Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wednesday, September 30, 2015
The penthouse living room


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Traveling the Philippines, I consume every fiber of quiddity a destination has. Regardless of the location, there is always something to explore and a temporary dwelling to retire to. In Makati City where moving around can be relaxing one moment and demented the next (due to vehicular traffic), a pivotal spot for touring the cityscape is essential. Where hotels and hostels fall short in, an apartment stay fills. In my recent staycation in Legazpi Village, an apartment penthouse by Alcoves Philippines did just that.

Alcoves Philippines seems to be amping up the tourism scene in the country with its unique approach to hosted stays. My accommodation check-in involved being welcomed by an Alcoves host directly at the penthouse past the building lobby which felt more personal than hotel-like, but as soon as I closed the door, any further correspondence was up to me. A phone for outgoing calls was available at the penthouse for emergencies or other inquiries, but it was really up to me if I'd bother myself with it.

The master bedroom and bathroom next to it
Interior design details
The view from the master bedroom

4-Bedroom Penthouse

I simply settled in to imbibe the hip style cred of the 4-bedroom apartment where anybody's distinctive sartorial code can easily be unimportant. To begin with, it has a showstopping living room which is at its communal best for having the only flat screen TV given that it has three more rooms, with two rooms being loft-type. Everything inside the penthouse seems to gravitate towards that area -- the living room. And why not? It's strikingly graphic from the tree-inspired mural that accentuates the flat screen TV wall to the eclectic shapes of high-design furniture, lighting, and accessories found in some of the country's stylish properties. Thanks to the owners who are travelers themselves, the accommodation has both the essential features of a 5-star hotel suite (including a standard housekeeping done every 2 days of a long-stay) and the domestic charm of a homestay. The satisfaction range is that expansive.

Penthouse kitchen
Apartment Location

Alcoves 6, the apartment penthouse I booked myself for, is located inside the BSA Mansion which is a good 5-minute stroll away from the commercial district of Greenbelt. There's even a couple of 24-hour convenience stores near the building along the same street (Benavidez).

Strong Wi-Fi Access

Wi-Fi access was strong during my entire stay anywhere inside the apartment. This means that any traveler on business can really consider an Alcoves long-stay worth the booking. As I determined browsing through the Alcoves website, any guest can even request for a discount rate in the form of free nights.

Second bathroom with bathtub

Good For 10 Guests

I would have loved to have brought with me my younger siblings -- identical twins -- to enjoy my overnight stay since the penthouse has a room with a double deck bed. The whole space can actually accommodate 10 guests which is why it has a total of three bathrooms (one next to the master bedroom, the other next to the dining area where the bathtub is, and a third small one for the household help should a guest have any). However, I was also in work mode as I was there in the city to meet up with a client for a possible freelance project. Instead of holding the meeting at a posh restaurant, I just decided to have it there away from unnecessary distractions.

Fully-Equipped Kitchen

The apartment is fully equipped with kitchen essentials anyway. Its kitchen has a cooking range, plates, glasses, toaster-oven, pans and even an electric kettle for heating water. The host even made sure to leave instant coffee and a liter of drinking water for me before he left. I honestly did not feel that I was 21 floors up re-heating a few pieces of pork floss because of its kitchen's vintage encaustic floor tiles that reminded me of bungalow homes.

Balcony Moment

At the balcony next to the living room, the view was truly penthouse-like. It was refreshing to see a swath of Makati City from a different perspective while dressed down to my skivvies with a hot cup of coffee in hand. I suddenly can't remember having a similar city view from a toxic work spot at a corporate building in Ayala Avenue. My next activity before finally calling it a night was an indoor soak at the bathtub.

The city view from the living room balcony
Satisfied notes from previous guests

More Features

Bathroom essentials were just enough like in a hotel room and there are a lot of towels available, especially since the building has a swimming pool. Unfortunately, though, it was being renovated during my stay, so I missed out on that experience.

When it was time for check-out, I simply ascertained that every appliance was turned off before locking the door behind me. I was just glad that the stay did not have to require me to formally check-out at a front desk which sometimes takes time.

Standard check-in time is anytime after 2:00pm and check-out is on or before 11:00am. Earlier or later times may be requested but subject to availability.

Other apartments of Alcoves Philippines can be found in the heart of Makati City and each property has its own unique design that can appeal to any traveler.

Alcoves Philippines

Official website of Alcoves Philippines

Apartment Locations: Makati City, Philippines (Check details here)
Alcoves 6 4-Bedroom Penthouse Address: BSA Mansion, Benavidez St., Legazpi Village, Makati City, Philippines
Phone: +63 917-506-3312

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  1. Hi ... thank you for sharing your experience at the Alcoves 6. Just wondered how far of a walk is it to mall/s (Glorietta/GreenBelt/Ayala Center). I've been browing the map but unsure exactly how far of a walk it would be.

    1. Greenbelt's just a 5-minute stroll away. Add 10 more minutes for Glorietta (which is the same amount of time to reach the corner of Ayala Avenue from the street corner where Alcoves 6 is) on foot. I usually brisk walk so add 5 more minutes to everything if you're a slow walker.

    2. Thanks! I hope the stroll/walk is safe.
      We chose Alcoves simply because it seems close to Glorietta.
      Is Alcoves 6 in the BSA Mansion tower? There are several BSA towers online. Sorry just doing some homework so we know our way around. Thanks!


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