a contemplative moment was a sip of Bubba Lab's Mango Fruit Tea. I had my order's base as green tea to offset the sweetness of the mango flavor because the intense heat of the day called for it. The result was more than thirst-quenching. It was liquid love! As proof, I ordered another large cup but this time without the pearls as I wanted sip on the treat non-stop.

Top your order of grid cake with ice cream!
Appetizing Supernova, Crinkly Fries and Grid Cake

The cafe doesn't have sandwiches yet in its menu, but there's a plan to come up with some soon. To complement my two large fruit tea cups, I enjoyed a set of appetizers bundled in one playful laboratory-inspired serving called Supernova, a set of crispy nachos, squid fritters and mojos. The whole shebang was served with dip options to raise the level of fun snacking.

I also tried the new cheese-flavored Crinkly Fries which stood on its own sans any dip. To cap off my delicious visit in this side of the city, I also had the white sugar-dusted Red Velvet Grid Cake which was hefty on the tummy.

Crinkly Fries
Facade of Bubba Lab
(left) Nachos; (right) Mojos
More Branches Soon

The concept of the cafe may be about milk tea bubbles and delicious chemistry, but it has managed to encompass limiting constraints when it comes to branding and products served. It's actually expanding to have more branches soon aside from the ones that they have now, including the one in Marikina City's Graceland Plaza.

On specific days, there are even book or poem-readings and related activities being held at the store's dining area by those living nearby. The ambiance at Bubba Lab is typical of a neighborhood hangout cafe even if it's accessible along a major thoroughfare of Marikina City. I was even able to easily hail a cab just outside when it was time for me to go back home to the neighboring city of Pasig.

Visit Bubba Lab and inquire about the Book + Food promo for discounts. More soon about The Book Museum Cum Ethnology Center!

Bubba Lab

Official Facebook account of Bubba Lab Marikina Heights

Address: Graceland Plaza, J.P. Rizal Street, Brgy. Lamuan, Malanday, Marikina City, Philippines 1805


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