Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday, September 25, 2015



F O O T W E A R 

I had a few beach destinations scheduled when the news about a local tourist by the name of Miguel Ruiz surfaced online and on TV. It had something to do with him accidentally stepping on a dangerous stonefish, a venomous fish that deceptively looks like a coral. The terrible accident led to his death after suffering for a few minutes of heavy breathing and frothing in the mouth. The unfortunate incident happened during his island-hopping with other tourists.

Immediately, I was compelled to own a pair of aqua shoes or water shoes to protect myself from any similar incident since I had a beach-filled schedule ahead of me. I could have gotten any of those affordable ones being sold at the mall for less than P300 but I knew Atunas to be a trusted brand when it comes to such type of footwear, so I was only more than satisfied to know that it's locally available at Toby's Sports. For a little less than a thousand pesos, I had the protection I needed... at least in theory.

Off To Patar Beach

To put the pair of aqua shoes to test, I brought it with me to the coastal town of Bolinao where I strolled the rock-filled beach of Patar, a sleepy village in Pangasinan. Since the shoreline is studded with coralline rocks, it was the perfect environment to test the mettle of the footwear.

Easy To Step Into and Remove

At the fine pink sand of Patar Beach, I had no problem walking with the pair of Atunas. It was easy-peasy. I decided to take it off for awhile since I wanted to feel the natural bead-like sand of the beach against the underside of my feet. The body scrub effect was soothing. Thank goodness, the shoes were easy to remove.

They were as equally easy to step into as well. I simply had to slide in each foot.  Then, voilà, instant protection from pointy rocks jutting out of the sandy beach! Since majority of the shoes' exposed parts like the toe cap is made of mesh, the layering is soft. It does have a hard sole for the reliable protection from rocky surfaces.

Outdoor Protection

It's also supposed to prevent cuts and abrasions which was effective when I scaled a massive beachfront rock formation. Had I not worn them for it, I would have incurred cuts and bruises. A conventional pair of slippers could have done the trick as well, but scaling something like it required that I emerge from the beach where it was wet so the effort was a bit slippery. With the pair of Atunas aqua shoes, there was no chance of slipping.

When I was done with beach-strolling, all I needed to do was to let it dry under the sun. Since it's mostly made of mesh, I simply folded it to fit a narrow space inside my backpack.

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  4. Hi! Where did you buy the Atunas aqua shoes and how much is it? I'll read back here for your reply. Thanks!

    1. At Toby's Glorietta for a little more than a thousand pesos


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