Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday, November 30, 2015
My booked Mahogany Room



W O O D S 

Tourists who are sensitive to nature can easily recognize clarion calls for attractions that sustain a destination. Such harping can be heard in the highly vegetated terrain of Cabatangan, a village located on a ridge at the fringe of Talisay City. In the middle of the mahogany tree-filled woodland is Melba's Farm. It's where Negros Occidental is exceptionally breezy at daytime and quite chilly in the wee hours. Surrounded by lots where the sturdy grass of bamboo abound and the sweet fruit of lanzones is cultivated, the 6-year old lodging is a secluded retreat waiting to happen for any visitor.

Bacolod City As Neighbor

Less than 30 minutes away is Bacolod City which can be a faint view from its infinity pool at noon. The same view transforms into an exciting grid of lights when the area gets dark at night. The whole village also becomes awfully quiet after sunset when all one will hear for consecutive hours is the rustling of the leaves. If there's a place that's deserving of a worthy reset, look no further.

Resort grounds
The infinity pool of Melba's Farm
The scenery of Cabatangan at night
My booked room's veranda

Gem of A Getaway

Melba's Farm is essentially a gem of a getaway in the sleepy hamlet of Masinglad where residents are known to be fruit growers and makers of bamboo poles. It's accessible from Bacolod City's village of Granada on one side and from the city proper of Talisay on the other. A short drive to the place, however intrepid, can be visually stimulating. If you know where to gaze, you'd see rare birds perched on decade old trees. At some points, you can even view the stunning silhouette of the nearby Mount Mandalagan.

Named after its owner's mom, the resort used to be the last property at the end of the dirt road from the village hall of Granada. As the farm took shape, so did the rest of the village. The dirt road was extended all the way to the other side of Sitio Masinglad to connect it to the spot where it ended.

The charming garden of the resort
Access To The Resort

The resort has a pick-up and drop-off service from Bacolod (P150/person) and the nearest airport (P300/person). Should you feel the need to DIY, a motorcycle is available at the village border for commute or at the resort as convoy for a private car.

Rustic Clubhouse

The resort has a rustic clubhouse which serves as a communal area or lounge for guests. It's where meals are served. It's also the establishment's front desk where the decor is eclectic at best. From vintage pieces consisting of an antique typewriter and an old phone to a portable massage table, the space is both functional and aesthetically appealing. On one side is the swimming pool and the other is a descending grassy terrain that's fresh to look at. To fully experience the rural setting, guests are encouraged to go barefoot by leaving their footwear at the clubhouse entrance.

Vintage pieces adorn the Clubhouse
Tinolang Manok (Chicken) for dinner
Adobong Takway for lunch (left); Dilis for breakfast (top right); Sippin' coffee at the veranda (bottom right)

Private Villas and More

Guests can choose between a bathtub-installed family room called Lauan (P4,800) that's good for four people and the Mahogany Room (P2,800), a cabin-type of accommodation that's recommended for couples. Both rates are inclusive of free breakfast. Tent rentals are also available.

Since I was on solo travel, I booked the Mahogany Room which has a private veranda that looks out into endless rows of massive trees. Stepping out into it from the wood-finished floor of the bedroom, I was suddenly reminded of my overnight stay in Sagada four years ago. Finally, my fantasy of sippin' a hot cup of coffee at the outdoors in my skivvies with nothing but trees as natural veil was about to come true again. At daytime, I left the double doors -- one glass and the other mosquito net -- opened to bring in the natural light and outdoor breeze. Before bedtime, I simply slid back the mosquito net door.

Semi-Unplugged For Three Days

After exhaustive tours of Bacolod, Sipalay, and Silay, I had the chance to slow down in Talisay. I eagerly embraced the idea of going semi-unplugged during my 2-night stay at Melba's Farm for not having access to WiFi internet. I deemed the flat screen TV inside my booked villa to be enough an amusement after my cerulean soaks at the infinity pool and sketching sessions at the resort's charming garden.

I might have missed visiting the tourist-thronged attraction called The Ruins in the same city and the Baguio-like town of Salvador Benedicto, but I certainly don't regret lingering in the embrace of nature at this side of Negros Occidental. Melba's Farm is charming for short hikes, gazing at the woodland terrain or simply standing still in sweet contemplation in the middle of the rows of massive trees.

Watch a short tour video of my booked Mahogany Room:

Melba's Farm

Official Facebook fan page of Melba's Farm

Address: Brgy. Cabatangan, Sitio Masanglad, Talisay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines 6115
Phone: 0917-531-4403
Email: or

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More Photos Below:

Bathroom of the Mahogany Room (top); Bathroom of the family room (bottom)

Lauan, the family room

My booked Mahogany Room
The resort Clubhouse
The pastoral view from the resort garden
Rambo, my hike buddy and resident dog of the resort


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