Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday, October 26, 2015
Deluxe Room

Thronged with local and foreign tourists even on weekdays, the sprawling Luneta or Rizal Park is surrounded by other attractions like the urban park of Intramuros and the baywalk of the city harbor. Scoping the area in a day isn't exactly smart if you don't live just across it where a few residential apartments still stand. A hotel stay is the most fitting base for a tour of this formerly grassy expanse of Manila that once was the site for numerous executions of subversive Filipinos in the Spanish colonial period.

One mid-day stroll from Puerta Real, I chanced upon the aptly named renaissance architecture of the six-storey Luneta Hotel and decided to test it for a stay. It was an easy choice because the almost century old lodging makes neighboring establishments look basic next to its ornate French windows, elaborate grills, and iconic gambrel roof. Suddenly, next-door convenience stores weren't as essential as they appeared to be. An amusing modern park-hotel nearby certainly did not appeal. Another historic hotel across Luneta was a bit pricey and felt too imposing. I was confident that the charming space of my chosen hotel held its ground against the modernity that deceivingly dwarfed it. Even without knowing that it had an ongoing promo rate, I was compelled to be an overnight guest.

Hotel lobby

Front desk

Fully Restored In 2014

Its present restored state of elegance makes every guest relive the grandeur of old Manila when the city's elite, foreign dignitaries, and respectable merchant marine officers used to grace its opulent lobby. Having recently been re-opened to the public after ceasing operations when former President Corazon Aquino came into power, it's now in full operation. Breathing from the country's industrial era detritus, its scaffolding were finally removed in 2013, three years after Beaumont Holdings sought the assistance of the National Heritage Commission to bring it back to life.

Restaurant bar
Ditzy Past

As with all my hotel stays, I always manage to look beyond the palpable. Although Luneta Hotel's intricate interior design impressed me, I also got a speakeasy vibe that I initially questioned but regarded as silly until I obtained my welcome drink at the bar of Cafe Yano, the hotel's F&B facility. The bartender mused that the building formerly had smaller rooms which I dismissed as the character of most hotels in Paris where it culled inspiration from long before the term boutique was even coined. Upon further research, I determined that the now 27-room hotel once served as a brothel for American G.I.s in the liberation of Manila during World War II when it still had more partitions for lodging. Now with bigger guestrooms, each floor only has its narrow hallways as a present reminder of its scandalous past.

"I determined that the now 27-room hotel once served as a brothel for American G.I.s in the liberation of Manila during World War II when it still had more partitions for lodging."

Breakfast of Tapang Tagalog

Sparkle and Drama

At night, the lobby sparkles in high-shine splendor with its polished marble floors, elegant sofa frames, and lavish embossed ceiling tiles. The opulence of the Baroque-style chandelier creates instantaneous drama against the hallway and stairway carpeting. Such copious luxury in a not-so-massive space translates well as a convenient choice over neighboring rickety inns that are nothing but vintage to a fault.

Belle Epoque Influences

Luneta Hotel was envisioned by its Spanish architect and engineer Salvador Farre to be a model of the Belle Epoque influences that thrived in Europe toward the end of World War I in 1918, the same year the structure was erected. It was finally completed the year after.

Cathedral-like Deluxe Room and More

Stepping into my booked Deluxe Room was a delight since I don't normally get to stay in one that mimics a cathedral. Its stained glass features that crown the doily-inspired window cornice stand out beautifully against the ceiling's ambient lighting. With faint light coming from the outside, the whole wall looked spectacular from the plush queen-sized bed.

"Stepping into my booked Deluxe Room was a delight since I don't normally get to stay in one that mimics a cathedral."

The mini-refrigerator was fully stacked with snacks and drinks that I didn't have to run down to the 7-11 or Family Mart next door for supplies. The room was also equipped with modern facilities such as a flat screen TV and access to Wi-Fi. Female guests will adore the fancy dresser.

Deluxe Room bathroom

Cafe Yano

The room's light marble bathroom offered me a spacious walk-in shower with plenty of large soft towels and in-house toiletries. I felt relieved that it was not hideously painted in dark hues which would have easily drained it of its luxurious space.

For my complimentary breakfast the next day, I had Tapang Tagalog over other meal options to imbibe the old city ambiance.

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Haunted Or Not?

Contrary to whispers about ghosts, the hotel is not haunted. It may be rich in history and can reasonably be a site for visitations of the spectral kind, but I was able to have a restful sleep during my stay. And, believe me, I've been to modern hotels that have no reputation for being creepy but turned out to be notoriously haunted instead.

The Daunting Reality

With numerous modern structures rising in Metro Manila, the past can easily be forgotten. What's more daunting is the fact that Luneta Hotel can simply lose its new lease in life if not patronized by Filipinos themselves.

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Luneta Hotel

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Address: 414 T.M. Kalaw Street, Manila, Philippines 1000 
Phone: (02) 875-8921 to 29


  1. Thank you for this article. We have been trying to search for other vintage-type of hotels when I stumbled on this blog. Keep it up! :)

    1. Thanks. It's hotels like this one that makes overnight stays interesting. It transports a guest back in time.

  2. I will try to stay in Luneta Hotel when i get home from overseas!! Thanks for the info!!

    1. Welcome! Make sure to book a room facing the road to have a great view of the city.

  3. Nice one, Karl! I've been meaning to go, but I have no available weekend. But I see some long weekends coming, so I might just go and book an overnight stay.

    1. Thanks. Favorite stopover 'yan, Alma, ng mga bikers in Manila for refreshments.


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