Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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Romance doesn't come just because you 're ready for it. It just happens. And most of the time, it happens in resorts. Getaways suddenly become memorable destinations that people return to for anniversaries. For others, it's a constant pursuit of making new memories in new places.

There is no month more timely than February when romantic resorts are at their most attractive. For that matter, here's a round-up of some (alphabetized according to their respective provincial locations) that I've personally visited in the past three years as a solo traveler. Most of them I managed to experience with friends and relatives for revisits. Should your anniversary as a couple fall in another month, the following resorts have lean season rates to sparingly set you back. For those who are still single, any of these can be your best chance to impress a prospect. A partner can just be one resort away.

Zuzuni Boutique Hotel (Aklan)

Location: The edge of Boat Station 1 in Boracay where the party scene of Station 2 is within reach
Recommended Room: Premiere Beachfront Room with private balcony
Couple Factor: The hotel itself is small but it's at the beachfront which renders most of its rooms with a sensational view of the tropical vibe of the island. The bedside balcony of the Premiere Beachfront Room allows for an engaging gaze of the party scene where the sand is, but it's also private enough for you and your romantic other to cuddle.
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Zuzuni Boutique Hotel (Aklan)
Dorotea Resort & Spa (Albay)

Location: The pastoral Bicol town of Bacacay in Albay, less than an hour away from Legazpi City
Recommended Room: The couple-ready Standard Angeline can set you back for less than P2,000 per night
Couple Factor: The room rate also lets you access the resort's big swimming pool and jacuzzi. The resort's spa is a bonus.
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Dorotea Resort & Spa (Albay)
Costa Pacifica (Aurora)

Location: The provincial capital of Baler roughly 143 miles northeast of Manila via a mountain pass that's accessible by bus and private vehicle
Recommended Room: The Pacifica Premiere Room that's facing the swimming pool and the beach
Couple Factor: It's the perfect luxury resort for surfing enthusiasts as the resort has a couple of swimming pools where they can relax in after spending time at the beach.
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Costa Pacifica (Aurora)
Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park (Bataan)

Location: Barangay Tala in Orani
Recommended Room: The Duplex Room for an optional indoor jacuzzi
Couple Factor: The mountain resort offers couples various scenic views of the highly vegetated Orani from an elevated terrain which is suited for long conversations and epic embraces.
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Vivere Azure (Batangas)

Location: At the secluded cliff-side curve of the National Road in Mabini's village of Anilao
Recommended Room: The Cobalt Room with a private sea-view veranda
Couple Factor: Guests can view the romantic moonlit sea from the bed of the room at night. The room's private veranda can give them a more expansive view of the sea any time of the day.
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Vivere Azure (Batangas)
Peredo's Lodging House (Benguet)

Location: Along C.M. Recto Street of Baguio City (a few minutes away from Session Road)
Recommended Room: The room located at the first floor for a great view of the garden and an easy access to the lodging's common bathroom
Couple Factor: The century-old heritage house itself is grounded on the love story of its original owners -- Roque and Rita Peredo -- who can easily inspire guests to imbibe the chill out ambiance in this side of Baguio City where it's cold every single day of the year.
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Peredo's Lodging House (Benguet)
San Rafael River Adventure (Bulacan)

Location: The semi-bucolic terrain of San Rafael, next to Angat River (less than 2 hours away from Metro Manila)
Recommended Room: The Glass House that's equipped with blinds for privacy at night
Couple Factor: The accommodation has its own front porch that looks out into a lush garden of various colors, away from other nearby Glass Houses for privacy. Indoors, keeping the blinds lifted lets the outdoor scenery in. It's just a stroll away from the river-view infinity pool of the resort.
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San Rafael River Adventure (Bulacan)
San Antonio Resort (Capiz)

Location: A few steps away from Baybay Beach in Roxas City
Recommended Room: Either the Lagoon Suite or the Garden Suite
Couple Factor: The resort has all the basic amenities of a Double A-classified resort which is perfect for couples who want privacy. Boating at the lagoon is a great chance for bonding moments.
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San Antonio Resort (Capiz)
Casa Alegria (Cavite)

Location: Along the winding Ligaya Drive of Tagaytay City
Recommended Room: The Veranda Room
Couple Factor: The room offers couples an expansive view of Taal Volcano and Taal Lake right from their bed thanks to the room's glass walls. It has a private veranda where they can take their breakfast in the morning with the same view or simply chill out in at night to gaze at the star-studded sky.
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Casa Alegria (Cavite)
Playa Tropical (Ilocos Norte)

