Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday, January 17, 2016
The largest LED display in the Philippines -- in Mandaluyong, the most friendly city to LEDs and OOH

Travel and technology are interconnected in this age of information. With a click of a button, someone indoors can easily view a street corner of another country or be quickly guided to a shop at a mall. Outdoors, it’s only reasonable that billboards keep up with the times by upgrading to LED display.

The Philippines’ Largest LED

This has never been more part of a traveler’s lexicon than in New York City’s Times Square where outdoor advertising is lit up on a grand scale, attracting tourists from all over the world. Here in the Philippines, along EDSA, a similar way of conveying messages is put on a colossal display by MacGraphics Carranz International Corporation. A digital LED of its client Samsung is touted to be the paragon of modern advertising for towering at 236.16 feet in height and 78.72 feet in width. It’s considered to be the biggest digital LED in the country with a big boost of support from Mandaluyong City’s Mayor Benhur Abalos who has transformed his side of the metropolis as a place where the Out-of-Home (OOH) industry can thrive. This is why it’s being compared by some hopeful experts to the tourist-thronged Times Square for having the most number of LED displays in the country. As a result, Mandaluyong is starting to be considered by some as the city that’s most friendly to the LED and OOH industries.

Check out videos of the largest LED display in the Philippines:

Brilliant Advantages of LED

According to government policy makers like Mayor Abalos, OOH is here to stay. It gives employment to Filipinos apart from illuminating cities and entertaining motorists in highly congested thoroughfares. What’s more, the latest technology of LED is a vibrant solution to climate change for having bulbs that emit less heat compared to those of static billboards. More importantly, it’s less risky to use during the wind-swept typhoon season for using LED curtains which let air conveniently pass through them unlike in solid screen LEDs or vinyl tarps that bear the brunt of wind load. There’s also no need to worry for a building or tower when it’s installed with one because the structure retains its aesthetics at night.

MacGraphics Carranz In A Glance

MacGraphics Carranz is an international member of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and a member of the Outdoor Advertising Association of the Philippines (OAAP). It has another digital LED display erected along C5 between Libis, Quezon City and Bonifacio Global City (BGC) that’s currently running eye-catching messages.

GA Tower in Mandaluyong City: the site of the largest LED display in the Philippines
Exciting Location For Conveying Messages

GA Tower is the site of MacGraphics Carranz’s newly-unveiled electronic LED Interactive Display and where it stands is considered to be appealing to roughly 385,000 potential viewers on a daily basis. With peak hours that see high traffic motorists and commuters ply from Quezon City to Makati City and vice-versa, the location is quite lucrative both day and night. The sloping terrain where the scenic Pasig River runs through even makes it possible to view the display from a great distance at various points.

LED Is The New TV… Outdoors

Digital LED is an emerging media system that’s giving the conventional billboard a new standard to live up to. As new as it is, the medium can easily be the message. To begin with, the high resolution, full-color medium can be considered a large format of commercials that are typically viewed on television. The big difference lies in its advantage to show animated displays outdoors that only a digital sign can deliver. As a high-tech electronic space, it’s touted to be the new persuasive thing when it comes to providing multiple messages to consumers wherein a loop of continued messages can easily attract more attention than a printed sign. With its flexible features, a digital billboard’s advertising messages can be altered weekly, daily, hourly, or even in minutes, lending itself to be cost-efficient and cost-effective for advertisers.

A Dazzling and Sizzling Medium

The innovation of this new out-of-home advertising definitely knows the pulse of the on-the-go consumer. With people spending 70% of their waking hours outside, it’s where the target market is. It’s also there to welcome new ones with RGB-amplified messages that dazzle by day and sizzle at night. It’s the perfect medium to drive website traffic, online and mobile search, social media engagement, content downloads and uploads, shopping and other transactions.

The View From A Traveler

As a traveler who’s been scoping mainland Luzon for the past few decades, I’ve seen a lot of outdoor advertising signs in my trips. Whether it’s from a comfortable bus window or right along the highway, the view has always managed to make a good impression that lasts. Outdoors, I can be as vulnerable to receiving offers as I can be indoors. It’s also not a bad zone to cue me about comparing prices or visiting if I was on my way to the mall. 

In a world that’s come to embrace spectacular innovations, out-of-home advertising has nowhere else to go but digital and MacGraphics Carranz knows this to be true.

MacGraphics Carranz

Address: 80 Service Road, Francisville Subdivision, Bo. Mambugan, Antipolo City, Philippines 
Phone: 0917-531-4403


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