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There was a time when Sta. Ana's long stretch of fine white sand beach called Anguib was once accessible to tourists without an entrance fee. It was an authentic paradise in all aspects of the term as God made it. It's not hard to imagine what state it was in. Sand on your feet sans the burden of a booked accommodation. Views of a cerulean coast regardless of the weather. Your skin swathed in emollient sandalwood and indescribable bliss. Sea breeze lifting the brim of your kooky vacation hat. That was Anguib Beach for most travelers who've visited it years ago.

Smart Holiday Escape

As the town pumps out an emerging middle class in Cagayan, this swath of tropical getaway has become a smart holiday escape for tired urban dwellers so much so that the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) has taken the necessary efforts to protect it from abuse by developing it in cooperation with the town's local government unit.

Necessary Rates

These days, a reasonable entrance fee of P100 is charged per visitor on a day tour. Some tourists have opted to bring their tents to pitch since there are no established resorts around in the area unlike in the next beach of Nangaramoan which shares a similar shoreline. For an overnight stay, an adjusted fee of the same amount with an additional P50 is charged. Measures have also been put in place for tourist needs such as a cabana rental which consists of bean bags and a table to lounge in at the beachfront.

Unchanged Beauty

Some elements -- natural and otherwise -- have remained unchanged. Monkeys still roam the woodland terrain as do guards stationed at the nearby casino with their rifles. Locals still warn of dangerous rip currents at the farthest tip of the beach where the surface of the water is visibly more intense. Most importantly, the scenery is still mesmerizing. It's the kind of natural beauty that you just want to gaze at for hours on end. Having to wade through it for a cool dip is simply a bonus.

Monkeys roam the tree-filled area of the beach
Whispers of Diamonds

An interesting development among locals, though, are the whispers of diamonds at a nearby rock formation. According to some residents, its surprising presence already made the youngster and her mother who have spotted the fluorescent gemstones to flee from the site for fear of being harassed.

No Boat Transfer Needed

Whether the area is studded with diamonds or not, this shoreline attraction is really not remote to get to. It's accessible on land from the town center via the long and winding San Vicente-Gutan-Lubac-Anguib Road for less than 30 minutes. There's absolutely no traffic as I've tested driving to the place with a friend of mine who's based in Sta. Ana. As a matter of fact, we accessed it from Nangaramoan Beach through a hillside coralline rock trail that's just a 5-minute stroll. For those who will be taking the commute from the town center, tricycles can be rented for P500 (nighttime, one-way) or P200 (daytime, one-way).

The rocky shoreline leading from the coralline rock trail of Nangaramoan Beach

Be mindful, though, that on days when there are official watercraft and sport events at Anguib Beach, guards with rifles are strategically stationed at the foot of the hill where this hidden trail is located to forbid so-called outsiders who did not go through the proper entrance processing.

How To Get There

Travelers can either endure the 15-hour road trip from Manila to the town proper of Sta. Ana or deplane from Tuguegarao City's airport and board a van (for P150) that will ply the highway for 3 hours to reach the same target destination. From there, it's an additional 30 minutes of travel before you finally reach Anguib Beach.

Truly, Cagayan is more than the presence of Chinese merchants and casinos. It's still very much a part of the Philippines and it deserves to be your next spot for vacation if you've managed to stay away from it in the past few years for whatever reason.

Anguib Beach

Address: Brgy. San Vicente, Santa Ana, Cagayan, Philippines 3514
Mobile: 0906-666-6980

Entrance Fee (Day Tour): P100 per person
Day Tour Schedule: 7:00am - 5:00pm
Entrance Fee with Overnight Stay: P150
Overnight Schedule: 5:00pm-7:00am

Boat Rentals: Contact Dominador Calpito of SAMOBA Association at 0936-572-4212

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Nangaramoan Beach of Sta. Ana

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More Photos Below:

The scenery from the coralline rock trail of Nangaramoan Beach

A view of where the dangerous rip currents are (center)


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