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Wednesday, September 23, 2015



A dear friend -- a fellow traveler -- discouraged me to visit Patar when he found out I was planning of checking out the beach there in Pangasinan. He reckoned that there’s really nothing to see. The beach scene, he opined, is pedestrian at best. And I noticed that he did not take fancy to the presence of rock formations there since he mentioned it also in sheer disgust along with the rugged road. I thought differently though. Instead, I was compelled to visit Bolinao but not really the famous rock formation itself. I was more interested to check out the long strip of fine pink sand beachfront that starts from the still-to-be-completed road to the far bend of the shoreline’s stretch. I did learn that the road to the village was only partially completed last December, 2014 as there’s still a good distance of rugged pathway to be decently paved and it’s where my booked accommodation is located – the relatively new G Beach Resort.

Unfazed by the contention of my friend, I headed out to the province of Pangasinan aboard an Alaminos-bound Victory Liner bus from EDSA because I couldn’t wait for the still-to-be scheduled direct bus to Bolinao. Six hours later, I arrived in Alaminos for an overnight layover. I took the first ordinary bus the next morning to my target destination and endured one more hour of waiting to see the beach. I honestly thought that since the road to Patar is close to completion, I’d reach my resort in just a few minutes. The resulting tricycle ride to the village from the town proper of Bolinao turned out to still be 45 minutes in total. I can just imagine the disgust that my friend experienced years ago riding that same tricycle on rugged terrain for probably two hours.

My booked room that's good for 4 to 6 guests
The infinity pool in the afternoon
A siren guards the beachfront
Solitary Weekday

As with most of my getaways, my check-in at G Beach Resort was on a weekday. As a result, I had the place all to myself. It’s not that big anyway. It has a private villa charm as there’s only one main structure wherein all the rooms are on the second floor and the restaurant is at the ground floor. Since the property is located on a descending terrain to the beachfront, it did not require a necessary fence. This enabled the owner to install an infinity pool that looks out to the beach with a partially obstructed view of the sea. For that matter, there are a few trees that frame the view. Non-guests can simply walk at the beach and walk straight to the restaurant to dine if they want to.

Señorito For Two Days

Wi-Fi access was strong anywhere at the resort. My full-board meals tasted divine for a lone guest. I particularly loved the design of the infinity pool where it's simply divided into two sections -- one for adults and one for kids. The kiddie section was splendid for just reclining on my back and resting my nape against the pool division. It was just shallow enough to have the rest of my body submerged in pool water. 

Fine Pink Sand Beachfront

I did not waste time after check-in as I immediately went to the beach to sunbathe. At this part of Patar which is roughly 20 minutes away from the famous rock formation, there’s more sand than rock. There’s still a few number of coralline rocks jutting out of the sand, but the stretch of fine pink sand outnumbers the rockscape for lack of a better term.

Body scrub, anyone?
Full-board meals

Dramatic and Picturesque

At the onset, I noticed the character of the beach. It has flair for drama. Every now and then there’s a splash of waves against stubborn rocks, an outburst that grabs a beachgoer’s attention like an evocative painting. The pristine stretch of sandy beachfront is interrupted by an interesting rock expanse in one spot and a boulder of a rock formation in another. In between, there’s an uneven space of spikes that prick your bare feet. Since the only structure in sight’s my booked resort (another resort next to it is under construction as of this writing), most of the land fronting the beach is uninhabited and highly vegetated at that. All in all, this part of the town is simply picturesque!

The sandy beach becomes deceptively golden from a distance as it gleams against the rays of the setting sun in the late afternoon. This scene is probably the inspiration behind the name of the beach resort. Either that or because the owner is named Gener. 

Large Group Exclusivity and Tent Rentals

I learned from the owner (an attorney who owns another resort in Pampanga) that the resort is becoming popular with large group guests who prefer to rent the whole resort for an exclusive experience. 

They also accept intrepid guests who just want to rent tents and pitch them at the beachfront.

The view from a boulder of a rock formation which I scaled
The resort restaurant that's open even to non-guests
Lunch setup at the gazebo

Rock Formation Moment

My favorite experience of Patar Beach is taking my reclusive spot on top of a boulder of a rock formation that sits on its lonesome at the beachfront. It’s a 15-minute stroll from the resort and scaling it required that I put on my brand new pair of Atunas aqua shoes to avoid being pricked by the pointed surface of the rocks. At first I simply stood in amazement, roughly 15 feet from the sandy beach below where waves of azure waters were crashing against the natural bastion. With closed eyes, I imbibed the benevolence of the breeze up there. From a distance, I spotted a few locals heading out in the open sea to haul in some fresh catch. Veering from left to right, I did not see a single soul. It was just me and nature. It was then when I finally sat and relaxed. An hour more of idleness and soon I was down that boulder and strolling back to my booked resort.

More Patar Attractions

Before checking out, I had the chance to tour the town's Enchanted Cave and the other rock formation that most tourists flock to, plus the famous Cape Bolinao Lighthouse. Read more about these attractions here.

Soon, I was on my way home. Aboard a Cubao-bound Dagupan Bus from the town proper of Bolinao, I was grinning against the passenger window. I couldn’t help dispute the contention of my friend. Every experience can be different to each person anyway. This one with me in Patar was memorable for being exuberant and pacific at the same time. If anything, it's golden. Definitely not pedestrian at all.

Check out the group and tent rental rates here.

G Beach Resort

Address: Patar, Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines
Phone: +63(45) 966-0738 or +63(45) 966-3826
Mobile: (Smart) 0918-926-3909 or (Globe) 0917-938-0804 or 0999-990-9689 or 0929-806-8335

Check out my Atunas aqua shoes post here.

Know more attractions about Bolinao, Pangasinan on this blog post.

More Photos Below:

The resort at night

The spacious bathroom of my booked accommodation

The view from the villa's common veranda
The famous Patar rock formation that's approximately 20 minutes away from the resort

The foot of the beachfront rock formation that I scaled
My travel buddy at the beachfront

Atop the boulder of a rock formation at the beachfront a distance away from the resort


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