Location: The town of Currimao, just before Laoag City (if you're coming from Vigan)
Recommended Room: Any of its hotel rooms will do since they're all spacious and are inclusive of access to the infinity pool.
Couple Factor: The resort is a popular events place for weddings, so you can expect its well manicured garden to appeal to such a similar sensibility.
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Playa Tropical (Ilocos Norte)
Thunderbird Poro Point (La Union)

Location: The Poro Point Freeport Zone of San Fernando City
Recommended Room: The Deluxe Room is the most affordable at this 5-star resort.
Couple Factor: The resort aesthetic is Santorini-inspired, so couples can fantasize about leaving the Philippines without actually doing so.
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Thunderbird Poro Point (La Union)
Sitio De Amor (Laguna)

Location: At a scenic and breezy terrain of San Pablo City
Recommended Room: The Tree House which has a bathtub, its own kitchen, and balcony
Couple Factor: The Tree House is recommended for couples because of its location -- privately tucked away past the cliff and next to a stream. What's more, the resort has a sprawling garden and a charming infinity pool.
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Sitio De Amor (Laguna)
Marikit-Na Beach Resort (Marinduque)

Location: The shoreline of Sta. Cruz's Maniwaya Island where the vanishing Palad Sandbar is located
Recommended Room: The sea-view guestroom on the left wing of the villa
Couple Factor: The whole villa may be at the beachfront of Maniwaya Island but its hardwood interior evokes cabin-in-the-woods which is good for snuggling indoors. The beach is just a few steps away anyway. Bonus: the villa has an in-house cinema which is good for movie-viewing before bedtime.
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Marikit-Na Beach Resort (Marinduque)
Jamont Hotel (Negros Occidental)

Location: The poblacion of Sipalay City, 3 hours from the provincial capital of Bacolod City
Recommended Room: The La Veranda Suite that has an expansive view of the beachfront
Couple Factor: The spacious room has a large indoor Jacuzzi for private soaks. The swimming pool and the beach are just a stroll away from the room.
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Jamont Hotel (Negros Occidental)
Widus Hotel & Casino (Pampanga)

Location: At the Clark Freeport Zone, 7 minutes away from Clark International Airport
Recommended Room: The One Bedroom Suite that has a bathtub
Couple Factor: It's classified as a Deluxe Class Hotel which gives it a reliable distinction for romantic guests in Pampanga.
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Widus Hotel & Casino
Out of The Blue (Oriental Mindoro)

Location: In Little La Laguna of Sabang, Puerto Galera
Recommended Room: The spacious poolside Spa Suite that has an indoor Jacuzzi
Couple Factor: The resort is multi-tiered which makes for an interesting stroll for couples. It has a couple of swimming pools in different levels so semi-private soaks are possible.
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Out of The Blue (Oriental Mindoro)
G Beach Resort (Pangasinan)

Location: At the beachfront of the less tourist-thronged shoreline of Patar Beach in Bolinao
Recommended Room: Any of the villa's available rooms
Couple Factor: The resort is not big so the exclusive charm is palpable especially if the guests are the only ones booked for the day. As much as the infinity pool is a great place to unwind for couples, the beach is equally spectacular to spend unforgettable unplugged moments.
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G Beach Resort (Pangasinan)
Samkara Restaurant & Garden Resort (Quezon Province)

Location: At the border of Lubcan, next to the town of Majayjay (Laguna)
Recommended Room: The so-called Mayaw Room is awesome for couples for its modern interiors
Couple Factor: The resort has its own F&B facility which is good for couples who don't want to fuss about cooking their meals for an overnight stay. Plus, it has parking space. In the middle of the day, they can have a cool soak at the spring water pool of the resort that looks into views of lush rice fields.
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Samkara Restaurant & Garden Resort (Quezon Province)
Momarco Resort (Rizal)

Location: At the highly vegetated village of Aldea in Tanay
Recommended Room: The modern Casita that's tucked away from the resort hotel and lobby for privacy
Couple Factor: The area is chilly in the morning and always promises a view of a rainbow enough to make couples promise each other to be faithful.
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Momarco Resort (Rizal)
Siama Hotel (Sorsogon)

Location: In the middle of a coconut plantation at the hamlet of San Lorenzo in Sorsogon City
Recommended Room: No room is similar at Siama so guests are bound to return with anticipation for each one per revisit
Couple Factor: There's no television or radio inside the guestrooms which makes for a perfect unplugged getaway for two. The food is sensational at its communal dining area and the lap pool is totally Instagram-worthy.
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Siama Hotel (Sorsogon)


  1. Thanks for this list! Looking for places to stay for our anniv in April.

    1. Enjoy your upcoming anniversary, Louisa. I hope the list helps.


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