Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wednesday, December 02, 2015
My booked sea-view La Veranda Suite
The resort swimming pool

The island of Negros is known for its crumbling mansions and vast sugarcane plantations. When it comes to pristine beaches, however, tourists on layover in Bacolod (Negros Occidental) and Dumaguete (Negros Oriental) hie off to Sipalay. They tackle the 3 to 4-hour drive to reach the unspoiled charm of the coastal city and linger there for days, sometimes even for weeks. More and more sybarites are gravitating toward its off-the-grid pleasures that are in stark contrast to Boracay's congested party scene. They're not easily impressed by a pedestrian cooling dip or a kooky tropical drink. The lure of an expansive beachfront and hidden cove beaches for beach-bumming is what captivates them. What's more, shipwreck sites for diving and 22 islets for island-hopping add to the irresistible touristic charm of this 17-village city. At the heart of it all is where Jamont Hotel is.

Elegant Three-Story Getaway

Formerly called Sipalay Suites, Jamont Hotel blossomed into an attractive beachfront resort and hotel a year after it opened in 2006. What started with a few rooms as Jamont Hostel transformed into an elegant three-story getaway at the poblacion beach of Sipalay. It now boasts of more than 50 guestrooms that appeal to the different sensibilities of visitors.

The facade of Jamont Hotel from the beachfront
A youngster with her pet dog biking at the poblacion beach
The resort at night

Sea-view La Veranda Suite

For my tour of the city, I booked myself an overnight stay at one of its newest rooms, the La Veranda Suite which is a sea-view accommodation. It's considered as the grandest room at its newest hotel extension for being spacious at roughly 50 square meters with its own bathroom and private jacuzzi. I was on solo travel but it can accommodate up to 6 guests at a time. I found it to be perfect for lounging early in the morning and at sunset sans the drapes and blinds. At bedtime, I simply slid them back for privacy.

(top) Lechon Paksiw for lunch; (bottom) Chorizo for breakfast
Luxury At The Poolside

In other times of the day during my stay, I had refreshing cerulean soaks at the swimming pool. The best moments I spent there was at night time before dinner when the ambiance felt ethereal under the moonlight. It was a gem to see other guests who seemed oblivious of time in their own corner of sanctuary within the resort's premises. Luxury was palpable with a breeze-lifted brim of a tropical hat.

Meals At La Veranda Restaurant

For delicious meals, the resort's La Veranda Restaurant serves a variety of island-inspired cuisines, including local dishes. I actually had a hearty breakfast of chorizo which is a popular pork meat dish in the province. For dinner, I made sure to sample a couple of seafood dishes and offset the taste with the restaurant's signature dessert of halo-halo which reminded me of my favorite version in Pampanga. The establishment's bestsellers among guests and locals, however, are the home-cooked roster of dishes that are served for lunch which I managed to sample via an order of a plate of Lechon Paksiw.

The best moments I spent there was at night time before dinner when the ambiance felt ethereal under the moonlight.

Seafood galore for dinner with halo-halo dessert
Chillin' at the pool

The same sea-view space is converted into a function hall for special events from time to time. Special packages are available for interested parties who will need such an elegant venue with inclusion of a sound system.

Expansive Beachfront

The real treat of being a guest at Sipalay Suites is the convenient access to the expansive beachfront at the poblacion where it is located. Interestingly, the same beachfront, including lots past it, did not exist until the '60s when excess sand from commercial mining operations naturally reclaimed the area. With a current 50-meter beachfront zoning policy being implemented at the coastline of the city proper, locals and tourists can freely scope the sandy space and enjoy the scenery at any time of the day. A paved boulevard runs along the beach for bikes and other small vehicles.

Stunning sunset in Sipalay City
City Tour Bus and More

For my city tour, I had access to the resort's City Tour Bus which is a fancy coaster devoid of barriers for unobstructed views of the scenery. It can seat a total of 12 guests for a 4-hour tour of the city's white sand beaches, a cave, mining sites, and more.

Guests can also try kayaking at the beach or the resort's Glass bottom Boat service for viewing coral gardens and various marine creatures.

Those on long-stay can even board an outrigger and ply the glass-like waters of the coast to reach the nearby Sugar Beach which is also accessible by land.

In my case, I tried all but it was the mindless lingering at the beachfront to gaze at the stunning sunset that sealed my Sipalay City vacation. Strolling back to my elegant sea-view room was the longest walk I had to make. Indoors, when I lifted the curtains, the glass wall revealed the same stunning view. It turned out that Jamont Hotel could offer me two sunset experiences -- barefoot on a soft sandy beach and in my skivvies from my bed.

Jamont Hotel

Official website of Jamont Hotel

Address: Mercedes Boulevard, Barangay 1, Sipalay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Phone: +63 34 473-0350 or +63 919-603-0045
Email: sipalaysuites2015

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More Photos Below:

Room views

Swimming pool or private jacuzzi?

The restaurant and functional hall
Veranda space of my booked room


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