Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday, December 13, 2015
USDA Prime Angus Beef Rib Eye
Photo by TDLCI


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The Discovery Leisure Company, Inc. (TDLCI) is known by world travelers to celebrate the holiday season of Christmas and New Year with unrivaled pomp in the Philippines. Two of its hotel-resorts -- Discovery Shores in Aklan and Club Paradise in Palawan -- are both beloved by tourists for being perfect settings in such revelries. Whether you're a Discovery Shores guest who has called Boracay your second home or a Club Paradise patron who never misses a year of vacation in Coron, the Discovery World Resort brand has wonderful yuletide surprises in store for you to last you till the first day of 2016.

Intimate Lunch

At an intimate lunch in Pasig City's Discovery Suites, I got the chance to sample some of the two island-based hotel-resorts' dishes in their featured roster for the holiday season. Conceptualized and prepared by Chef Anthony Raymond (Corporate Executive Chef &Food and Beverage Director of TDLCI), Chef Angelito Bagwan (Executive Chef of Discovery Shores Boracay), and Chef Bruce Subia (Executive Chef of Club Paradise Palawan), the panoply of dishes were served on a long table that showcased the signature table setting that visiting guests can expect to adore.

Citrus Cured Norweigan Salmon
Chef Anthony Raymond

Citrus Cured Norweigan Salmon

Revelers in Boracay and Coron can delight in sampling the appetizing Citrus Cured Norweigan Salmon that promises to light up any dinner party. It was half past noon and the sunshine seamlessly broke through the opulent curtains of Discovery Suites' dining destination of 22 Prime, but the presence of the appetizing treat was still eye-catching. The melding of the compressed melons, piquillo pepper soffrito, and citrus chive vinaigrette on the block of Himalayan salt couldn't be ignored. Its colorful preparation penetrated into my palate with equally potent flavors as enhanced by the halite that's considered the purest form of salt available on the planet. Chef Anthony explained that the ingredients had to be melded onto the salt block at just the right moment prior to serving them to capture the natural reaction of each on one's palate. Any haste or delay in the ritualistic preparation can translate into a less attractive or excessive taste.

Lobster Cappucino by TDLCI
Lobster Cappucino

Next to be served for sampling was the smooth and buttery Lobster Cappucino, a frothed soup of chicken fat croutons, pimenton aioli and shellfish oil served with a Chilean seabass fritter. The soup was a silky complement to its fried tandem, making this number a worthy jump-off to the hefty plate of meat that was to be served next.

USDA Prime Angus Beef Rib Eye

I have not yet recovered from the remarkable taste of the appetizing salmon when the USDA Prime Angus Beef Rib Eye was cued to be served. Chef Anthony segued that it's a best-seller in both Discovery World Resort properties, making it a top choice for inclusion in the upcoming holiday revelry.

Chocolate, Chocolate and More Chocolate

For dessert, a dazzling set of sweet treats called Chocolate, Chocolate and More Chocolate was served. It included candied pistachios, salted peanuts and berry compote, delicious stuff that can appeal to any chocolate lover.

Chocolate, Chocolate, and More Chocolate

More than the expected delicious dishes, guests at both Discovery World Resort properties can expect the same fervor for celebration but with distinct surprises.

What To Expect At Discovery Shores

At Discovery Shores, kiddie guests can delight in fun and creative Christmas Kiddie Creations from December 21 to 25. On Christmas Day (4:00pm onwards), there will be games, treats, and lots of surprises for the whole family. Guests can also expect exquisite holiday dinner banquets at Sands Restaurant: A World of Flavors – international dinner buffet spread on December 24 at 7:00pm; A Homegrown Feast – Filipino cooking at its best on December 25 at 7:00pm; Celebrating a Hero – Rizal Day Pan Asian Buffer on December 30 at 7:00pm. New Year revelers can anticipate a spectrum of colors and bright lights at the magnificent beachfront on December 31st, at 7:00pm. For a nocturnal celebration that includes DJ Badkiss, DJ Javi Vargas and Smooth Band, a countdown party and firework show dubbed as “Celestial” New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner is to be expected also.

What To Expect At Club Paradise

At Club Paradise, guests can delight in some family time with merry activities that include an exhilarating Banana Boat Ride at Diatoy Island, a marvelous Paraw Sailing via Ocean Breeze, a movie under the stars at the beachfront (every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 8:00pm), a live cooking demo at the Shack Bar area (Saturdays and Sundays at 4:00pm), a fun-filled island hopping tour. They can also savor the holiday flavors at Ocean Restaurant: Filipino Street Food Fest – a spread of delicious favorite Filipino street food (offered daily from 10:00am-5:00pm at the Shack Bar); Boodle Fight – a traditional Filipino military style of eating where long tables are prepared, food are on top of the table and you eat using your bare hands. Come New Year's eve, “Sparkle 2016” New Year’s Eve Dinner and Countdown Party will be a stellar experience by guests in welcoming 2016. Countdown will start at 10:00pm with invigorating beats by DJ Dodie Ocampo and BOB Band.

For more information:

Official website of Discovery Shores

Official website of Club Paradise

Check out my experience of Discovery Shores Boracay here.


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