Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday, March 22, 2016
Enzo's Ultimate Burger
Buffalo Wings



Neighborhood diners make the idea of intrepid travels to remote destinations a bit fleeting for me. Their presence where I reside usually holds me back from boarding the next bus to the port where a beach attraction awaits me. Most of the time, their lure is stronger than my yearning to escape the urban grid where I am. Whenever there's one in a distant town where I'm supposed to be touring, they also seem to attract my attention more than the gloss of shiny restaurants. They have a certain character that represents what's locally authentic, making them easily relevant.

Local Fare

In Pasig City, I've come to reach my limit for fast food coma. One can only have enough weekly diet of KFC or Jollibee. This is why I'm thankful that a neighborhood diner called Enzo's recently opened along the busy Alcalde Jose Street, a quick stroll from Kapasigan. It's just past the dingiest McDonald's you'll ever see in the city proper so it's hard to miss if ever. It's right next to an eatery called Aki's which is also operated by the same couple who started the former with a local cook.

Mac 'N' Cheese
Choco Banana Shake

A Delicious Alternative To Fast Food Giants

After the success of the eatery that serves home-cooked meals, the idea to whip up American-style favorites like hamburgers and chicken wings proved to be enticing especially since the location of the business is just a few steps away from four major schools in the city. The couple decided to open next door with another diner under the brand Enzo's. The plan was to give the city's residents a delicious alternative to the fast food fare by offering similar treats but with distinct flavors and for a slightly lesser price.

Emerging Buzz On Enzo's

After opening the diner in November of 2015, they haven't thought of going in full-day operation until lately when the prospect of customers arriving in the morning or at lunch time seemed to be inevitable. The diner currently only opens at 2:00pm. There are days when it's 4:00pm according to some customers. Regardless of this inconsistency, hungry residents of the city still keep on coming. Undeterred by the prevailing culture of neighborhood stores and shops, Pasigueños still return after initial visits. And, most of them have shared their delicious experience online with friends and relatives. With the surge of dine-in and take-out orders, it's only reasonable that the diner will soon be opened for more hours than its usual operation.

Tested By Turista Trails

I happened to stumble upon Enzo's online and checked it out for myself one humid Sunday afternoon. The dining space is typical of neighborhood eateries where one can simply hang out and lose track of time over whatever's been ordered. It's not air-conditioned as expected, but there's enough ventilation coming from electric wall fans.

After ordering the diner's Ultimate Burger, a plate of Mac 'N' Cheese, a set of 3-piece Buffalo Wings and a kooky jar of Choco Banana Shake, I secured myself a table. I noticed that most customers who arrive tend to scramble to secure a dining space because the area's not really that big. It's one of those eateries where customers order first before they can even get a table because most of them already know what they want to have. The customers who stay on queue at the cashier are the ones who are first-timers and are engrossed by the list of options which are not really that hefty to begin with. It's just that they come in interesting names. For example, the most affordable burger at P45 is called "I Am Single" while one of the best-selling burgers is called the Dark Knight for being served with unconventional black buns. They appear to be dark but they're not actually toasted. They have a soft, donut-like texture. Some of the burger variants come in red-colored buns but customers can always order their burgers in regular buns (the non-colored type) if they wished.

My order of Enzo's Ultimate Burger was quite satisfying. Too bad I didn't get to finish it for being hefty as it's loaded with lots of bacon and slathered with cream cheese aside from being a double-patty quarter pounder. It's definitely good for sharing with another person.

As for the 3-piece Buffalo Wings, I can only confide with you that I had to reserve the rest of it for take out as I wanted to tear into it alone with no one judging me. It's that deliciously crispy! It also had a slight kick of spice to the taste, something that I'll always choose over a KFC or Jollibee chicken treat.

I also tried the diner's Mac 'N' Cheese to test how it tasted against Greenwich's own version. My verdict? It may not appear to be more colorful as the latter, but Enzo's is definitely more home-cooked in flavor which is always a winning factor for me. At P80, it's also heavy on the tummy and a good complement to my order of Choco Banana Shake (P50).

If you're eager to experience something local in Pasig City, try Enzo's. You won't regret it.

Enzo's Diner

Official Facebook fan page

Address: Kapasigan Pasig City 1600
Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday, 2:00pm-1:00am

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