Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015
A fish vendor at the Tanay Wharf in Rizal
Luneta Hotel in Manila

Take nothing but pictures. It's something that most travelers I know do. I, myself, have a lot of photos in my collection. Sometimes, though, when the urge to engage with the view compels me, I sketch it. It allows me to forget the past and the future. All that I have at that exact moment when I stopped to sketch a subject was the present... until I let go of the pen or pencil.

I sketch people and places that I encounter in my travels because taking a gander at them that way lets me bring home memories of the lines, colors, and texture that only my hand can dictate. It makes the memories more vivid. More than pleasure, I find a certain solace in dedicating a few minutes of my time with every sketch that a touch screen world can't provide me. It's amazing how I just have to open my eyes, let my fingers roll over the pad, and let go. With full abandon, I have a license to stare and rave with my strokes.

UP Diliman in Quezon City
Sketching the more-than-a-century-old Peredo's Lodging House
Sketching a mother and daughter Dumagat in General Nakar
Vacationers on snooze in Negros Occidental
Bustling Cubao in Quezon City
Sketching at the campus of UP Diliman in 2014
Megamall restaurant scene 

The artistic immersion is more an expression for me. It's my anchor. Most of my college friends are accomplished artists in their respective fields. Some are painters and some are into advertising. For decades, I felt being tossed back and forth in different careers. I immersed myself in graphic design for a long period of time while dabbling in writing and editorial assignments as I felt I needed to challenge myself.

Ironically when I finally became successful in my pursuit to earn my desired income, I folded. The feeling of being spent doing something I did not want to do consumed me so much that I found it pointless to work for a living.

Pasig City Museum
As a result of a toxic daily grind, I traveled to various destinations in my country, the Philippines, to reset myself. And, in most places I've been to, I realised that taking photos is not enough for me. Sketching still found me in the most arid of locations. With every sketch I do, I become grounded. It's who I am and I feel I'm home even without a roof over my head.

I know of another travel blogger who dances with reckless abandon on scenic locations that he visits and I can't blame him. If I was also a dancer by profession and I finally make a touch down on a wonderful terrain,  I'd also do a wicked strut. It's how we find ourselves anyway even if we're thousand of miles away from home.

How about you? How do you find your way home? What's your anchor when you're out on your own?

Urban Sketchers Philippines

I'm An Urban Sketcher!

I'm part of the Global Directory of Urban Sketchers, an all-volunteer non-profit group dedicated to fostering a global community of artists who practice on-location drawing.
(Spot me in the middle standing)

More Sketches Below:

A house in Sagada

Random diners at a mall
A young tour guide in Sagada
Sketching the lighthouse of Cape Engano in Cagayan
Not in a hurry at the beach
A sketch of my solitary self


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