Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday, November 15, 2015


A N D   M O R E

Women are highly regarded in the Philippines for their caring nature and natural beauty. It's the combination of both that makes Filipinas truly nurturing sisters, mothers, and grandmothers in every household. The La Madre Filipina statue ensconced at the Rizal Park is a charming proof of this ideal. A Filipino home is not complete without a female touch. With the passing of time, certain liberties have also come to land in their favor when it comes to expressing themselves and celebrating milestones in their lives. Recent western influences hint of feminine-oriented parties that are a departure from traditional ones. Such get-togethers include inventive desserts and confections like cupcakes. As most things get modernized, the need to celebrate femininity with a cupcake flavor seems to also become an ideal.

In today's modern Filipino society, to be a lady is definitely filled with perks as I've determined at a cozy confectionery called Vanilla Cupcake Bakery (VCB). I recently visited the store that serves a panoply of cupcake and cookie flavors to meet up with a soon-to-be married female friend. For almost a year now, she's been on the lookout for potential suppliers that fits her wedding reception plans. She just might have one already in the bag, but as with most women I know, the pursuit for the best is a struggle. Thanks to a store like VCB, ladies no longer have "to just lunch". They can also have options of an in-store or off-store catering. Add to that, more options of a basic table or customized dessert buffet set-up for parties that they can throw for the sake of simply being ladies.

Red Velvet, Vanilla Blue, and Luscious Caramel

For an afternoon snack, we tried out a few flavors from the sample party catering that was currently on display at the store. She zeroed in on the Cake Stacks and Cake Pops which are obviously popular wedding reception confections. I went for the store's three most popular cupcake flavors, namely the Luscious Caramel, Choco Lava, and Red Velvet. I also had a sample of a mini cupcake called Vanilla Blue. Of the three, it was the Luscious Caramel that had me overwhelmed with raves. I decided to forego using the fork and tore into the cupcake like an uninvited kid at a children's party. It was so good that I forgot ordering coffee to go with it and settled for the house blend iced tea instead. My friend mused about the Cake Pops for tasting great as well especially since, according to her, the typical ones at weddings normally lack in sweetness.

VCB's In-Store Catering service is available at all of its six branches namely Bonifacio Global City, Trinoma, Mother Ignacia (near ABS-CBN), Glorietta 3, UP Town Center and Alabang Town Center. For its Off-Store Catering Services, ladies can choose from a set of five packages that range between P15,000 and P50,000. One package, for example, is inclusive of 250 Mini Cupcakes, 3 dozen assorted cookies, and the whole setup. Other packages include more items of course.

Popular celebrities who have graced the stores of VCB include Heart Evangelista, Kathryn Bernardo, and Kim Chiu.

The wonderful thing about both catering services -- in-store and off-store -- is that the signature brand that's Vanilla Cupcake Bakery is consistently upheld in the resulting design. From pretty hues of pink and other pastel colors to the eclectic fixtures and displays, the essence of VCB appeals to the modern lady who knows how to celebrate milestones.

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Official Facebook fan page of Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

For Events Inquiry
Mobile: 0918-VANILLA (8264552)

2/F Trinoma Mall, Garden Restaurants, North Avenue, Quezon City
Call 425-7005
G/F Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, Makati City
Call 401-5162
3/F Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Makati City
Call 330-3371
Upper Ground Level, Corte de las Palmas, Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City
Call 425-6238
UP Town Center, Katipunan, Quezon City
Call 985-8327
Mother Ignacia Avenue near ABS-CBN, Quezon City
Call 374-3783

More Photos Below:

Cake Stacks and Cake Pops

A sample catering setup


  1. Mmmmm! The pastries are really mouthwatering. We hope they'll open a branch in Cebu.

  2. Yey! VCB's cake pops were definitely my favorite! :P

  3. Hi! From what branch is this? Thanks!


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