Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday, April 30, 2016
Booked Perky Room
The hotel lobby

C I T Y 


Of all my local adventures, my recent Bacolod City layover was the most unique. First, my contact at the provincial tourism office referred me to an unresponsive city tourism contact person. Then while on my DIY tour, I got offered sex-for-pay by a woman in her '40s at the Manokan Country while tearing into a chicken inasal with my bare hands. Also during my visit, I unnecessarily got stuck in traffic because of an ongoing rally by teachers. For an urban escape, the stopover reminded me a lot of toxic Metro Manila.

It was also in the city of smiles where I had the most ridiculous taxi cab ride of my life. I was already checked in at the rebranded hotel called The Inns By The Oriental at the city center when I decided to tour the place for a few hours. Since Bacolod is like Manila in that it has a lot of taxi cabs among other things, I chose to ride one instead of the more prominent jeepney. The taxi driver looked to be in his '50s and didn't understand Tagalog. Unfortunately, I don't speak Ilonggo which made me resort to converse with my driver in English.

The Inns By The Oriental
The view of sugarcane plantations from the hotel's airport shuttle pickup
Complimentary Breakfast served at an adjusted time inside my booked room

Airport Shuttle Pickup Versus Taxi Commute

Since I got fetched at the airport hours ago by the hotel's shuttle and I only walked to my chosen destinations that afternoon, it was basically my first time that moment in the city telling someone where I needed to go. Unfortunately, he just drove in circles until a Q&A ensued. After telling him countless of times the name of my booked hotel, it was clear to me that he was not familiar with it.

I tried to show him photos of the hotel that I have on my digicam, but he still didn't recognize it. What was supposed to be just a 15-minute ride lasted for more than 30 minutes. The hotel name didn't also register to local pedestrians we stopped along the way. If I hadn't walked out on that vehicle and weaved through the city on foot tracing familiar landmarks I passed by previously, I wouldn't have arrived back at the hotel in less than an hour which was still enough time to enjoy the fine qualities of my stay.

Mesmerizing Colors At The Hotel Lobby

It helped a lot that the color palette of The Inns By The Oriental's lobby is a mix of beach hues and pastel. The mesmerizing blend of white and light blues and greens eased my city stress. Drowning from the urban hustle of commuting in Bacolod made me forget what happened for a brief moment. It turned out that locals know the hotel more for its old name after talking to the receptionists on duty. I would've preferred that they turn on the air conditioning at a decent level during the daytime because any less than what's considered "conditioned" makes the posh interior design less glossy.

Booked Perky Room

It was unfortunate that the room I chose to stay in was called Perky because of its imposing wall color and accent. I only appreciated it after waking up from a much deserved nap because I always prefer opening my eyes to something unusual rather than seeing fixtures that mimic a hospital.

After getting an indoor soak via the Perky Room's bathtub, I also appreciated that the room I booked had one not knowing that the city could be that stressful.

The Perky Room's bathtub 
Refreshing houseblend drink at the Hot N' Juicy Seafoods and Ribs

Hot N’ Juicy Seafoods and Ribs

Perhaps the best thing about the hotel is its F&B facility that's called Hot N’ Juicy Seafoods and Ribs which serves the most refreshing houseblend drink that I've tasted in the province. Plus, its color complements the colors of the hotel's lobby furniture!

Since my next destination in the province was a three-hour commute from Bacolod City, I appreciated that the hotel's affiliate restaurant was able to adjust to my request for an early serving of my complimentary breakfast the next day.

My stay at The Inns By The Oriental was only for a layover, but I was glad that I chose a hotel with decent room features. Otherwise, my overnight stay would have been worse. The hotel still gave me enough reasons to smile in the city that takes pride in evoking such proof of emotion.

The Inns By The Oriental

Official website of The Inns By The Oriental

Address: 18 San Juan St., Barangay 13, Bacolod City, Philippines 6100
Phone: +63-34-7042756 to 57

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